Reviews for Where in the World is Jeffrey Nero Hardy?
Adamantyne chapter 4 . 1/12/2010
What the fuck happened?

I don't know whjat it is, but when i've started reading one of your stories, I just can't stop. You're an amazing writer ;D
Adamantyne chapter 1 . 1/12/2010
I've read two other stories about Eric and Jeff, whether it was in th eright order, I can't say. God, do I love that stuffed rabbit! Geez xD!

Good chapter, can't wait to read on.
slashdlite chapter 7 . 4/10/2009
Gasp! Matt and Adam plotted together to get what they want! I'm shocked! Matt holding Jeff down for Adam to get ready to rape him .. what kinda brother is he? That' simply sick!

The last scene where Eric gave Jeff a massage, it was tantalizing and titillating! Hehe, Jeffro must feel good, oh he was ready for Eric! He blew his load in seconds! I'm so happy when I read the end, Eric said the three magic words to Jeff "I love you".

Sigh, I wish I can take up the offer to write the next chapter on that jealousy angle, but I can't. I'm not a writer at all, I'm an avid slash reader with bountiful ideas up in my head who don't know what to do with them. Hey! You're one of my favorite writers here, you write them, I read them! God bless you for your kind thoughts though! s So, I'll wait patiently for your next fic and am really looking forward to it!
slashdlite chapter 6 . 4/6/2009
I was kind of expecting that, cos' like I say earlier, Jeff deserves someone better than Eric. Eric has been neglecting him for 9 months and not even having sex with Jeff! I think this whole charade has gone on long enough, Jeff will find out cos' Adam is awake and he will tallytale. Jeff will be hurt but he realises there is no forcing the issue and cos' it is time for him to give in to Matt, his brother who loves Eric and whom Eric is making love to. Damn that Matt! Eric made love to him and not Jeff!

Adam, go and woo Jeff and take him like he should be taken! Adam is a far better man than Eric will ever be! So there!
slashdlite chapter 5 . 4/5/2009
Eric is so right, how on earth did Jeff manage to have connections with Joe who shot at big rats and then eat them?Whrr (shudders)!

Hehe, bedtime scene with Adam having a wet dream of Jeffy and Eric, so considerate, jerking Adam off! Hey, I am sure glad that Eric realises that he has been taking Jeff for granted! Eric now knows that Adam wants Jeff, so what's he going to do, play quiet until they find Jeff and then what?

I can't help but wonder how Jeffy is doing, he's alone and am pretty sure he misses Eric, not forgetting he left his bear in Eric's house. Aw, Jeffy has no one to hug on to! Does he stop to wonder if Eric will actually stop looking for him?

You promise a big surprise in the next chapter, so please don't wait too long to update? The suspense is killing me!

slashdlite chapter 4 . 3/31/2009
I somehow feel that Eric is not the right guy for Jeff, Jeff deserves someone better! That damn idiot wanted to give up the search for Jeffy!

And Adam's thoughts about Jeff, hey! This is a great possibility, Adam could build the jealousy angle for Eric to come to his senses and take Jeff more seriously. How about a pursuit of Jeff with Adam being the suitor?

I'm worried about the gunshots and masked man. Was Jeff kidnapped?
slashdlite chapter 3 . 3/26/2009
This fic is getting really interesting, looks like it's going to be a x-country race to look for Jeffro.

I adore the quip from Matt about Jeffro's little bunny from their mom for Christmas. He still has it since he was seven years old!

Eric deserves the tongue-lashing from Gil, yeah, he did not show his affections when Jeff was around, now he has to prove that he really loves Jeff and is prepared to do anything to find and get him back!

Thanks to Matty, Eric will be able to decipher the clues Jeff left behind in order to find out his next destination.

Promise to update regularly, cos I LOVE THIS FIC!
slashdlite chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
I thought you're never gonna update, so grateful that you did in the end. Yeah, Eric, Adam and Matt are going to work together to help find Jeff. It strikes me that Eric doesn't pay much attention to Jeff when he's around, now he's gone, he's going in circles trying to find Jeffro. So, Eric does really care! Hey, one thing did come out good and that is Eric finally showing he wants Jeff back! Please don't wait too long to update cos' I'm eager to know where this leads to next.
slashdlite chapter 1 . 3/16/2009
Jeff ran away with Punk? I don't think so cos' he does love Eric. Is this to punish Eric some for not cherishing Jeff? C'mon, nine months and they haven't had sex yet. Jeff needs some loving you know. But where could they disappear to? Please update soon, I love this!