Reviews for Wars of the Bhaalspawn
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 39 . 1/24
Wow, protagonists sure are dropping like flies, these days. Join the line, Cernd.

I must confess, I buried Balthazar a bit too soon, it seems. At that point, I didn't expect from him much more than a token resistance, and instead, he pretty much cleaned the floor with his opponents. Good for you, man! Of course, now, they'll even more pissed at you, and I didn't think it was possible. It seems a bit too late for diplomacy, now, right?

And come on, Sarevok! The main PvP event was, like, three chapters ago! Now you just look like an hipster. He didn't take his last failure too well, did he? Wonder if Greywulf will be able to handle him by himself or if, despite his reluctance, he'll need some help ; after all, he did point out that what made them different was the power of friendship, basically... Even if friends are starting to be an endangered specie.

Interesting bit with Haer'Dalis, which showcased the fact that the gods have a weird sens of humour. Why bring HIM back, of all people, is kind of a mystery... I guess even gods like a good story. And no more Laughing Death (for now, at least. Perhaps). That's... probably good? Curious to see what will be the consequences of that.

Once again, good job. I'll stay tuned!
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 38 . 12/12/2013
... So... big rock beats dragon? I guess? Now that was just sad. And hilarious. So, four out five, and the last on his way... or is he? Damn cutaway (is it wrong of me for siding -a little bit- with Balthazar? I mean, with Saemon and Aerie dead, and Minsc not quite himself, I think he's my favourite character on this scene... even if frankly, he deserves what's coming to him)

Imoen gets her own divine pep-talk, by her own self from the future, to boot. I think she needed that. I'm really curious to see what her role will be in the end-game; at the very least, she seems to be a lot more active player than in the original game.

And oooh boy, what a nasty surprise. Nice try to avoid fighting Demogorgon, Greywulf, but ultimately futile, it would seems. I can already picture the scene. "Man, that was a hard fight! Good thing we have this pocket plane to rest, because we're in no condition to face anything remotely challenging right now!" "Heya".

One of the last reviews got me wondering. What was the deal with that scroll in the game? It's true that if they had such an option, using it right away would make more sense than doing a whole dungeon crawl that ends with the winning party locked up with a demon prince. I doubt Helm would risk setting that thing free just to test his follower's resolve. My only guess is that the scroll is just a quick patch, and that the seals needed to be fixed "manually" beforehand for it to work.

Anyway, good job, I'll stay tuned !
Kendris chapter 11 . 12/3/2013
Trying to get caught up while still taking the time to enjoy the delightfully layered tale you're weaving here. I feel like I'm at my 20 year high school reunion, catching up with old friends. You've gotten your characterizations of the main crew spot on, but you've developed credible and nuanced characters for the bit players like Hendak and Reynald, as well.

Sarevok is definitely stealing the show, though, and I am really enjoying your portrayal of him. You haven't softened him up a bit, but you've added incredible depth, showing the complexities of his thoughts and motivations. It wasn't just his ruthlessness that made him such a formidable foe: it was his intelligence and cunning. The interactions between he and Greywulf are fascinating to watch, with neither of them consistently gaining the upper hand. His plan to influence Greywulf to gain power for himself is a subtle one, and I'm interested to see how much success he has.
Peanuckle chapter 38 . 11/26/2013
You know, that scroll you're given always ticked me off. If they had something like that, why not use it instead of making an order of knights sacrifice themselves? Makes no sense at all.

Good chapter, always glad to see this pop up in my email.
CoreyRussell chapter 37 . 10/25/2013
Just want to say the last few chapters have been very interesting and have kept my attention...and like another reviewer said, suddenly the Watcher's Keep storyline suddenly becomes a lot more relevant.
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 37 . 10/25/2013
Three comments in a row ? What is wrong with the world these days ?!

Anyway. NOOOOO ! Saemon ! Not that it was really a surprise, but still ! At the very least, he died by his own choice. Apparently he was right all along, altruism is bad for business. And now, Balthazar has to deal with the small problem of a dragon godspawn. Good luck man, you'll need it.

So Sarevok's gambit is revealed... and fails miserably. That was first-class trolling by Amelyssane, no doubt about that. Eh, I'm not supposed to side with her, but this time, I confess it amused me greatly. Oh, and yay, Immy's not dead. I guess we can count ourselves lucky Sarevok didn't went through the easy way of killing her for the taint... who knows, maybe he'll try that now to see if the first time was a fluke ? (other than that, Sendai gets no respect, as always. I'm pretty sure she's the only member of the Five to have the dubious honor of losing - almost - offscreen.

And finaly, Nalia snaps out of it. A bit late, but hey, better than never. No harms done, right ? Hmm, right.

Anyway, I'll stay tuned, if only to see what this good old Irenicus has in store for us !
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 36 . 8/13/2013
Well, damn... again !

You are an evil man, I hope you know that. Frickin' cliffhangers.

So, must be Teammate-Killing Tuesday, or something. Nalia's snap came as a pretty big surprise, I won't deny it. We knew she had issues, but to think it would be that bad... Of course, when you pretty much started the chapter with how Khelben basically said "yeah, not a good idea there", and that her immediate solution was to look for the damn EYE OF VECNA, of all things... Why not zombifie your peasants while we're at it, I'm sure it would be easier to protect them that way. I'll grant this to you : suddenly, Watcher's Keep side of the story doesn't seem so irrelevant !

Sarevok I suppose I should have seen coming, but somehow, I didn't either. And not quite sure he actualy IS backstabbing the party - I mean, he probably could have started with a killing blow if he wanted to do that. So... I really don't know what he is doing right now. Still got a drow Bhaalspawn to deal with, not a good time to start killing each other, I think he knows that... So what, is he going to stab the dark side out of Imoen ? How does that even work ? And for that matter, since his plan seems to claim Sendai's essence for himself, how does that work, too ? Is he still able to do that ? Apparently, he thinks so, at the very least. And... and... he is deciding that Immy's taint would make a good substitute, is he ? Damn it. (oh, and don't kill Immy off ! I'd be quite cross about that, and... ah, well, that didn't really help Keldorn or Aerie, I suppose)

And meanwhile, team-clenched teamwork in Amkethran. Which was the best kind of teamwork we could get in this chapter, so that counts for something. I must admit, seeing Minsc like that was beyond sad. He shouldn't be like that, damnit ! And I'm afraid that so far in the story, that's not something you can bounce on again. I wouldn't be very surprised to see him perform an heroic sacrifice of some kind in the upcoming fight in the slim hope of redemption (even though it was never his fault to begin with). Other than that... Saemon is not getting out of this alive, is he ? Guess his luck ran out. At the very least, he provided a good plan, and perhaps he'll manage one more cool action and/or witty banter before biting the dust. And, oooh, a possible showdown between Balthazar and Abazigail ? I'll grab the popcorn.

To sum up : a REALLY tense chapter, beautifully written and really-well paced. And when I'm saying I can't wait for the next chapter, well, this time I mean it. I hope I'll have the occasion to comment again soon !
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 35 . 4/18/2013
Well, damn.

Suddenly, the decision to split up the party doesn't seem so hot, with one member down for good. And for it to be Aerie... I already missed Keldorn, this is another bitter pill to swallow. The worse part is, they were quite lucky in the end, if the dragons had found them first, we would looking at a TPK. Adventurers should take better care of their clerics, dammit !

I liked the bit were the Watcher's Keep group start to ponder about why they are here. I almost expected, after the epic battles against Draconis and Ogremoch, have a mood whiplash strike full-force by having them play a card-game with the Cambion. Well, we skipped that. In another chapter, I might have complained about the missed opportunity. Here... not so much.

And in Sendai's lair, they keep up the pace. Imoen seems to have a clearer head, for now, which is good, but probably won't last. Oh, and I don't know if it was on purpose, but I find it deeply ironic that the group with no less than four healers manages to lose someone, while the one with no healing magic whatsoever is still going strong.

Meanwhile, Saemon's bad luck keeps following him, and it's becoming harder and harder to talk his way out of it. Come on, man, we're cheering for you ! Hm ? Just me ? Nevermind then. And did I already mention I love your Balthazar ? I think I did, and that has not changed.

I'll stay tuned !
Zireael07 chapter 34 . 1/28/2013
I love the chapter. Brilliant! Saemon is so IC...
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 34 . 1/28/2013
It's been a while since I reviewed here, time to do it again !

So, it would seem the ultimate showdown between Bhaalspawn is a bit ahead on the schedule. Well, maybe it's not the ultimate showdown per see, but when you have a dragon army involved, it sure feels like it. I'm quite curious to see how Balthazar intend to get out of this one.

Aside from that, worried about Imoen. I know the dark side seems cool at the beginning, but it's rarely a good long term plan. Come on, Immy, think of something pink ! Looks like Solaufein will have a lot of work to do ; there is not much support to gain from Haer Dalis, and Sarevok... well, I think we all know where Sarevok stands in this mess.

Right now, Greywulf's side of the story is... well, a bit strange. It's like having two-third of the group being swallowed by the plot, and the other third... well, putting aside the plot to do a dungeon crawl. Granted, quite an epic one, but still. It's like watching a filler-episode, in a strange sort of way, and I can't say it's the part of the story that keeps me awake at night.

And finaly, damn you, Saemon. I never know if I should pity him or curse him, but I can never bring myself to hate him. That last line was way funnier than it should have been, and I can't help to hope that he'll manage to escape to betray someone another day. And that's right, Neverwinter is a good idea, nothing ever remotely dangerous happens there... wait.

Anyway, thanks for the update, I hope I have not butchered grammar too much, and I'll be waiting for the next chapter !
AlsoSprachOdin chapter 5 . 12/10/2012
Sarevok pities the fools, heh.
After all this time, it's still a good read and doesn't feel so repetitive. But no way am I going through the whole last story just to get back up to snuff on this rather epic saga. Will try to leave a few thoughts here and there.
Zireael07 chapter 32 . 9/27/2012
Love the chapter. The Sendai scene is brilliant and the dragon fight even better!
NoNameAvailable Bis chapter 31 . 8/27/2012
Great, a new chapter ! Let's review this while being properly logged in, this time around.

So, some interesting exchanges there. I feel your interpretation of ToB!Nalia and how she got there quite good, and I wonder where her path will lead her. No lichdom, then ? Awww, common, every cool kid is doing it ! Or, maybe, you know, not.

I laughed out loud when the story focused on Minsc and Boo (big surprise, here...). I could totally picture the hamster saying something like "you don't want to be involved in this one, trust me". And it seems that Minsc and Cernd form a winning team (but then again, everything is a winning team when Minsc is involved, so that's not saying much).

And finally, Immy got a taste of the dark side... or is it a refill ? Anyway, that could lead on.. well, a lot of things, actually, so I'm not going to try and guess. Storywise, it may well increases her role, not that it was insignificant before, mind you, far from it.

What this chapter made me realize (or made me remember) is that your writing managed to make me find some characters I usually overlook interesting. I mean, I don't think I'm the only one who never paid much attention on Cernd, Nalia or Haer'Dalis (even if opinions differ on the later), but here, it's becoming quite pleasant to see them and watch them interact with the rest of the cast.

I could write a lot more, but let's stop there, and save some material for your next chapter. Keep up the good work !
Guest chapter 30 . 7/20/2012
Read the prequel a while ago, and stumble upon this one recently. I must say I am impressed by the story you've made. One hundred chapters and counting, and I loved every one of them. Perhaps the point I like the most is the fact that this story is not always centered around Greywulf : as good as a character you made him, I've always been more intersted in his companions, acquaintances and ennemies, and you managed well to give us insight about them. You wrote an excellent Sarevok, I really like what you've done with Balthazar, and Imoen is, as always, awesome (me, biased ? Surely you jest !)

About those last chapters, I'm quite interested in what is going to happen, since apparently, the canon story has been quite twisted as of late. Between the return of Irenicus (not entirely unexpectec, one you've played Ascencion) and Abazigal sudden desire to be proactive, the next chapters might be quite good. Nothing quite like an army of angry dragons to make things moving. Anyway, I hope to read the next instalment soon !
kanemi chapter 28 . 4/20/2012
Just got around to reading this chapter after the mess that was finals. You should be proud. It bugged me so much that I didn't remember what they were talking about that I have reinstalled Baldur's Gate to replay it. Loving the update, and I am looking forward to future ones. Out of curiousity, are you going to be following the Ascension mod, or straight vanilla Baldur's Gate? Thanks.
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