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padrrhhajfenmak chapter 29 . 5/25
that was such an amazing story! you're such a good writer!
ChuckBlair08lover chapter 29 . 7/29/2014
loved this! I cant wait to start reading some of your other stories, I definitely cried a lot during this!
Sparkleyangel chapter 29 . 9/28/2013
I liked your story :) So glad Jack is dead
Guest chapter 9 . 7/3/2013
Brown is in providence rhode island
leightedandnian chapter 29 . 6/16/2013
i really love this ff just to rough for me
Missy Z chapter 9 . 5/27/2013
What a relief finally!
fanny0997 chapter 29 . 9/9/2012
loved it! it is amazing! great job :)
fanny0997 chapter 3 . 9/4/2012
love it!
but i'm a little confused, how old is charlie?
Eimxx chapter 29 . 12/31/2011
One of the best stories iv EVER read. :) I luved it :) x
hammy19 chapter 13 . 6/27/2011
well written awesome
helenamtavares chapter 29 . 5/20/2011
Love the story, congratulations
CB Always chapter 29 . 1/13/2011
Awesome story! I can't wait to read the rest of your stories. Keep writing!
pam211 chapter 29 . 9/21/2010
Whoa. Amazing! Ahhh, I just spent 4 hours sitting here reading the entire story! It's so good. I love that CB were able to be rid of Jack. I love that their love didn't waver. I love that J finally got his comeuppance. Wonderfully entertaining and well written story! Brava!
1 chapter 1 . 9/8/2010
I'm sorry but when I find improper sentence structure and a spelling mistake in the first paragraph...I simply can't give a story a chance. Please find a BETA reader.
DiorAddicted chapter 29 . 8/26/2010

I CAN'T believe that I didn't read this story before! That was F*CKIGN AMAZING! Seriously! I read it in two days.. I loved it!

Note:It has Jack in it! A lot of Jack in it! And I LOVED it! Remember that! hehe.. xD Of course Jack was the villain but that besides the point! :P hahaha...

For the story now.. WoW sweetie.. Honestly.. Amazing! I don't know where to begin!

First of all sorry I didn't review on every chapter but I couldn't stop reading even to do that! hehe.. And sorry for reading this instead of writing the review for BATB! Shame on me! hehehe...

You are THE BEST.. and I mean that.. THE BEST at writing babies! OMG! Charlie.. I want ALL the babies you've written so far! All of them! hehehe... I LOVED Charlie's way of talking! For example: "myducduc," "mycarcars." "myblocblok," He pulls out a picture book next and stops pursing his lips for a moment. He then nods, "mine," he simply states, putting it in his lap. "Dada hole hole!" OMG! I'm dying! Seriously! hahaha.. And I love his obssession about "Scascas!"! Awww SO damn cute! And it was SO funny when he was around Nate! LOL Ohh.. and when he screamed for Nate to get him the scarf and then he pull his hair.. "Who do you think did it!" Nate shouts and throws his hands in the air. He then points at Chuck, "HE DID IT WHEN I SLEPT OVER AT HIS HOUSE! HE DID SO YOU WOULD BREAK UP WITH ME AND NOW HE DID IT" Nate points at Charlie, "SO SERENA WILL DUMP ME! BOTH OF YOU ARE HORRIBLE AND I DO NOT LIKE YOU!" Nate shouts and slams the bedroom door. Charlie giggles and Chuck chuckles. Blair turns towards both of them and raises her eyebrows. Chuck and Charlie fall silent and gulp. This scene was PRICELESS! hahhahaha.. I ADORE that kid! xD hehe..

And of course I LOVED your Chuck! That he helped sO much Blair to get passed this horrible part of her life.. He was SO sweet! I wish Chuck was like that in the show for once! Not compete Blair all the time! OMG when Charlie called him Dada was the sweetest scene! And he cried too! Aww.. beautiful scene! I felt so so so bad for Blair in this story! And I hate Jack even more.. again! hehe.. So sad! God.. so much hurt! And when Jack took them again.. my heart broke! I swear I almost cry for them! That she had to going through all this again.. and having Chuck there.. listening all this! It was Awful! Not the writing of course! I loved who you wrote the whole thing! It was romantic, sad, funny, and even disgusting in all the right places(with Jack)! If you know what I mean! ;)

OMG the epilogue! L-O-V-E-D it! I think you couldn't write better epilogue than this! Btw I like so much the titles of the four last chapters! "Save Yourself" "Save Him" "Save Me" "Save Her" So meaningful! It combined perfectly with the intense chapters! It was like a kind of plan! Loved it! ... The epilogue was sO sweet! All the happiness we needed to forget what happened in the previous chapters!

Best parts from epilogue:

"Oh, oh, oh, oh, okay mommy. I, I, I, I'm gonna, gonna do a very good job," So sweet! It's very cute that he stutters! hehe..

Now mommy and daddy love you very much, but we need you to go find uncle Nate and listen to him. I promise it's only temporary," she laughs. .. LoL Poor Nate! .. Kidding! :P

"Sorry," Charlie tells everyone and blushes bright red. Chuck lets out a small laugh along with everyone else in the church and smiles brightly at him. He then looks to his father for what to do. "Daddy do, do I keep come, coming?" he asks, not moving from his spot. .. this along with..

"Hi," he whispers with a smile.

"Hi," she breathes back to him.

"Hi," Charlie's voice is heard. ... along with..

"You may now kiss your bride," he finishes. Chuck breathes a sigh of relief and moves towards Blair.

"Finally," he smirks before kissing her strongly. Blair kisses right back, not missing a beat of passion. There is applause in the church, but they just keep kissing. No doubt the minister is raising his eyebrows either, but the kiss does not stop.

"Chuck," Nate nudges at him. The kiss continues.

"Blair," Serena tries. Neither pull apart.

"Mommy? Daddy? What, what, what about, what about me?" Charlie stutters, staring at them with wide eyes. Both laugh and pull apart. Chuck bends down and picks him up. Both lean in and kiss his cheeks.

One word.. AMAZING! Love this kid! xD hehehehe...

"Look I'm really showing with clothes on too," she tells him with excitement and pulls down her shirt. "See," she motions towards it. Chuck smiles and walks over to her. His hands go on her baby bump and then his lips on her own. "We can tell Charlie now," she's practically bouncing up and down. .. This was SO bittersweet moment! Seeing Blair enjoying so much her pregnancy.. when she couldn't do it when she was pregnant with Charlie! It make me giggle! hehe..

"Bliss! Bliss! Bliss!" he chants and moves to Blair's lap. He hugs her tummy and places a kiss on it. "I... I love you Bliss," he tells it. Blair's eyes meet Chuck's and they both share the same look of absolute bliss. .. Awww bliss indeed!

And here I have to make a BIG not at this point... Chuck vision when he was in the hospital! OMFG! You're trying to kill me? :P Btw you also write visions and dreams better than anyone! That was f*cking unbelievable! I loved it so SO much! "Seeing" Chuck like this, talking to his parents.. and then meeting Bliss.. omg! It brings me tears of joy! I don't know why! xD hehehe... And then Blair and Charlie begging him to wake up! Amazing! So intense scene!.. ok the note is closed!

"Oh look Charlie she's smiling at you. Why don't you give her a gentle kiss," Chuck whispers. Blair leans on Chuck's shoulder, her cheek against his for a moment. Charlie looks to both of them and then back a Bliss. He lets out another excited giggle before bending his head down. The kiss, he places on her nose. Bliss smiles up at him before forming the usual 'O' again.

"I love you sissy," Charlie says, not stuttering for once. It's so soft and sweet both Chuck and Blair think they may die from happiness. Then he looks to his parents and smirks, "Mine." Chuck and Blair both break out into laughter, so much for the mine phase being over. ... hahahaha.. "Mine"! xD So sweet and perfect moment!

Aww.. And then with the nursing! So so so sweet! Blair was so excited! God I hate Jack Bass! hehe..

"She's hungry," Blair giggles and looks to Chuck. Charlie frowns not understanding the situation at all. He arches his head a bit trying to see what his sister is getting from this. "Your sister is eating Charlie," Blair explains. Even if she had breast fed Charlie he most likely would not remember. He slowly raises his hand and points towards the display.

"From that?" he questions, mouth forming an 'O'. Chuck can't help, but smile at the look on his face. He seems horrified at what is going on. "I... I don't think, think she, she supposed to do that," he decides and alerts his parents of his own opinion.

"Yes it's okay Charlie. That's how mommy feeds her the milk," Chuck assures him. Charlie looks from his father, to the baby, and back. He shakes his head again and lies down.

"No," he refuses to budge. Blair lets out a small laugh. Chuck just shrugs, knowing once he decides something he usually won't go along with anything else. Bliss on the other hand seems to be enjoying herself a lot and starts to suck a bit harder, wanting more.

This kid is a perfection! hahahahahahaha...

Wonderful story! I enjoyed SO much reading it! :D

Thanks for sharing it!

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