Reviews for The Viking's Mistress
Nessa-Yanara chapter 1 . 3/24
i found this story recently and i love it...
are you going to finish it? I hope so

DamnPrecious0329 chapter 15 . 3/19
HEY chapter 15 . 3/18
To anyone whos reading this: I hope something good happends to you
Lisa chapter 1 . 3/18
IF youre going to post these 8 chapters, then please be that kind to make it worth it... I just want Bella to get the life she deserves and hopefully edward will stop beating her and see how wrong he is. I cant believe hes beating her for having an opinion ... *sigh* LONG STORY SHORT: DONT MAKE BELLA SURRENDER. MAKE EDWARD SURRENDER TO BELLA . HAVE A NICE LIFE BYE (: .
anamaf chapter 15 . 3/16
i hope that you will update soon! love the story!
valentinesgenie chapter 15 . 3/15
PLEASE UPDATE I love this story take care see you soon...
B chapter 15 . 3/14
I hope you update soon! I have your story saved and have been checking back every week since you posted a few months ago that you were going to. I just love this story! Cant wait to see what happens once real life gives you a chance to finish it!
yosena chapter 15 . 3/14
You suck, this just got to the best part ...
Guest chapter 14 . 3/12
Can you post saying you're not posting anymore, at least then we'll know
Guiltypleasure30plus chapter 15 . 3/12
I'm anxiously awaiting the next 8 chapters. I understand real life takes precedence and is often quite busy. Still crossing my fingers that you find some time to post the other chapters.
APL chapter 14 . 3/8
ok its march, waiting to see those next chapters! :)
Lilly Vandross chapter 15 . 3/8
Ria Michelle chapter 1 . 3/5
Kgunter34 chapter 15 . 3/5
Pssssst, it's March and we got nothing.
Guest chapter 15 . 3/4
You are completely full of it.
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