Reviews for Candy
Guest chapter 1 . 6/14
Khiori chapter 1 . 12/14/2013
I really love this. This is exactly what Diana would do-she truly believes that a woman should be strong, should fit her own heart's image not that imposed on her by others, that happiness comes from being one's own self fully.

This is a hard subject to capture right. Society tells females they need to be a specific image and any deviation from it brings isolation and despair. In bitter irony, much of this comes at the hands of other females who have fallen for the lie. You did a perfect job of bringing it all together in a believable manner.

My favorite line are-"The weight suits you." and "Look, you can even retrieve your own things."

You have a knack for weaving humor throughout the story in all the right places, it balanced the seriousness of the subject. I've read this story about five times already and love it. Would definitely LOVE to see more stories with Etta and Diana from you!
Nave Hayder -aka- TORMENT chapter 1 . 9/15/2010
I completely agree with what you said about the treatment Bruce Timm and co. gave to Etta in that DTV film. She's one of the most important supporting characters that Diana has (and Hera knows she has so few of them) and yet most audiences today are blind to that fact. Which is in itself baffling, because WW deals with feminist issues, she's probably the only superhero out there (let alone comic book character) who can address those issues. And if I'm not mistaken, then the 'Grrl' movement AND a more positive view of 'fat' women are in vogue in feminist theory. Etta should be emphasized on the books (and media) now more than ever. So THANK YOU for writing this.

I loved how you characterized her as this person who is struggling to stay thin, and who is losing that balance with the sudden introduction of Wonder Woman in her world. Steve giving her the candies (and inadvertently playing a role in her metamorphosis :P) is classic. You even left room for a possible future friendship between Dee and Etta (SOMETHING THAT THE FILM MISSES COMPLETELY ON). It adds to the film-verse very well. I understand that Lauren Montogomery (the director) could only do so much with her 1.5-or-so hours, especially when she had to introduce an entire superhero mythology, especially a heroine who hasn't enjoyed a good relationship with the media of late. So I don't blame the creators of the film, but applaud your addition to that established continuity. With this, a reader can actually see the history between Diana and Etta, and possibly even Steve, pan out in the future. It ends with a sad note, that Etta has to accept (I won't say conform) to being 'the fat girl' now that Diana is around, but the fact that you're being positive about that screams that the reader SHOULD NOT BE cliched and conform to superficial happy-endings. Why can't this be happy? That's the question your story asks. I loved it.

And... we all know Etta will get Steve in the end any way :P

Keep up the good work.
Rassilon001 chapter 1 . 3/13/2009
Sorry this took so long to read and review, but naturally I had to see the movie first to understand it (and its been terrible trying to get a good copy, the last one I had was completely out of sync). I suppose I can see how the movie must've excited, amused, and frustrated you to no end, in no particular order.

And while I've never known the original Etta, the movies was most definently an annoying character no matter how you sliced her (even with a sword!). Though if you want to take about shudder-worthy portrayals, what the F**k did they do Hades?

As always, you make a most passionate statement with your work. And in a fashion that is appealing as well as truthful. When Diana gives up that lasso and armor, I think I can nominate a new candidate for it.