Reviews for Behind the Mask
Joshua Kelsall chapter 1 . 11/11/2009
I liked reading this story because it contained a lot of in-depth emotion and that is always important when writing a novel as it helps the reader relate to your charectors and experience what they are feeling. You really brought your charector to life in this brief novel.

However, I do disagree with the comment that the matters behind this do not matter. If you really wanted to grip the reader, you should have a chapter or two describing what happened to this woman. This would really move the reader and make your book even more enthralling than it is already.

However, I liked how you described that the woman had died before she had killed herself. This is very suspensful as the reader will want to know what could make someone feel so bad.

While I found this story emotionally gripping, I do not think it is a completed piece of work. Even if you were just experementing with a paragraph I would strongly advise you to make this into a book. This is because you are exellent at describing emotion and you could use this to write a very gripping story.

Please take on board my review because I really enjoyed reading this and I would love to see your writing improve.