Reviews for The Best Revenge
shadowphantomnes chapter 45 . 2/4
Brilliant! I love the introduction of Nicholas Flamel, the Professor's trap working, Dumbledore finally admitting he was wrong, and even Lucius Malfoy deciding to turn his back on Voldemort!
shadowphantomnes chapter 43 . 2/4
Ah, they must still have their adventure. I suppose that is the last time Snape decides he's too busy! Hopefully, he'll learn from this mistake with Muffy.
shadowphantomnes chapter 42 . 2/4
Happy Christmas days
shadowphantomnes chapter 41 . 2/4
How nice to find that stash of mail and presents! I'm glad Harry gets what he deserves, even if it is late, and donating to the St. Mungo's children's ward is so nice of him.
shadowphantomnes chapter 40 . 2/4
I hope nothing goes wrong with the preparations, and the idea that Nicholas Flamel is helping Snape and the others is awesome!
shadowphantomnes chapter 39 . 2/4
How fascinating! Who is helping Professor Snape? All the preparations the Professors made to the Mirror of Erised and the surrounding room are fascinating, as are the crafts Burbage had her students make. And oh, I also like how horrified Harry is when he first learns of Christmas shopping and presents and being thrust into a new world!
shadowphantomnes chapter 38 . 2/4
Well, the part with the Mirror of Erised was pretty sobering. Harry's vision was so benign and it takes so little to make him happy. I really hope he can enjoy that happiness! And Draco doesn't have crazy ambitions, and Hermione gets to work hard, and Sally can become a better ballerina... it goes well.
shadowphantomnes chapter 37 . 2/4
Thank goodness the Hogwarts Professors are doing something, and Minerva and Severus have brought Pomona and Filius into their confidence and checked up on the Mirror of Erised. Very good!
shadowphantomnes chapter 36 . 2/4
How nice! I like the way the Quidditch game was narrated. We get to see Snape standing up to Quirrell, too!
shadowphantomnes chapter 35 . 2/4
Well, I'm glad Snape gave Harry a lecture, and we do get to see Tom Riddle as a jerk! Poor Harry!
shadowphantomnes chapter 34 . 2/4
Ah, more interaction with Snape and Burbage - how nice! Well, I won't say the detention wasn't deserved, but it was nice how things are working out...
shadowphantomnes chapter 33 . 2/4
Thank you for giving Charity Burbage a large role in this story and fleshing out her character, as well as giving Snape a taste of romance. I found the Malfoy's gossiping very enjoyable and entertaining. And Harry and Draco tried to do the right thing...
shadowphantomnes chapter 32 . 2/4
What a brilliant and funny chapter! The parts where they were rehearsing were funny and Sally was brilliant in her dance. I'm sorry Dumbledore didn't enjoy talent night, but I did!
Mysteryfan17 chapter 40 . 2/4
OK, now you're quoting Holmes. I about went crazy as, not only Harry Potter but we are all Holmes nuts and that made me sooo happy because I thought that too. If it's not someone you know, who could get in and write that, someone powerful you don't know. I really hope it is and he meets him at some point.
shadowphantomnes chapter 30 . 2/4
I'm glad that Snape and McGonagall were clever enough to go test the traps! The Mirror of Desire scene with Snape was especially sad...
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