Reviews for Of Mortal Glory
false sourires chapter 1 . 4/14/2012
Curious look on the relationship between an Arianni and the unusual power of Jewel. He doesn't seem to realize that no one else quite knows what to do with her type of leadership in her own time, let alone before the separation. I do not think his time with her will be a waste. On another note: I just finished reading House Name and feel the need to say,"Don't let him near the Sleepers, Jewel!" ,
Leila Winters chapter 1 . 6/22/2009
Yes! Yes! (commencing massive nerdgasm)

At last, someone who has seen fit to write a Sun Sword fic! This series is all kinds of amazing and has resonated for a number of years with me. I am very, very happy to see someone love it enough to write about it.

First off, well-written. As excited as I was to see a fic here, I was terrified it would be so awful, I would run away screaming in tears. But I should have known better. The series is written in such a complex, intelligent way, anyone who could fully appreciate the series would also have to be intelligent and complex. All others would simply grow bored with the series and not finish.

I find your choice of focus interesting, humanizing the stony-faced otherworldly being. Please tell me you want to write more West-ish fics! (And if so...I can only cross my fingers that you would take an interest in Avandar)

Thank you for posting this. It uplifted my spirits greatly. Keep hope alive!
2insane2bgood chapter 1 . 3/31/2009
OMG! Someone finally wrote a Sun Sword Series fic!

It was good. I doubt Celleriant will ever be at ease with serving a mortal, but I think he is resigned, curious as to what Jewel will do. Though he is hardly alone with the Winter King and Kallandras being there for him. Possibly Avandar, but I doubt he would be much of a companion.