Reviews for The Long Road Home
mkoepp63026 chapter 18 . 4/17/2015
What a wonderful story, I especially love the alphabet ending.
DaenerysTargary3n chapter 16 . 6/16/2013
That's the cutest chapter ever!
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 18 . 7/22/2012
I loved this story. It made me laugh, it made me cry but mostly it made me smile.
Miss.Understood 1982 chapter 1 . 7/8/2009
Really great fic.

Really enjoyed. Read entire thing in one sitting.
WillowEchoRiver chapter 2 . 4/9/2009
So I"m not really the type to sign on to leave reviews...I usually just read and enjoy! But I HAD to comment on this because I thought it was great! I love how you have the four years thing at the start and finish of the chapter, I thought it was genius! -reads more, eagerly -
Alys5 chapter 18 . 4/9/2009
Fabulous story, thanks. Loved the A - Z at the end.
HAZMOT chapter 18 . 4/6/2009
I love the alphabet analogy for Vala's life with Daniel and the children. Tali understands quite a bit about her life and her mothers. But in the end she really appreciates her family and her own. She's a lot better off and with such a loving family she can never go wrong. :D
1477166 chapter 18 . 4/5/2009
Oh! An A-Z. That's so creative! :P

General No? Hahha! That's so cute! Awesome epilogue. (:
acer-sigma chapter 18 . 4/5/2009
Excellent epilogue. Definitely a nice little look into some of the things that have happened to the family since the last chapter. And I thought doing it from A-Z was an interesting approach.
Oldlibrn chapter 18 . 4/5/2009
I wasn't sure where you were going to go with the epilogue, the last chapter certainly seemed like the end. But your epilogue was excellent, as was the story.
HAZMOT chapter 17 . 4/1/2009
This was such a wonderful happy ending. Who would of thunk that the Ancients owed Vala for her pain of not raising Adria. It was so touching for Adria to be reborn again,and not expecting it from her mother. Vala and Daniel's happy life is well deserved and Vala could have it better than both worlds, that Daniel proposed. :D
Adria Jackson chapter 17 . 4/1/2009
Lol! love happy endings.
1477166 chapter 17 . 3/31/2009
Aw! So sweet. ;) Daniel finally proposed, they're retired, Vala's pregnant, and baby Adria sounds absolutely adorable!

Oh! And I love that song by the way. xD I like the little things that Vala thinks about along the way.
acer-sigma chapter 17 . 3/31/2009 in a way the Ancients did make Daniel Adria's parole officer! ;) Anyways, it was a nice touch to include her at the end of the story. And I have to say, it's kind of amusing that the older sister is now the younger sister.

Nice ending, what with the scene of domestic bliss and all. Very reminiscent of the dream that Vala had. And all I have to say is that the baby had better be a boy for Daniel's sake, otherwise he'll have another child he'll have to 'protect' from boys. ;)

As for the possibility of an epilogue, not really necessary, but it would be nice. I'm kind of hoping to see Vala tear Daniel a new one for wanting to get married when she's too fat to fit into a wedding dress. ;)
Oldlibrn chapter 17 . 3/31/2009
Adria was a nice touch. Glad to see the Ancients get their act together for once. Excellent story.
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