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WynterRavenheart chapter 2 . 6/21/2009
I'm really liking Sev's attitude ) specially towards Petunia!
Six of Twelve chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
I like how you changed Harry's meeting with Quirrell, as it provided an excellent opportunity to show what initially made Snape suspicious of him.

Your comments about how Dumbledore botched an opportunity to show Tom Riddle a better path is spot on as well. Indeed, Dumbledore is indirectly responsible for the monster that he later became.
Stunna21 chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
good chapter so update soon and keep writing its great i can't wait for more so i wanna see what snape finds out about harry's scar and what he does about i can't wait for more.
Guinnevere chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
On the question of whether Tom was "evil" at the age of eleven or not, I'm afraid I have to side with the "yeas." He seems to have been born a sociopath, on the order of Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy. Dahmer apparently always knew what he was, and tried to fight it, but finally gave up resisting the urge, despite the fact that he was loved and treated kindly as a child!

Apparently if you raise a muggle sociopath, you get a serial killer. Raise a powerful wizard sociopath, and you get a Dark Lord!

But that raises the question, which you mention in your Author's Notes: WHY didn't Dumbledore humanely destroy the child, knowing what he knew about him? Was he using Tom Riddle the same way he used Harry Potter, for some sick game of Good Against Evil that he wanted to see play out for reasons of his own? I don't like manipulativeDumbledore, nor Joanne Rowling's ethical viewpoint one bit. She's self-contradictory ("It's our choices that determine whether we are good or evil," but torture is okay if someone "good" does it?) and her capricious nature spoils her writing.

I'm enjoying your story very much, though. You're obviously giving all of these questions a lot of thought, and I find that in a good story I can go along with the writer's opinions, if they're logically developed, even if I don't hold them myself.

Well done.
RebeccaRoy chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
I liked this chapter and your notes are very good on Tom. Now one cannot fully blame Dumbledore, he acted just how he was raised and in an era where little boys recieved a good caning for offences such as mistakes on homework or even non-offences such as being left handed his actions are not out of place for his day an age.

As for Tom, well he was not fully evil at eleven no but he was well on his way. He was a charmer, we all know that and he did not have to turn to evil as he did. He had a choice, he could have said "you know what I was abandoned, I was treated badly as a child but I will rise above that". In my opinion he was weak and gave into the darkness. As a good friend of mine said "we all have darkness in us, but it is up to us if we give into it or not". The truth of the matter with Tom is he failed, he has no-one to blame but himself, not Dumbledore, not the orphanage, just himself to blame.
Fibinaci chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
So Dumbles is into his plan he admitted to at the end of PS, to nudge Harry and Tom back into a confrontation just to see what will happen.

I also liked Severus noting that Narcissa is the one Harry is truly interested in. I wonder if her developing feelings towards Harry like Molly did would change anything?

Also good to see Snape becoming suspicious of Dumbles intentions towards harry, Snape knowing first hand just how Dumbles looks at everyone as pieces on his chess board.
Guest chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
I think most of the wizarding world thinks that Harry is rich and spoiled, when they bother to think of him as a human being at all, so it's unlikely that he'd be the recipient of impromptu charitable gifts. Still, I'm sure that the newspapers wrote a number of articles about Harry and his re-entrance into the wizarding world and with his bank account becoming active again there is a greater chance that an investigating reporter might uncover his financial statements. The article written about the financial statements (Harry Potter: Prince or Pauper?) could sufficiently guilt the population into donating to the poor orphan waif who'd sacrificed so much for them.
Mother of Tears chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
Great chapter! I think it was a novel idea to have Harry witness Quirrel following Hagrid into Gringots. Shows a back story to the first book.

I agree with your author's note. The Muggle world is leagues ahead of the magical one in regards to the treatment of child abuse. How Albus could leave a baby on someone's doorstep and NEVER come back to check on him is ludicrous. In the real world snoopy social workers would be checking periodically to make sure the baby was placed well. And Harry being a celebrity should have ensured that some better care was taken with him.

Dumbledore's treatment of Tom Riddle, and Snape too, is apalling. No one tries to help these kids. They just watch from a distance and see if the poor boys can overcome their disadvantages. How Rowling could write a Harry Potter who was so full of goodness after ten yeqars of abuse and neglect I don't know. It isn't normal. Kids from homes like that do not turn out so well. Is it really that his PARENTS were good stock? Ridiculous. We all know children from fine families that are monsters and no one knows why.

Well, that's why we write fan-fiction. We have issues with the way the books were written...
sara ane chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
Hi! Love this story but I do have to make a point here...

I have taken psychology and the idea of nature vs. nurture has been one of the flash points within that community for decades.

Me, personally? I think it's both.

When I was growing up I knew a little boy who's father was in jail for drugs, robberies and that sort of thing. The boy saw his father maybe three times in his entire child-hood and was raised by his mother and step-father, both good, God-fearing, rule setting, nurturing parents.

I'm not going to go into the boy's childhood but at 26, he is in jail right now for drugs and stealing a car. Perhaps at age 11 Tom was savable... but I doubt it. As a teacher of young children... I've met six year old psycopaths. Yes, I do believe the way you are raised has an impact but I also do believe that there is such a thing as bad blood.

Just like a tendency for cancer or heart disease some families are more likely to behave badly than others.

And that was a long review lol
keske chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
o great chapter! i agree with your points about tom and harry...dumbles isn't much of a human bieng, even though he is a great wizard...

can i adopt harry? please? he'd even have two doggies and a bunny! and a yard! there is the matter of trans atlantic travel...hmm... que dilema!
MrRobertsIII chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
Still doing a good job on an old cliche. I rather liked your having Quirrel's hands full. Makes sense.
Miriam1 chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
The chapter is very good, as always. However, I have much more to say about your author's note.

What you have said is very true. Professor Dumbledore was insanely neglectful of both the young Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. While Tom was originally written as abusive to animals and smaller children, this was a pattern that should have been caught when he was 11, and he SHOULD have been seriously helped, if not placed with SOME sort of Wizarding family to give him some guidance. (Well... Times being what they were, I'm sure that it wouldn't have been done in Muggle England, as such psychological studies were not complete enough to have figured such things out. But someone who had a vested interest in the boy, such as Dumbledore, should have indeed figured out SOMETHING enough to have helped him in SOME fashion.)

I also am disturbed that something wasn't done to take more care of magical orphans. One thing that has always bothered me is that as written, the adults in Harry's world were completely useless as role models for Harry. Ron's parents came as close to actually caring for him as anyone, but once they realized that something was not right, they REALLY should have done something to fix Harry's situation.

I appreciate your observations, and I look forward to seeing what you make your characters do to take care of everything.

Thank you once again for a very good chapter, even though I spent far more attention here on the Author's Note.


Chris chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
I very much agree with you on the matter of Tom Riddle not being bad by blood! That's a concept which could quite easily lead to similar events to those that took place in Germany and other parts of the world during the 30s and 40s - namely judging and condeming and then killing people because of their "wrong" ancestry! Very dangerous! I don't think people are born bad/inferior. Of course, genes have an influence on how we develope, what colour of eyes we get, what talents we might have and such. But most of our behaviour is much more influenced by our upbringing and the role modells we have (that's one of the reasons I object so much against CP, because I truly believe that being hurt by someone can make you want to hurt others). As it is, I believe that there was a not so little chance for Harry to turn out like Tom (cf. Harry nearly going into Slytherin, not meaning that all Slytherins are bad, of course!) and Dumbledore didn't do much for Harry either! He repeated a mistake and it was just pure luck it didn't lead to another Dark Lord! The neglect and abuse Harry faced at home never really got mentioned as such in canon (even though it was quite clearly recogniziable as such by the readers!) - it seemed to be thought about as normal in Albus' eyes - quite a feat considering he's supposed to be a teacher and has been one for so long! He has NO pedagogic knowledge or instinct at all and Severus' life at Hogwarts (in regard to the Marauders) pluss him losing his way for a while at least partly as a consequence of that is another good example for that! Guiding people and educating them isn't Albus' forte at all, still he (and a big part of the wizarding world with him) seems to think just that! There are so many examples throughout the books that illustrate that very fact, but it's never mentioned or discussed. And furthermore nor are the facts you stress about the hypocrisy of the pureblood-ideology that gets condemned while the "bad" blood of the Gaunt-family vs. the good of the Potter's never is, but rather is supported! And while we are at it: Dumbledore isn't a real leader of the light because firstly, there is no such thing as a clear black and white and if there was, Albus would most certainly never make it to the head of the light one, because secondly he uses people even though he knows they will get hurt (cf. Severus the spy and Harry's many "adventures" which mostly really look like set ups from Dumbles) and thus using the very means of the so called dark side! If you give up your morals and ethical convictions in order to fight those you deem without morals and ethical convictions you automatically lose your cause on the way! I don't mean that you can just "love away" the evil, and I know that people might die in wars, but they should either have a say in it or be recognized as inocent victims at least, or else we'll be talking cynically of "collateral damage" instead of people. Well, ironically, in canon, what Albus really expects from Harry is just that: To love Voldemort to pieces! (stressing at every opportunity how it's going to be Harry's incredible capacity for love that will make him "win") How ridicolous! If Harry was half the man Albus wanted/expected him to be, he'd have sacrificed himself without being groomed into the perfect little chesspiece! And Albus' claim that he LOVED Harry too much to tell him the truth is bullshit! He should've made sure the boy got an at least proper education (soemthing a headmaster should always wish for anyway...) and the means to defend himself (instead of the most ridiculous defence teachers available!). All Dumbledore's treatment of Harry shows is that he generously grants him a bit of fun before he has to make the ultimate sacrifice and die in any case and testing his willingness to immolate himself on the way! That's cynical, manipulative and heartless, certainly not a sign of grandfatherly love!

Okay, enough Dumbledore bashing, I know he has some good points as well, I didn't mean to make him into a dark lord either and I didn't really mean to ramble on like that, it just happened... Anyways, I really love your story so far and the course that it's taking! I like your Harry with a brain and the courage to make his own assumptions about the wizarding world in general and certain people in particular! And your take on Severus is also quite unique and fitting! Thank you so far!
Joanna chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
Actually I really liked Harry not being wealthy because you are doing something different. So far I really like what your doing. Your tale isn't a fairy tale and you are showing how many of the fairy tale aspects were manipulations such as the "blood wards". I loved Snapes reaction to the blood ward story, "pull the other one, it has bells on it." The wealth makes Harry the little lost prince, I think it is best you avoid it.

As it is logical that Harry would receive bequeaths and gifts perhaps they can go towards property taxes for his mansion.

Just my thoughts! Excellent chapter, you introduced a whole bunch of elements skillfully.
Expecting Rain chapter 17 . 6/21/2009
I'm wondering if the reason that Harry doesn't ask Snape much about James is because Harry's already found himself a father figure in Snape - and I'm also wondering when Snape will realize that! Snape's Dark Mark tingling is intriguing, and makes me wonder if he's going to tell Harry about his Death Eater past, or if Harry will find out about it in some other way. I like your background on Quirrell, too - I always wondered how he could already be teaching at Hogwarts when DADA teachers only last a year! I'm glad that your Harry can be friends with Hagrid and Snape.

I have one minor issue - the scene in the Leaky Cauldron was lifted pretty much word-for-word from the book. I'm not complaining about you keeping in scenes and events from the books, but if you changed the wording - maybe modified the dialogue that different people shout at Harry, or changed the wording of the descriptions of the barkeep or Quirrell. I found myself skimming that section because I'd read it all before.

Anyways, I can't wait to read the Malfoy dinner party! Update soon!
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