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xxyangxx2006 chapter 14 . 11/13/2009
Well the title of this chapter sums it all up there was a great deal of violence... And I loved it. It was well written and long even though it didn't seem it. Greaet job and keep up the good work
Master of the Boot chapter 14 . 11/13/2009
No, no, you're not some kid of internet ho. Far from it. You're an amazing warrior queen of the internet, slaying cliche and time and time again thrilling and enthralling your audience.

And while I supplied the dark brilliance, you provided the genius nescessary to complement the darkness. Though I have to say that your performance in this chapter is nothing short of tour de force. I personally loved calling all of Seras melons and curves "accoutrements." That's one way of putting it though.

The buildup of when Seras and Edward were approaching the crate was wonderful. It was all so successful at making me tense. How you described their movements as panther like was just brilliant. I also personally liked how you wrote Edward, you weren't afraid to take digs at the bastard but at the same time you portrayed him as a force of agency that can hold his own in a brawl. The image of him standing up to the gunfire and him chopping off heads like an adonis version of the headless horseman is too fantastic.

Seras was also wonderful in those sections. She was the confident and competeant policegirl that I've come to know and love. So, I grant you a cookie for doing justice to what is arguably my favorite character from Hellsing.

And of course I can't forgett the segments with Integra and Walter. The Iron Lady and the Angel of Death were thrilling to watch and I rooted for them all the way. Even though she's only human she stood up to those Nazi bastards. Got a great heart shot with that rapier. But then trouble with the sword in the ribs. It was so intense when that guy wanted to drink her. And your humor shone through in that part as well as the grim bits, he was in that crate a long time indeed.

That's why it was so awsome when Walter took apart that guy's face like a high school dissection class. That was gory, greusome and just great :) The old coot still has the moves. Slicing those guys like only could happen in Hellsing, you captured the spirit of the manga in those moments with the slice and dice.

Also, you seem to understand so well the physics and rules that seem to govern a fight, even one that takes place between vampires. It's uncanny and it depicts your hefty intellect. I'm happy to have met you.

Now, the fights have gone on but are still far from over. Integra and Walter still have three more as do Seras and Edward. It leaves me with great longing for the next chapter. Never mind the nay sayers, I loved this chapter and I hope that yoou do too.


Master of teh Boot
Tsuki no Rekuen chapter 14 . 11/13/2009
I was happy to have spotted this chapter up, but as I began to read I started to not want to read anymore, it felt like it was dragging, as though it lost its grip for me. I did read all of it. I pushed myself because of the policy I hold, no matter how bad it got I have to finish through (though there was one fic 30 chapters long stopped at 25, I couldn't torture my self anymore)

This did have it ups though, Vol 4 of the manga repeating itself in a different light, Jasper torn between delight and ultimate fear, Eddikins (omg he amused me?) arm and rabid Seras.

I was bought to a very good low with Integra and Walter's part. Integra shouldn't have had that much trouble with the Nazi's in a Box, but that can be forgiven since she didn't have her weapon. But still it felt off to me. Maybe it’s just me and the fact I've been reading to much Vampire Hunter D, that I've lost track of the way you write. Though I do think you could have done better then this. I felt it wasn't the best. I really hate writing downing reviews but OMG! THE BUNNY! D: WHY RIP! WHY SHOOT THE BUNNY! All he wanted to do was naw on the box. And maybe attack the one responsible for it transformation, though I would of thought since the bunny is now a fledgling of Alucard it would in a since be more loyal to him like Seras is. Not attack him like the enemy... maybe he wants lurv? Poor, poor ‘Bunnicula’. Well I guess I can’t keep a sad feeling review, I just feel guilty doing that. I mean I want to stay on the good side as a reviewer for you.

I still hope to see more from you.

Mechanist chapter 13 . 11/2/2009
This was just...amazing. I don't even know what to say. I read this story from beginning to end in one sitting and I I've read Hellsing/Twilight crossover stories before, but this one takes the cake.

The characters interactions with each other were what did it for me; I loved seeing how they would all react if they were on an island together, and the introduction of Millennium was an unexpected twist.

(I was howling with laughter with the whole 'Jaspercard' scene.) Congrats, you've made me reveiw on this site for the first time in 3 years!
fallen monkey chapter 13 . 10/30/2009
I had no tasty beverage in tow-a mug of water had to do-but that was just fine, as I needed no supplementary pleasures to accompany my read of this chapter. Wow! The incorporation of the Mongolian symbol adds new dimension (it's new to me, so I had to Google it, not that the authors didn't provide good enough descriptive language to create the mental picture...I just wanted to see that it was actual). The intricacy of it seems to well fit the increasing intricacy of the plot and the diverse elements present through each member of the remaining Survivors. Could it be that the Major has foolishly provided them with words of wisdom through the proverb that could ultimately help them summon the strength to overcome his wrath?

What makes this chapter truly engaging is the variation in structure that their having to pair off recommends so well-it reads like a film that cross-cuts between simultaneously scenes of action. The one-on-one dynamic between each unlikely couple intensifies it from there...Edward and Seras both being benign in spirit, so able to light-heartedly goad each other yet still be there for each other when it matters despite their different breeds...Walter and Integra setting off with the obvious similarity by virtue of being human that could bond them together in addition to the fact their on the same side, yet there is further psychological and emotion tension underlying their interaction as Walter's breach of trust is recalled, and this time alone is conducive to more honest if not vulnerable exchange...and then there's Jasper and Alucard, from the getgo screaming out as the hands-down darkest pair of them all, both of them with so much baggage from their respective tormenting histories; I've not read Hellsing, so am not familiar with Alucard and his motives/capabilities beyond this story thus far, so this was an absolutely eye-opening chapter as he unleashes his, gawd, I don't even know how to describe it-'rage' seems inadequate. He is just filthy and frightening, and his complexity paired with Jasper's ignites the imagination as to what else lurks in their depths. Regardless, the contrast between their two natures could not be more evident, and it's been interesting observing how Jasper responds to his partner.

But in more important matters...the vampire bunny! Yes! I've been waiting for it to leap from the shadows for quite some time. All I could visualize was the scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail with that white bunny that emerges from the smoky cave and flies out at the knights to tear their limbs off. Hysterical.

That's all I got for now. Bravo, LiLa and Master of the Boot. Looking immensely forward to 14!
fallen monkey chapter 12 . 10/30/2009
Okay, LiLa: One would've thought this monkey did fall out of the tree because it was dead with my lapse in getting caught up with your mahvelous story. I am about to embark on Chapter 13, but figured I'd throw in my two pence on 11 and 12 before doing so, as I can foresee given its length and the collaborative writing effort involved (that's very exciting, by the way! What a cool thing for you guys to do!) that it's one I'll want to sink my teeth into [get it, Vampire story, 'sink my teeth'? Mwahahahaha!]

Because I am eager to get into the meat of Chapter 13, I'll just approach this in my favorite way-highlighting the quotes that made me giggle most:


"-his Bella is with the bacon. He must find the bacon!"

"things had been rather…complicated, and she can’t overlook the fact that he shot her master earlier today."

"'Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?' she asks in a slight panic.

Integra cautiously walks over to it and answers grimly, 'Because it’s dead.'" OH, YES! Thank you, thank you, Sissy!

"“NO!” they shout, and then there is a cacophony of ‘This is fine...good punishment, Major...we’ve really learned our lesson, now...that’ll sure teach us.’"

"They will take turns with the Sharpie."

Brief comments:

- I'm pleased with how you recalled Edward's love of the soft warmth that comes with humanity, something his dear Bella lacks now. Your approach to these moments of sexual tension is handled rationally enough with what their individual motives for attraction might realistically be, rather than come across as something thrown in for shock value.

- Re: the footnote, thanks for the Geek Girl plug!


“She did not have a crush on him,” Edward corrects.

“Well, she kissed hi—“

“He kissed her,” Edward cuts in, now fuming.

“Twice,” Alice mumbles under her breath, and then sees from Edward’s look that she better drop it.

La Push Idol...'nuff said.

Love these two digs on Meyers's little plot cheats:

"Edward is spared from having to admit to the multitude of inconsistencies surrounding Unstet vampires and their gifts when there’s a loud groan from the beach."

"In the past, she has sometimes been able to channel very convenient visions during times of extreme stress."

“Haff you seen the movie ‘Titanic’?” It’s a rhetorical question; everyone has seen ‘Titanic.’ “ (that one really tickles me)

After a while, he becomes aware of a firm, stabilizing confidence that surrounds him and presses into him.

“Dude,” Jasper says to his brother.

“Yes,” Edward answers compassionately.

“Could ya get off me now?”

Brief comments:

- No, not 'nuff said' about La Push, actually; I take it back. That's hilarious! I'm getting geared up now that the werewolves-sorry, shapeshifters-are involved.

- Hm, methinks I believe Alice, that they aren't actually being killed off when they're voted. And am I bastard to say that I'm not sad to see her go?

All right...I'm procrastinating at the end of a work day, so my mind is akin to Sand Zombie Jeff Probst's right I can't offer any intelligent insights, I'll cease and desist until I read your more recent post.

*mwah*, LiLa!
EclipsedbyJacob chapter 13 . 10/25/2009
So, there is so much to say... First off, I love love love that you brought back the vabit. AND that it took out Alucard's eyes...Master of the Boot is all over Jasper and Alucard. And doing a beautiful job. I knew it was his when he started talking about sodomy. Yep, that's MtoB, for ya. I'm actually hoping to see Alucard completely lose it on the Major. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for that scene, so please - and I rarely beg for an author to do anything - but PLEASE make it good!

I love this story. Its all fun! When can I expect another update?
Metropolis Kid chapter 13 . 10/23/2009
Well, I decided to finally stop by and check out this new chapter. I regret to say that I have mixed feelings about it.

First off Seras's initial outburst seemed... off. I can see her lashing out, but somehow I have trouble picturing her saying, “... beat the living piss out of you ...” That just doesn't sound like her. But it's a small matter, so I won't dwell on it.

Now on to something positive. I liked the little exchange about the voting, especially Alucard's refusal to say who he voted for. I'm sure he would want to keep the two 'brothers' at each other's throats as long as possible. :)

The scene where they tie up Leon works well too. At first I was going to complain about the borderline gushy-goo, but here it served a purpose, illustrating how they were able to distract him and get his weapons. So, it worked out well. ;)

“I’d happily shoot at an animated one if you’d kindly start running across the beach,” was a great line (for Alucard to say about Mr. Sparkles), even better that he said it without “a hint of a joke in his deep voice.” :D

But then you followed that up with, “Alucard flashes Jasper a lecherous grin, and the Unstet feels his impervious skin crawl. For a moment, Alucard lowers his barriers and allows Edward a clear glimpse of what he's thinking. This time it’s Edward who flinches.” Oh, Lila, no – not a *lecherous* grin. I think you're getting the Hellsing vampires and Twilight fakers confused here. Edward's the one with deep-seated, home-erotic fantasies about his 'brother'... Alucard just wants them both dead. :P

And things only went down hill from there. Next you had him behaving... Well, juvenile... and not in that fun, annoying juvenile sort of way (like House). You had him “running in circles and pretending that he’s an airplane.” O_o Uh... this is Count Dracula we're talking about. No, it's even more than that. This is Vlad the Impaler – the man who's very name conquers up images of torture, pain, death... and yet at the same time: charisma, intelligence, indomitable will. This is the beloved (by his people) 'tyrant' who seized power though manipulation and force and reshaped an entire country by sheer strength of character. Now, can you REALLY picture THIS man making “buzzing noises with his mouth ... walking forward on his hands and singing ”? O_o Honestly, you mine as well have Snape start running around with a rubber chicken and bonking disruptive students over the head with it; and (driven by an attraction that he can't understand) breaking into Charity's room to spread itching powder through her undies. That would be every bit as realistic. (

After the singing comment I just scrolled down to the next line break and a new section.

Things did improve considerably once I reached the Seras and Mr. Sparkles section (which should only serve to reinforce how bad that Alucard part was – that the section with Mr. Sparkles was actually an *improvement* :P). The “sick and twisted co-dependency” thought about Mr. and Mrs. Sparkles was very nice. And it was great that she actually forgot about his mind reading when she thought it. It's the kind of thing Seras would think, but not say (at least under normal circumstances). So, it was nice to see someone (yes, even Edward) overhear the thought. And then I was very pleased to see you add in that little comment about how Seras really does have a good brain buried underneath all the cuteness. That made me smile. :)

And then Seras 'flying' into the tree ahead of Mr. Sparkles was GREAT, particularly since she teased him about it afterwards. “Silly Edward … I didn’t run or climb the tree. I flew. … Yes – can’t Unstet fly?” :D I think this little exchange may have been the best part of in this whole chapter! Oh, and THEN she actually called him “Mr. Sparkles.”! Once again, :D

Next came the Integra and Walter scene; and while I actually picture her more as the type of person who'd use a machete to savagely hack her way through the branches, I've gotta admit that having Walter politely pull them aside for her works just as well. ;)

I'm also pleased that Walter apologized (and meant it this time) about that stunt he pulled earlier. I'm not that big a Walter fan, so it didn't bother me so much, but this is certainly more like him.

And Integra's thoughts about how it taught her a valuable lesson were exceptional well done. I, personally would've added Alucard (who is her loyal servant and follows her with the same kind of fever he once showed for following God – in the Hellsing series). But perhaps that would've deluded the sentiment, and the line works very well as you wrote it. :) Besides, it's about how she's thinking – not necessarily how things really are. ;)

Then we hit another Alucard and Jasper scene. Might it be better than the last one? I wouldn't really know because as soon as I read “Ring Around the Rosie” I once again scrolled down in search of those wonderful three asterisks. :P

And yay! The asterisks worked again. Well, for awhile at least. The vampire bunny rabbit was hilarious! :D You remember how you once told me that everything was funnier with a monkey? Well, the same principle holds true for vampire bunnies! That was fantastic!

However, then you had to go and write, “She lets his confidence seep into her, lets it cover the violence coming from her master, and she knows that she’s going to be alright. As she creeps along the ledge, she reflects that Edward Cullen is the kind of guy who could really take care of a girl…if that’s what a girl wanted. And right now, that’s exactly what Seras Victoria wants.” :(

Oh, please. In real life if you try to pair up a Seras personality with an Edward personality either the Seras eventually runs off in the middle of the night, changes her name and starts a new life... or she waits until the Edward's sleeping, douses him in gasoline and lights up. Please, stay away from trying to pair those two up, PLEASE. In a way it's even worse than him and Integra. At least she's... abrasive enough to handle him and would eventually straighten him out (though I really don't see her being willing to invest the time that would require into one as worthless as Mr. Sparkles). But poor, Seras isn't abrasive like that. She'd end up taking his abuse until she couldn't stand it any more and then... well, see above.

The following scene with Integra and Walter was once again handled extremely well. And yes, if it's more brain than brawn those two could easily keep up with the vampire pairs. ;) Oh, and the Gresham boarding school reference was just too much... but in a good way. :)

And then another Alucard and Jasper scene. *Sighs* Skipping down.

And then we end things on a bit of an upwards curve, Integra and Walter find a Nazi crate, just as a branch above them snaps! :O

So this was a rather odd chapter, a bizarre mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly (the ugly being that little hint of SerasxEdward :P). To be honest, I feel that the good hear did outweigh the ill, but then I did skip over some rather large sections. If I hadn't... Well, I'm not sure what my finally opinion would've been like. O_o But, from what I did read, this chapter was funnier than stupid and more well thought out than impulsive. :)

Have a good day, and God bless.

Metropolis Kid.

PS. “She’s never been one for gushy-goo-goo ...” Come on, Lila, you didn't REALLY think I missed this one, did ya? ;)
ScoutS chapter 8 . 10/22/2009
You should do a dancing with the stars version of this with twilight and hellsing! that would be so cool!
xxyangxx2006 chapter 13 . 10/20/2009
Wow! That was a ridiculously long chapter, in a good way! It was really good and I couldn't stop laughing when Alucard wsa acting crazy. Wonder what's going to happen next, but I'm sure it will be good.
Haissan chapter 13 . 10/19/2009
Great! Wonderful!

"I'm-Oh Jesus! I'm Fucking blind!" that was great...I read it three times. so like alucard to want that sort of thing for it would be the major's worst nightmare.
Tsuki no Rekuen chapter 13 . 10/19/2009

WOOHOO! The Bunah made a move and stole the idol (pretty pretty shiny shiny? lul) AND knocked some fingers off Eddikins. Am I the only one excited for the bunny?

Ok now to my personal thoughts that aren’t 'that' random. I loved it! I got a lot of laughs out of this chapter. But some parts with Alucard did seem a tad OOC. I know he has a child like brain (thank you Van Helsing so comparing him to a child XD I think childhood trauma does that to you), but childish actions are a bit over the top even for him. Pestering people to the point of rage, yes; strange and uncharacteristic antics to slow them down, not so much. I did have to facepalm at the screaming like a girl bit again, funny for the boat scene, but not so much with being attacked by the very thing you turned. Though, I was amused when Alu got jumped for finally making Jasper snap. Just my simple input there with that bit of grievance. I'm absolutely filled with joy having to read this instead of typing a stupid 5 pg paper for class Tuesday... that I really should work on along with a project that is also due Wednesday XD (god I'm so lazy)

So I say it was a good job, thoroughly entertained by it. I love the progression and the dark themes coming in once in a while. Remember to try and keep each of them as close to character (I know you’re doing your best to keep both rabid parties happy and I thank you for it… well mainly towards the Hellsing group… I haven’t seen angry complaints from the twatli- I mean Twilight fandom. I guess they don’t like the dominance so far… well they still have Edward… though I still want to get rid of him, as it pains me to sacrifice the Police Girl… it really hurts me to do or even think of getting rid of her.)

Oh and another thing to say before I forget, LOVED the seduced and pickpocket plan. XD

I hope this posts stupid interwebs
Master of the Boot chapter 13 . 10/19/2009
My dear Lion, this is the best chapter you've ever written and I assure you, it has very little to do with me. You've showcased some of your finest writing in this chapter. The spark is back and it burns brighter than before.

So many good charater interactions went on in this story. I'll start with Integra and Walter. That was fantastic, it perfectly captured the feel of the relationship in the OVA and manga while still adding some new and tasty ingredient to a familiar stew. That moment where Integra recites the lesson that Walter taught here was really great. It all alludes to the manga and Walter's betrayal. :) So great.

Edward and Seras were also great. Those two actually felt like a real brother and sister couple. They rib and try to outdo one another but it's all good fun. That moment where Edward is watching out for Seras is really great. "Edward Cullen is the kind of guy who could really take care of a girl…if that’s what a girl wanted. And right now, that’s exactly what Seras Victoria wants." I've never heard a more true or more interesting summary of Edward. I guess for Bella, who's taken care of Renee and Charlie her whole life, a guy like Edward would be a godsend. But for now, he and Seras work like a charm.

Integra and Walter are a really great couple also. Their part emphasizes the role of brains over brawn. And nice incorporating all the vairous clues and little facts and stuff. It's all perfectly believeable yet entertaining also.

And I'd also like to say that I greatly enjoyed the modificatons you made to my work. I think that you really improved it. But I liked how you kept the same that line Alucard uses when he gets Attacked. That was a little favorite of mine. Oh Jesus and all that.

It's been good. I'll talk later.


Master of the Boot
EclipsedbyJacob chapter 12 . 10/17/2009
Well, unfortunately I made it to the end. But I will happily be able to take part in the voting now, so that's an obvious plus.

I really hate the major, btw. I'd like to slice his Nazi maybe we can have something special for him at the end? Please? I'll beg for it if I have to...

And, so you know, my hope is on Alucard. I hope he saves the day! Can't wait for more...
EclipsedbyJacob chapter 11 . 10/17/2009
I'm really enjoying this little story. I wonder who's going to make it, and what the Hale is the major's problem anyway. Little German bastard...

Anywho, I wanted Edward to kiss Integra, but I like the it was Alucard, too. Edward would have been more fun to terrorize over the infidelity. But, its all good.

I wonder who's the next to go. I vote Alice because she's nearly paralyzed anyway...
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