Reviews for Holly Evans and the Spiral Path
Strikeman chapter 22 . 5/16
Oh. I didn't expect that. I mean, I was definitely sure that Holly wasn't writing to Harry, but this is definitely not what I expected. Still definitely a great plot twist though.
Strikeman chapter 16 . 5/16
16 chapters in, I'm now 100% sure Harry doesn't exist.
Guest chapter 33 . 2/15
Loving the story so far! Very creative and interesting. I have to say though, I hate this Hermione more than any other that I've encountered in fanfiction. I've seen plenty of bash fics where I don't despise the character nearly as much as I despise this one. Good job!
rytan451 chapter 44 . 1/19
I caught the "emotional range of a teaspoon" reference.
Guest chapter 31 . 12/23/2016
I do believe that I will be remembering that last bit for a very long time. He sounds like he was a wonderful man and deserves to be remembered. I may quote him on that line next time I come out, though.
bavintugeef chapter 42 . 12/6/2016
ooooh I've not seen the dragon being aware the egg is false but wanting to keep it because it's gold/treasure well done
Kakatoes chapter 50 . 10/27/2016

One of the best story out there, really read it. The tangents are presented as optionnal material but really aren't IMHO. Skip the sex if you don't want to read it you won't miss much (The sex scenes aren't really well written as such but the character developments in the later tangents are interesting).
Kakatoes chapter 29 . 10/25/2016
I am really enjoying the story, however I STRONGLY recommend the reading of the tangent "censored" parts. You can skip (as I do) the love-making description but there is a lot of things in there that shows how deep the relationships are and quite a lot of character development.
Lioness1988 chapter 22 . 10/12/2016
That last note to Prof McG is perfect, and I have been waiting for it for at least 10 or so chapters, maybe even 22. Love the story. Sorry I haven't had more energy for more reviews, but you finally moved me.
Kel chapter 44 . 9/24/2016
Picky-bit: You've done your math wrong on half-plus-seven. If a ten year old wanted to date, they'd need to date a 12 year old (10/2 5. 5 7 12) but the 12 year old's minimum dating age is 13 (12/2 6. 67 13). This means you cant actually date anyone until you're 13, and then only other 13 year olds. (13/2 6.5. 6.5 7 13.5, which can be argued either way in ages) You're truly safe to argue "for" dating at 14 (14/2 7. 77 14) as the pool of potential partners begins increasing each year.

It both sets minimum beginning dating age, and creates a lower-age range for ongoing dating, which effectively limits the upper age range of one's own dating partners (their own lower range).
Blacsparrow chapter 34 . 8/25/2016
well this seems like an okay place to pause a second to mention something that has just been irking me. I like this story don't get me wrong. Reading it has made me want nothing more than to finish so i can read more stories youve written. now enough flattery, im actually finding myself annoyed at just how all men seem to be the villians in this story. the ones who aren't are marginalized or ignored. the closest the story has come to men who are mostly decent people are Fred and George and while they show up somewhat frequently they are never seen really doing anything. the best they managed was making the slytherins sick. Holly and Hermoine mess with them frequently but any time the twins get one over they are met with physical violence. I cant even say Remus is a decent guy. grown man at least in his mid to late thirties lusting blatantly after two of his students. While Holly looks physically older. Hermione is still very much a 14 year old girl. thats less than half his age. for nice but marginalized characters. Hagrid (most marginalize him and I wouldnt include him but he gets a mention here by virtue of being one of a hand full of decent males.) Cedric, He shows up and has an interest but isnt an ass about his interest. Holly has mentioned hes slept with a lot of girls but yet hes never been disrespectful even showing up to check in on Holly in the hospital wing hasn't been seen since. Seamus Finnegan, has showed up in Holly's journal four times. the first two times he was okay. the second two were just mentions of how he and Hermione were dating and then why they broke up. Snape started with some promise to be decent. That was given up in hollys third year. Oliver Wood, never even quoted in the story, just commented on as a decent guy but we are always reminded that he's gay when he is brought up. I think I made my point. I love strong female characters. and at least this story doesnt paint all the females in it as good either. the chasers were absolute bitches so there is some balance. And I do understand its a societal thing in this story. but when it seems almost every male Holly meets is a rapist in the making it hurts the impact when it turns out to be the case. That said, I do enjoy this story and Ill keep reading more. Just needed to get that off my chest.
Robert Harrison chapter 2 . 8/25/2016
"More specifically, I was sitting directly under Firenze's quite impressive fur-covered twitching Man- uhh... Horse-parts. They're bigger than my leg. It was distracting."

For some reason I find this a lot funnier than I think it actually it. It got me some strange looks when I bust out laughing.
Blacsparrow chapter 15 . 8/23/2016
i have read many many many stories. With all manner of perspective. from harry tofemharry andharrys forgotten/lost sibling. i have to say with all the stories I have read I have seen hate speeches angled at every single named character in the franchise (even Tom the barkeep though I cant remember where I saw that one.). In all my years reading and the many stories I have gone through i can say hands down that the verbal lashing Holly gives Marge in this chapter is my favorite. bravo.
KasumiKeiko chapter 8 . 8/21/2016
So this chapter kinda hinted that she can use the polyjuice cause she is alley under some kind of change to the physical.
KasumiKeiko chapter 7 . 8/20/2016
Ok I got to know, is Holly really Harry? Dumbledor had the "brilliant" idea to hide him in plane sight?
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