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res chapter 1 . 6/11/2013
ForeverAnarchi chapter 10 . 7/24/2012
It's great! I hope you update more!
TheSilentObserver chapter 10 . 4/30/2012
You need to update this story pronto. That is an order, soldier. And you should know what happens to soldiers who disobey a direct order from their commanding officers *taps fingers on table threateningly*...especially when said commanding officer is Mandy. -.-
Sora Tayuya chapter 9 . 4/30/2012
What is up with Numbuh 5? Serious interrogation techniques? Double D is no terrorist or anything, so what is going on here, dang it...and I want to hear more on details of what happened in the siege of the Cul-de-Sac...

So, you are taking that KND/Billy and Mandy episode special as canon in this, hmm? Interesting viewpoint. Makes sense though. is Numbuh 5 stating claims that...Mandy is the bad one? What the flip is going on here? This is insanity...I thought it was agreed that if Fuse took over the planet, there wouldn't be anything left for Mandy to rule over, and thus she needed to collaborate in order to engineer her future world-dictatorship she wants so much. But what is going on here...

Though the possibility exists of Abby being the evil one here...I have to say, I absolutely and resolutely trust Numbuh 5 WAY over Mandy any day. Ever. Completely and utterly. Basically she could be just paranoid, but knowing Mandy...dang. I can't say. I do want to hear what is going on though, and I refuse to see Double D get hurt because of Mandy's ridiculous schemes.

Ugh. You can't TORTURE Double D. He is Double D. It must be illegal.

"You got yourself tangled between two broads, Double D…BOTH of whom are CRAZY!" Eddy said. "Mandy will thrash ANYONE on a whim, and Numbuh 5 is out for BLOOD! She's willing to wail on a blind kid who's tied up…just think of what she'll do to you when you're actually purposely standing in her way! Blind kid fighting with one arm VS. highly pissed off, highly trained Kids Next Door Operative stealth ninja chick is pretty high up there on the "world's most one-sided fights" list!" - Best. Rant. Ever. I officially love Eddy.

Who was the kid out in the wilderness? And who found him? Oh, how I hope it was Numbuh 4...or Ben...or anyone, really, who is still MIA...
Guest chapter 8 . 4/30/2012
So the first part of the exchange between Mojo and Kevin: hilarious. The second half...not so much. Serious stuff going on, and Kevin always seems to land himself right in the middle of it.

Glad to see the kids are alright, but where is Foul Larry? I do like the friendly relations Joey and Harvey have now, though this could change once the lost MIAs begins to sink in back in the compound...

The entire exchange between Numbuh 5, Numbuh 3, then that whole next scene with the stealth squad...that was atrociously excellent. There is naught one could say that could define this scene as being better than it already was. Perfection of a scene in its finest form; every action was accountable, and each reaction was genuine. Genius, pure, unadulterated, genius.I am very worried as to why it got so icy there at the end though. I am very sure that Double D has this 'nice and airy' facade going on, and he is hiding a lot of his true personality like he does in his own series...

Dang it Larry...this is a bad situation...I don't know if they can all get out of there today without some serious casualties...

" desperation mode." Best. Mode. Ever.

My gods. You blasted Beep. You killed Hoagie P. Gilligan. Right before my very eyes. ...I think that is illegal. -,-
Sora Tayuya chapter 7 . 4/29/2012
The first paragraph of this chapter describes the boy so well...and then there is the final line of Mandy's description. So fitting, and very true canonically in the series. I don't believe I've heard a more accurate portrayal of Double D's situation. I will also take this time to mention that I was surprised but impressed by your sudden mention of Double D being the commander should Mandy fall. I was curious as to your mention of Numbuh 4, as he is all of the qualities described, he could still not truly lead and has been obviously proven a terrible 'true' leader by that one KND episode, thus I was glad to hear of your duo-leader plan. I have always been under the impression that Double D should easily be up there with Dexter, Mandark, and the other top scientists and battle strategists of the game, and was surprised when he wasn't. Mandy's description of him also fits well in detailing (probably the true reason) as to why Double D doesn't seem to be up there in command.

Very nicely done. I am thoroughly impressed.

Yuch, Numbuh 363 is here. I hate him so much...but, I would like to point out a thing or two. I was under the impression 363 was the leader of Sector W, and in the series finale it was revealed that Numbuh 5 had taken over as Supreme Commander after Numbuh 362 turned 13. Of course, seeing as Planet Fusion would have changed the structure somewhat, the alterations are understandable, but I still ask about them.

Oh Joey gets to be Numbuh 4.1? Oh...the poor little kid...he is one of my favorites...I hope he can find Wally...and an interesting way to use Sector V's siblings. It is a strange blend of interactions, seeing how Mushi and Tommy turned out, and of course the wild stories about Joey...Glad to see they are all KND now however. Joey is a bit young though...

Woah. Joey talked. I suppose a few years must have passed or so then, as he must be over a year old by this point. I still believe he is an underage member of the KND, but it is okay, as he is extremely talented.

Dang, small nest of fusions are left over...and Joey is the only one cool enough to have discovered this of course. Ah, I dislike Harvey so much...

Why would Double D be under such high watch? Why would he be targeted so strongly, besides the idea that he is in line somewhere to take over should Mandy, and now Numbuh One, fall? There must be something going on here...and it is excellent plot.

So that is why Wilt was out there on the field...but then, what is up with Mojo Jojo and the Professor then? What project is Mandy speaking of? Dang, this isn't boding well...

I've never read an account where Ben wasn't crucial to the war effort, and the Omnitrix being the centerpiece of the matter.

Dang it Jack...he can't be dead. Well, it is a war and all, and I don't want anybody to be dead, but Jack is crucial to not only present times, but he still has to go fix the past at this point as well. He is ultra crucial. Plus, he is a Boss. And Bosses can't be killed...

Grim is great. Nothing more to be said.

The interaction between younger siblings is very well played, serious and humorous at once. Some serious business being discussed.

Oh dear...I didn't realize Numbuh 4 had been captured for that long...oh Wallabee...and the boys are talking like they aren't aware of the fact that no one has been able to locate prison cells or anything, so it has been deemed the thought of no returning missing folks. This is not going to be a good conclusion when the boys find out what the current knowledge shows...

Oh! Gwen is okay, thank goodness! But still, this mess with the unusual sighting and the loss of communication...I wonder what is up with this...

Kevin Levin vs. Mojo Jojo? I would pay big money to see this. And record it. Best sight in the world.

Darn it...Double D has been targeted already? Darn it all...this is bad. Really least he has Eddy there with him. Dang it Eddy...I don't know if I could bear it if one of those Eds gets hurt now after they all made it though okay...

Nice A/N at the end there. Sums things up nicely. And also, 83 is Sonya, the girl who is terrified of the dark to the point of violent attacks, and 84 is Lee, the Yo-Yo specialist and nice Canada/Michigan hat.
Sora Tayuya chapter 6 . 4/29/2012
Hm. After taking several days to gradually read up to this point, I have decided that this story is brilliant in every way possible. I sympathize with all of the characters, and like the way you have handled the universe, though it meant the loss of Dexter's legs, many of the best comrades on the battlefield (so far), and this surprising development with Double D and Numbuh 4, particularly with the loss of Double D's vision, which is very surprising and saddening to hear.

It does warm my heart however to see Eddy so attached to his friends, and how they haven't been separated as much as others have been from their friends. With that trio, I was quite worried one or more would be lost, but when they weren't I was surprised something had not occurred to them. The loss of Double D's vision would make up for that little discrepancy, I would suppose. Still, this issue with the storms and hinting at Double D worries me. He is my favorite character on that show after all...
Sora Tayuya chapter 5 . 4/26/2012
Oh many good folks are lost now...dear gods...

But, if there is one thing that I am extremely grateful is that all 3 Eds are safe and alright. I don't know what I, or they, would do without one of those knuckleheads. Double D the most...

Very emotional chapter, taking away such beloved characters like that...explains the strange emotional response from the prior chapters as well.
Sora Tayuya chapter 2 . 4/26/2012
Ah, the good old Edd trio. Add Courage to the mix and all is well. Oh, and DeeDee is there too.
A fan too chapter 10 . 12/11/2011
Kay how bout this they find poor Wilt in a 'close to death' condition and don't know whether or not he'll make it for the start of chapter 11;I know I speak for all when I desparately say-'puh-leaze continue dis fanfic,it's one of the best fanfictions EVERS,and it got sooooooo much epicness in it! Pretty puh-leaze! T.T
A Fan too chapter 4 . 12/4/2011
Ive read all of your story and i must say 2 things: Marvelous story and How could you do that to us leavin' hangin like dat! I mean seriouzly, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO WILT!
VampireSacrifice chapter 8 . 9/18/2010

Here's the dealio!

I love your story. I cannot even begin to cover how much I love it. In fact, I have named it the best Fanficton I have EVER read, and I have read a lot. Congratulations.

You used your knowledge of exotic words very well, and my absolute favorite part of this fic is the intense plot going on between Mandy and the people aroud her. How you came up with that, I do not know, but it is amazing. Very captavating and well put out. The angst is lovely. I've always been a sucker for angst.

It's a long long story, which isn't bad at all, I love that (and never want it to end either!), but I would like it if you split it up into shorter chapters. It would make it easier.

You stayed very true to the personalities of the characters, I appreciate that. And though I'm not saying it's a problem to have a more mature fanfiction (extreme language, romance, violence, etc.) I am happy you left that out of this story, not only because it's baised off a kids games with young characters, but it also would take away from a fic like this that just has so much going on for it already.

I really hope you write more, and I', a big fan ) I've actually been doing a lot of fanart from this story.

A very happy reader, VampireSacrifice
tulip82 chapter 10 . 7/7/2010
hey i love it are you gonna update the story cuz id love to read the end. thanks
Kurozaki chapter 10 . 6/16/2010
Why do you keep killing them off! Dx WAAAHHH! I feel sad. At least Ben is alive... at the moment. T-T
ZodiacSnake chapter 8 . 6/2/2010
well now im like sobbing i think that may have been the saddest thing i have ever read the way u wrote it back & forth between 1 & 2 was just really moving & ahhhggg cant stop crying going to go read next chapter now TT
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