Reviews for Sartorial Eloquence
SwizzleCake chapter 4 . 9/30/2014
I have to say this, but every time I think this story can't get any funnier... it does! Its hilarious, well done!
machievelli chapter 1 . 5/21/2014
Posted 18 May 2014, at the Starwarsknights web site and the Lucasforums Coruscant Entertainment Center in my The Critic's Two Cents.

Some of the work I read is what I consider worthy of a professional. These are marked as Picks of the Week. While they are posted on Starwarsknights I am adding the best of the week where applicable.

TSL, sort of, with a crossover to Mass Effect: The Exile has to escape from Peragus, but does he really have to take those dweebs with him?

You are warned the piece is a parody, so expect to giggle a bit as you read it. It starts with him whining about having ratty clothes and red tennis shoes, segues to Kreia's comments with the 'dinging' sound of announcements in malls, to Atton doing his job better when he's drunk than sober, and the list of sometimes ridiculous puns, japes and jokes just roll on.

I loved the RPG bag, which is explained like the storage section of the HUD, and having him have 'tickle droid' instead of full up stun droid. Also the 'make droid' almost sex scene was funny too. The author admits that portions of the canon game were avoided because of personal pique, and I applaud it.

25 chapters long. I only had time for one, but I wanted more!

Pick of the Week
Jenna53 chapter 3 . 6/20/2011
Missed The Rocky Horror Picture Show that you also referenced. I am really loving this. Thanks.
Jenna53 chapter 2 . 6/17/2011
That was my favorite Doctor and I am old enough to have watched them all. Thanks.
Kendoka Girl chapter 25 . 12/28/2010
I totally caught up in the last two weeks! This was a wonderfully, sartorially eloquent read from start to finish. :D

I definitely had a lot of fun with this.

Here's lookin atchoo kid. :)
EmeraldReporter chapter 1 . 12/26/2010

Put this story in the crossover section.

Star Wars/Mass Effect.
PashN chapter 1 . 9/7/2010
I know I’m a little late, but I’m actually trying to catch up with all those unread ‘author alerts’ in my inbox.

This is really fun to read, even though I know next to nothing about the game. I like your humour, the small jokes at the gameplay, items and the environment. (The one about the backpack immediately reminded me of ME. I put all sorts of rifles, shotguns, pistols, etc. in Shepard’s inventory and still it was empty.)

I’m only at chapter one, but this is definitely a fic that I will follow and read whenever I manage to find some free time. :)

Kendoka Girl chapter 14 . 8/13/2010
Sooome enchanted evening!

I loved it. :D

Sorry, I was deployed and am now back and obsessing over Dragon Age too.

Jaa ne!
Kendoka Girl chapter 12 . 7/25/2010
I love the Bad Day song!

That guitar trio was awesome. :D And Rod Stewart too!
Kendoka Girl chapter 11 . 7/19/2010
The karaoke scene was awesome! :D
Kendoka Girl chapter 10 . 7/11/2010
"Shouldn't you pause and save your game in case you get killed?"

! Loved it !

I can't recall how many times that happened to me...damn thresher maws.

Weeee are the champions, my friend!
Kendoka Girl chapter 9 . 7/8/2010
Evil twin Skippy! I love how you cite the dark side point gain :D

"You might consider leveling up your intelligence next time round." Hah! Great line. :D

:P I just finally saw the Half Blood Prince too.
Kendoka Girl chapter 8 . 7/4/2010
Back from Oklahoma City. :) Keep up the great parody and the musical selections are always choice!

Hey, someone hit me up to cowrite a ME/KOTOR crossover. Interesting.
Kendoka Girl chapter 7 . 6/28/2010
Captain Peroxide! Ahh, that is so perfect for Mical.

OMG, Interview with the Umpire! Force Botox! This just keeps getting funnier. And the songs are awesome. :D
Kendoka Girl chapter 6 . 6/26/2010
"If I die before I wake, I pray the Force your soul to take."

"I have to be there to wash the General's back," Bao said.

You have the greatest lines!

Yuh go'ta give meh thirty mintues, cap'n. I canna change th' laws o physics. :P

The nods to other genres are just classic.
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