Reviews for Damaged
Guest chapter 4 . 10h
This different looking Naruto? His... his appearance sounds really epic!
Sebine chapter 33 . 3/20
You can't ignore me!
Trinity Lord chapter 33 . 3/13
It is a great story. You captured my interest since the very beginning. It actually depicts in a great and understandable way Naruto's hate for the village and his love of Sarutobi. The destruction of the village was always their in the story from Naruto's hate and disgust over the villagers. I love it!
Ardishana chapter 1 . 3/12
I can live with the bad grammar. I can live with the typoes. What I cannot stand ... is Harry. He pops up everywhere. Several chapters in a row. Who is our mysrery man. I can only guess based on context that Harry is Naruto. Seriously. Harry. Naruto. They sound so ... similar don't they. No? Hmmm? I can't see the connection either. So why is Harry poppng up? Could it be the fact that five minutes could not be taken to proof read the chapter? Seriously, if you can't be bothered proof read your work for even the most blatant of errors, or if English is not your native language and you honestly need help with the language, try to find someone to beta for you. These errors take a story that you have put much time and effort into far less appealing than it could be.
Emerald Time chapter 33 . 2/18
Awesome! Loved the last thing Iruka said, and I completely agree with him. Darn! Now I'm in an evil-Naruto mood, which is not good for my own Naruto story since he's supposed to be "good" in there, but maybe I can make a twist, hmm... Nah. I'll just have to wait until I'm in the good-Naruto mood again. Loved the story and I love how sadisticly cold-hearted yet childlike Naruto is. Well, he's only childlike with Kimimaro, and that's only if you squint. Kinda sad Itachi died, but I guess it had to be done, plus he probably would've died one way or another and this way, at least his last memory was happy. Sasuke... yeah, not too bummed about him. Great story!
TKM chapter 33 . 2/17
Damn it mate, but that was beautiful story. I always wanted to read story with that kind of Naruto.

Great work
Bernadette Kaulitz chapter 33 . 2/8
Absolutely loved how it pulled at my heartstrings, was entrancing with its morbid wiles and failed not to bring a deep and somehow satisfying sadistic feeling buried in me. It was justice, revenge and Karma served. Thank you for this wonderful piece :)
Guest chapter 12 . 1/27
Had suspiciouns about yaoi may want to put that in the summary
FlyerOfTheSkys chapter 33 . 1/26
For the love of all that is holy and the hatred of hell, and vice versa, this was the most amazing story I have read yet. It had everything I was looking for, not only that, it's literally the first one I haven't gotten bored of half way through and quit...I adore the way you think with this story :D I do have one question though...Why did you keep saying Harry randomly through out the story where Naruto was mentioned? Other than that, which I mostly ignored, I love this story, and will forever remember it's awesomeness while creating my own in real life or on :)
SnowWhiteDemon chapter 33 . 1/20
That was fucking amazing
Wow chapter 1 . 1/18
Guest chapter 33 . 1/11

Ah, but this story was delightful. I do wish that there would be more interaction between Kimimaro and Haku though, since in this story their situation is similar.
LuckyBlackCat777 chapter 12 . 1/11
Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My eyes! My eyes! Why! Why did you have to make it Yaoi! Why!

I can't read this any more.
LuckyBlackCat777 chapter 4 . 1/11
This Naruto is a bit over powered, with two bloodlines, skilled in pretty much everything and giant animals that he can summon willy nilly. But I like his personality and I think it makes up for any down falls.
NaruHinadorablez chapter 1 . 1/10
Konoha people can go fuck themselves then get STD and ebola
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