Reviews for The Port Angeles Players
ttandme69 chapter 15 . 9/22
I would really love to see someone do that car maneuver that would be awesome!
Guest chapter 26 . 8/26
Absolutely wonderful story...I got hooked right from the beginning. The witty retorts, the excellent use of English Language...hats off!
Lucinda chapter 4 . 8/19
This Bella is annoying as Fuck. Her inner monologue is stupid and makes her sound like a moron...and snarky Bella is never a good thing bc people actually think they are making her "badass" and "funny" but they are not. She's annoying. Also, amazing that he is a whore! A complete shock that you made him one, no one else has ever made a whore Edward...but he's different right? Because he's quiet and likes books and is supposedly shy but he'll still stick his happy dick in a bunch of women.
Atwiggs chapter 25 . 7/18
If I could be you for a bit!
Atwiggs chapter 17 . 7/16
I love old movies too, especially "It happened One Night" one of my all-time favs!
Atwiggs chapter 9 . 7/15
Grella chapter 26 . 3/24
Love your writing, creativity, and wordplay. Look forward to reading more of your stories.
Sassyvampmama chapter 28 . 3/11
Thank you for sharing. I truly enjoyed your sense of humor in this.
mariaalejandra.henriquez.52 chapter 3 . 12/31/2016
I love the last line of dialogue 3
Kelly457 chapter 23 . 10/27/2016
This Fic is brilliant! It's hilarious wordplay still yet manages to touch the soul!
I Just Won A Free Toaster Oven chapter 5 . 7/6/2016
I'm enjoying this story - especially the way Bella keeps spazzing out - but I really don't agree with Emmett's take on what women want. Speaking as a woman, I really, really hate it when a guy "keeps me on edge." A little sassing and banter back and forth is fun, but the whole "occasionally act like a jackass" thing is a bad idea. The majority of women really do want a nice guy, not someone who's going to shove attitude in their faces all the time.
Payton79 chapter 26 . 4/21/2016
Thanks for this sweet and happy story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
starsmina chapter 28 . 3/30/2016
I simply love this story and it just reminded me how much I love Shakespeare and I definitely need to get back to those roots. Thank you for this wonderful story.

Lillywhite1 chapter 26 . 3/21/2016
Thanks for writing this wonderfull, hilarious, amazing, story! You are a word wizard.
LeahHeartsSirius chapter 9 . 12/23/2015
I am so loving this story! I cannot stop laughing about poor Jasper telling Emmett how much he loves banging his sister. I can't wait for that little plot line to play out!
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