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SugarRiene chapter 73 . 4/26
i finished all chapter. *inhales*

dear author,
... i sincerely hope that this precious piece of work doesnt fall into the infinite hiatus/discontinued tragic route as some of the well written story ive come across seeing that the most recent activity on your account was somewhere in 2017. and the last chapter on this story was from 2015..

it's 2018 now.. Saiyuki reload blast got animated in 2017, ... where our MEIKA WAS SUPPOSED TO FINALLY MEET HER GOLDEN EYED PRINCE! (watch out Sanzo!)

sorry.. i wished i could write a proper 'constructive criticism' befitting all those years you spent updating this story. but english is not my first language.. but my take on this story overall would be..

i really enjoyed in terms of the course of dynamic youve taken for the 4 guys relationship...especially (i dont know how you came up with this...i mean seriously: 4 guys hitting the road to fight demons..casually brings along a 5 year old girl...?) in addition of our precious little flower... have i mention i absoluty love ur character? i love all her pouty, whiny tantrums.. jawdropping enquiries.. i love how shes trying to be a sassy badass against the youkais like her daddies.. and then quickly relapse into a bawling child in the chaos while shes being hurriedly carried into safety. but i gotta say.. there are some parts of her character introduction/development that threw me off... like the first few chapters was cringy for me..i think one yr olds are not that emotionally developed to interact with the guys the way she did.

took me awhile to get pass the childish nicknames.. but this IS the first time im reading a story of my T-rated shonen anime in the POV of a 5YR OLD(?!).

as for the 4guys. i really enjoyed your take on them being around the 5yr old child. Her dealing with their bad habits and influence (except for Hakkai and Hakuryuu, ...ofcourse. duh.) was definitely fun to read. even with all of that they still put their best effort to protect her as the innocent child that she is.. but what i CANNOT accept was... how on earth her injuries was dealt like it was the same for the rest of the guys? i feel like.. theres should be a whole chapter where the 4 of them contemplates painfully about continuing to bring her along the rest of the journey (preferably after the first time she got a fatal life threatening injury..) ...but ofcourse the result would be her coming along anyway..

well words. i really had fun going thru your stylr of writing. i really really really hope this gets updated ... i wish you the best of health and success in your writing career.


p.s maybe i'll do a fanart on Meika. :p
SugarRiene chapter 73 . 4/25
heh.. a befitting reunion for leaving Goku bleeding to death before.
SugarRiene chapter 59 . 4/25
theyre seriously keeping an eye out for the golden eyed prince... on EVERY boys that came close to Meika..
SugarRiene chapter 56 . 4/25
i cant with this chapter. every single time our little Meika gets hurt. i know Hakkai was there to heal her ...but still.. shes just a LITTLE GIRLoh my fragile kokoro... shes a half youkai who can kill you by shooting magic blasts at ya ...but shes still just a little girl who bawls at scary situations..

then theres that moment where Hakkai questioning their decision about bringing her along the journey. ...if this manga were more to seinenslice of life than fantasyshounen she wouldve been dropped off to the nearest orphanage at day 01.
SugarRiene chapter 56 . 4/25
SugarRiene chapter 54 . 4/25
awwwww.. this is my favourite part so far.
SugarRiene chapter 53 . 4/25
i remember this. Goku was rather.. impressive for a whiny knucklehead.. i love how all the three of em was everything that Sanzo needed.
SugarRiene chapter 52 . 4/25
dammit! ... just when i was feeling all giddy inside.. that all happened too fast.
SugarRiene chapter 51 . 4/25
hahahaha aw man.. they just missed you so much Gojyo!
SugarRiene chapter 50 . 4/25
aww she just wants her dad back.. this is very heartbreaking..

everyone's falling apart. Even Hakkai cant stand this Sanzo.
SugarRiene chapter 49 . 4/25
SugarRiene chapter 48 . 4/25
oh you precious precious thing! XD for the sake of your father, grow up to be a good big girl. or not...and let him have what he deserve. pft..
SugarRiene chapter 45 . 4/24
ah..always a heartwarming eventful finish. Deal with it Gojyo...

the part where Sanzo had to turn back to deal with Goku leaving Meika being carried off by Homura was my favourite.. i mean that creeping worry through his facade...

im just... grinning so hard at that. tho it still sucks that Homura, Shien..and Zonen had to die. all that backstory.. and confrontation just to mess with the fans delicate kokoro..
SugarRiene chapter 43 . 4/24
pft.. something just came to me on this chapter..

like.. Sanzo and the guys going up to Kou's castle.. hey remember that time we saved ur sister from Homura? great. we need a favor..can u guys look after this brat (Meika dozing off soundly on his arms) while we storm that bastard's castle? itll just be for half a day... great.

Kougaiji be like..(hes asking for a favor..but his looks is saying it more like a threat)

gojyo throwing an ugly look at Kou..n reminds dokugaji to keep an eye between Kou n Meika.

while Hakkai...being the sensible mother, giving Meika's sleepover stuff and explaining her training and daily routine to Yaone.

Goku and Lirin either shares some meatbun with each other...or fighting over for one in the background.
SugarRiene chapter 39 . 4/24
even in this life ... smh. daddy of the dinasty. ugh...
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