Reviews for Visited by a Doctor
flashversespeedster chapter 95 . 7/14
please please please tell me your going to continue this its sooooooo good
Sylphrena33 chapter 68 . 5/31
I really love the friendship you've built between Harry and Draco. I love the banter and somewhat morbid humor on the surface, but the deeper trust and loyalty underneath. I'm really enjoying this story, and I'm excited to see where it goes.
Sylphrena33 chapter 36 . 5/24
Great chapter. I love the idea of it, and I love that Draco went with them. I really like Draco, and I like reading different versions of him, ones where he's not a complete jerk.
AnotherGuest chapter 95 . 5/24
For some time I feared something might have happened to you when there wasn't a new chapter. I hope the hold up was something harmless.
This chapter has what I would call Time War appropriate levels of chaos and destruction and questionable morals on all sides. And I think it's a bit late for Harry to start worrying about working with Daleks. His assosciation with them started out of curiousity if I remember correctly, but it was fairly clear from the beginning that at some point he would also do something for them or at least with them.
frisbeeg70 chapter 95 . 5/23
Of course, from the outside, both sides are generally as bad as one another in a war. War is not a police action. War is killing the other guy before they kill you. WWII was an aberration in human history yet so many people still seem to consider it the norm. You don't normally have one side as clearly evil as Hitler and the Nazis.
Sylphrena33 chapter 26 . 5/23
I really like Benton. I like the way you've developed him, and I like the friend he is to Harry. Really enjoying this story, it's very creative.
AnAncientBard chapter 95 . 5/23
Still loving this, the way you wrap canon and your story together is so great. Keep it up dude.
Mr Killer5 0 chapter 95 . 5/23
Thank for the update. I have thought this story was about to be abandoned- [ Glad that it was not - D
Sylphtena33 chapter 7 . 5/22
This is such a great chapter. I loved the whole thing, but especially the ending. I love the Doctor so much, especially the Tenth Doctor. I love his passion, his goofiness, his love for people. And I love it when he is super epic and powerful. I think the name the Oncoming Storm suits him nicely in this situation. Really great job with this; I'm really enjoying this story.
TichePotato chapter 95 . 5/22
In regards to the "Time Lords and Daleks are the same" thing, I'd actually say the Time Lords are worse. The Daleks have vastly superior numbers and firepower, but the Time Lords didn't hold back in regards to how destructive they got. The vast majority of damage done to Time during the war was due to the Time Lords, as far as I can comprehend. The Devil You Know featured a weapon designed to split timelines on a scale roughly the size of a Solar System, and this was a relatively minor event, only made notable by rumors of the location of a weapon powerful enough to end the War being held in this location.

(This was the third episode of the Gallifrey: Time War boxset, featuring Derek Jacobi as the War Master and Louise Jameson as Leela, and ties into the events of the War Master: Only the Good boxset, directly inbetween the first and second episodes of that boxset.)
Guest chapter 95 . 5/22
That was awesome. I really felt the fog of war, and I especially like the developing relationship between Harry and Oswin. Crazy old Ginny gave me the creeps in a good way. More please! :)
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 95 . 5/22
Intriguing... you do the Time War very well, taking the capabilities of Whoniverse technology and extrapolating the horrifying possibilities.
Marcus De Gabriel chapter 95 . 5/22
I’m really loving the story, even with the slow updates. However, can I please ask for a counter of the Ginny clone that he has dealt with and that he hasn’t, that way we don’t have to backtrack to remember.
Guest chapter 95 . 5/22
Is this going to go on much longer? It was fine to start but much like the whole Master conquers Earth arc, it's gotten boring and just needs to end already.
DrLevoda chapter 7 . 4/19
As soon as I saw Greengrass's name, I knew I wanted to die
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