Reviews for The Best Revenge
Guest chapter 1 . 9/12
For me the prophecy was fulfilled on that Halloween night, clearly the one that will vanish the Dark Lord was Harry, Voldemort marked him as an equal and the power he not knows is Lily's protection with love, something that Tom never understood.
tblGD chapter 3 . 9/14
This is glorious I love it, it's giving me an adrenaline rush.
Corwyn chapter 47 . 9/4
I enjoyed this story a lot, enough to read it again when I found it a second time! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Corwyn chapter 22 . 9/3
1 for "we share the Quidditch positions here in Hufflepuff" :-)
Corwyn chapter 4 . 9/2
1 for the parallelism for "Harry in Malkin's, meeting a person in his year, who asks about Quiddich, insults one of the houses and says he'd rather leave, then sees the person bringing Harry through the Wizarding World and insults him"
Basil-Duuuval chapter 8 . 8/25
I don’t know if I can even keep reading this (spoiler, I totally can and will). But whoa, the idea that Dumbledore may get away with this brazen manipulation and complete lack of care and empathy is giving me anxiety. I almost always hate Dumbledore, but here, in this story, you have made him so cold that he is truly coming across monstrous. Just a heartless bastard. Like, “Yeah sure, I bankrupted the Potter family with my greater good bullshit, and didn’t bother getting a guardian appointed for their orphaned child, but rather just quietly secreted him away with abusive Muggles. But needs must, my boy.” *twinkle twinkle*
Ugh. He's just so horrid. Kudos for writing him so believably. I’m having a lot of feelings. lol
embracethebright chapter 3 . 8/21
You know I'm not British. But in America, foster parents do get compensation. And even if Dumbledor didn't give them money, I really can't see Petunia not collecting a government check for Harry. She is just the type to do that.
I'm so glad you added that detail to your story. I'm also glad you had Snape make her get a personal bank account for Harry to keep track of the money.
Voxxie chapter 9 . 8/11
Yeah I'm done with this fic. I know the point if fanfic is to br unrealistic but you are just writing shit and excusing it in the comments. Thus was a waste of time.
Voxxie chapter 1 . 8/11
I love how well adjusted Harry is for a child of neglect and, possibly, abuse. It's a very JKR choice.
SassyDKitten chapter 7 . 8/11
Absolutely love the nod to dogma, thank you!
Simianpower chapter 11 . 8/2
Eleven chapters in and Harry hasn't even arrived at Hogwarts. I give up. This story is technically decently written, but it's boring as hell! Almost a quarter of the way through and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED!
Simianpower chapter 3 . 8/1
I'm usually very dubious about Severitus. Snape is a MEAN person. It doesn't matter what side he turned out to be on, he's just an asshole to the core who torments kids. Him seeing Harry be tormented by someone else won't magically change him into a good person. Yet I do like the first three chapters of this. It shows he analyzes things carefully. He's cunning, as he should be. Not a big fan of the "Hogwarts fees" bit since nothing in canon indicates it costs anything, but that's largely a side issue. I guess we'll see how this goes. If Severus suddenly becomes a doting parental figure I'll drop this like poison, but if he stays the snarky dickhead with the only difference being that he doesn't see James Potter II, that's a different story.
DaLadyofSouls chapter 26 . 7/28
Did you know that in New Zealand, magic is call Mauri? The people who are inherently magic are called Maori. Yes, that's the name of the 'native' people.

It's a large part of their culture. They of course have their own version of wizard/priest's. At one point they made up 60% of the country's population (before mass immigration reduced them to only 16% of the population).

The slur "Pakeha" which means "Good Liar" is a reference to the fact that the English tried to wow the Maori people with their questionable science and fancy trickery when they first arrived. Ironically, many white people refer to themselves this way in ignorance, not realising the Maori are taking the mickey out of them.

Bloodlines are extremely important to Maori. When Maori introduce themselves, the first thing they do is recite their family and tribal history. They are incredibly snobby if you lack the correct bloodlines.

Hope this helps your portrayal of my home country and culture in your story.
Samwise Pevensie chapter 47 . 7/22
Such a pleasure to be able to re-read this story x
Miacessa chapter 39 . 7/15
i really don't review stories very often, but that message at the end gave me goosebumps, which has never happened. Sure, I get emotional, and I have read probably 100 fanfics, but goosebumps? you really got me
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