Reviews for Song of the Blade
Velkyn Karma chapter 2 . 10/1/2009
Interesting indeed! I realize it's been a few months since you posted in Circle of Reviewyness but I figured I'd check it out anyway. Joshua's always been one of my favorite SS characters.

Anyway, I find this fic pretty interesting, especially when you start giving Jehanna as a whole a much richer history than they really go into. It makes Joshua gain a whole different side beyond his usual gambling one that's normally portrayed. I like it a lot. Especially the song aspects-for some reason, the thought of a nobility that regularly sings warsongs and seems to put a lot of emphasis on them is And the swordmaster traditions as well, like a greeting pose with a sword, or 'clothing the sword.' Those are the things that make me really enjoy this fic...just the subtle details.

I could do without the Karla cameos, honestly. FE:SS and FE7 really aren't connected, and something about it just...bugs me. I dunno. They weren't my favorite parts. The story also bounces around a lot to the point where it is a little hard to figure out the time and place in relation to the game, but it seemed to straighten itself out towards the end.

Joshua as a prince is always something that I find hard and easy to envision at the same time. He's so casual and to some degree, silly. But not silly in the sense of a pampered noble (more the impression I get from L'Arachel). So seeing that you threw him back into a nobility position quite a few times, I find this a nice touch, and fun to read. I think he'd be good with the people as a result...not so much with the politics. Which, judging from his discussions about remembering nobles' names, seems a fair guess on my part.

My favorite little snippit? Probably the 'drunk' one. Not so much because of drunk!Joshua climbing trees and attacking people (though it is hilarious) but I find it intriguing that he starts singing a song largely used in funeral rites when he gets hit. It's an interesting touch.

Anyway. Intriguing! I found this greatly amusing and it certainly killed some time at work, so nice job. :)

~Velkyn Karma
Gunlord500 chapter 2 . 6/20/2009
Hello again~ I liked the second chapter as well, Leradny! No errors worthy of note this time either, and I must say you do a very good job fleshing out the culture of Jehanna-the titular 'Song of the Blade' is indeed fitting for that nation, at least from what we've seen of it in FE8. And his interaction with Rebekah was quite funny XD Very nice work overall, I wish I could say more but there's not much I could say to improve it! :thumbsup:
Gunlord500 chapter 1 . 6/20/2009
Hi there, Leradny! You put this up in the lil' circle of reviewyness, so I thought I'd review it I couldn't find many grammatical errors worthy of note, and overall this seems very well written. Joshua is in character, it was cool seeing him spar with Carlyle, and I especially liked the cameo from Karla. Good work! :D :D
Wyrmseeker chapter 2 . 6/16/2009
Well done. I can tell you've done your research when it comes to swordplay and desert life. You hint at a relationship with Natasha, without allowing it to take over the piece. And the Karla cameo was nice, although I wouldn't have realized it was her if you hadn't mentioned it on the Little Circle (a failing of my imagination rather than your writing, though).

I'm not sure what the numbers are supposed to indicate, I must admit, but the sections do cross-section Joshua's life pretty well. A few confusing bits: Rebekah was Joshua's nurse? Then why did she mention her first memory of him being in the armory, when he came with Carlyle to get a sword? Also, the syntax when Natasha appears in that scene is awkward; I have trouble telling who's saying what.

I like the main recurring symbol, that is, the song itself. Your descriptions of the Jehannan lifestyle kind of bring it to life, although the song itself is irrelevant compared to what it represents. I suppose that's why nobody listens when he sings it.

All in all, a well-crafted look at one of Sacred Stones's more interesting characters.
CBK chapter 2 . 4/12/2009
Yay Joshua! This is great, I hope there's more!

There seriously needs to be more Joshua on this site lol
Shimizu Hitomi chapter 2 . 4/5/2009
I really want to write a long review for this because it's awesome, but I'm sleepy and lazy and uhh, maybe I'll come back to it tomorrow and write up a better one in place of this. Or not.

I actually read this when you first posted it, and enjoyed it then, but have to say, the sections in this latter half are what *really* make the fic as a whole work for me. I suspect it's the world-building. I'm a complete sucker for good world-building, and I really love what you've done with Jehanna here - all the small details that really create a deep and vivid sense of place and culture. I don't even know where to start; I was just flailing at the awesomeness of it all - the very simple, very human and universal act of song and yet how much it reveals about both world and character... the very real sense that this is a desert nation and a mercenary culture... and asdglk;kj

And I envy your amazing sense of voice and serious skill at dialogue (not just what's written on the page/screen - but also and perhaps more importantly what's left unsaid) and character interaction. I think I might have said this before in another review. I don't remember. I'm so lazy I can't even remember if I've written you a review yet. I know I keep meaning to...

And the ending. Is pitch perfect. (Err, no pun intended.) One of the things I keep meaning to say is that you are very, very good at creating a perfect, light blend of humor and seriousness, and I really enjoy reading your work.

I guess this review has gotten kind of longish after all. :P
EternallyNostalgic chapter 1 . 3/15/2009
This was awesome. You have managed to write serious along with a wonderful dose of humour. :D And Karla, wow, Karla in Magvel... Very interesting! "BY THE STONE OF JEHANNA, YOU HAVE BROKEN MY HAND. AND THAT IS AWESOME. BUT OW." That qoute really made me lol. :) *faves*
Writer Awakened chapter 1 . 3/10/2009
Hey there, leradny! Thanks for putting this up in the Circle of Reviewyness; it seems that not many people are putting stuff up and reviewing fics in the Circle lately, sadly. :(

Anyway, COOL! I don't know why Karla is making an appearance, since she doesn't even exist in this universe, but it doesn't matter because it's cool. XD

("AND THAT IS AWESOME, BUT OW!") - I lol'd. Oh, Joshua, you so crazy...

Good job! Keep writing.
Myaru chapter 1 . 3/10/2009
Interesting. Each section made me laugh, and I'd like to see more. I haven't played anything before FE8, but Karla (?) stands on her own pretty well here, even for someone who's never heard of her.

"not to use it in a spar against his mother (well, more likely Carlyle since she was always busy)"

There's an edge of bitterness to this offhand comment that works - on the surface level (hating his task) and a deeper one (resenting his mother). I haven't actually finished the game, but the dialogue in Jehanna only barely touched on that, and I wish there'd been more on Carlyle and the royal family in general.

Karla's entrance was awesome. XD

"In the faint torch-light her hair disappears, but her white outfit gleams."

This is a beautiful description, simple and effective. It inspires an image right away, and it's my favorite in the story.

"Joshua takes out a lockpick and starts fiddling with the lock. On the floor, Caellach has begun snoring loudly."

This is where I started laughing and couldn't really stop. Caellach is pretty uninspiring in the game, but he's apparently very good comic relief.

Above all, Joshua's appreciation of beauty in the form of the sword is really touching. You wrote his awe of the woman's moves in such a way that I felt it too. The formality of the titles they give each other (and yet there's a certain intimacy in it too, because it calls to mind close family connections), and the ritual gesture of parting contribute to this, I think, though of course there are also comments like "Even in the dark, at the edge of his vision, it is beautiful" to carry the mood.

I enjoyed the story!
mille feuille marzipan chapter 1 . 3/9/2009
That was really cute :D I had not expected Calleach, so it gave me a good laugh. Totally loved it
Mini Nephthys chapter 1 . 3/8/2009
...this is equal parts hilarious and really very... hmm, what's the word... meaningful? Mature? I don't know, but the part about the song of the blade made me wibble. And then there's drunk Calleach, who can only make the fic more awesome.

Looking forward to the next part!
NinjaMatty chapter 1 . 3/8/2009
Awesome and very original so far ! I'm looking forward to read the next chapter !