Reviews for Visited by a Doctor
skidney chapter 90 . 9/20
Awesome chapter!
Maloran chapter 90 . 9/20
Trying to remember, has Harry met War yet? And if not are we diving straight into The Day of the Doctor to do so?
bluejayofdreams chapter 90 . 9/19
Another excellent chapter! Cant wait to get into the action and maybe see the war doctor
No Vigilance chapter 90 . 9/19
...I still miss the Emergency Temporal Shit. It sounds like a Time Lord with Irritable Bowel Syndrome...
AnotherGuest chapter 90 . 9/19
I'm really curious how their jorney into the timelock will go.
Shay chapter 1 . 9/19
I've read the first chapter and I like it very much.
Sefera chapter 90 . 9/18
Interesting, I look forward to more.
Nimbus Llewelyn chapter 90 . 9/18
Ronin Kenshin chapter 90 . 9/18
wow things should get really interesting from here great work
SandSasori chapter 6 . 9/18
Not sure I like it so far. The story has barely changed at all despite the Doctors influence. Also congratulations! You somehow LESSENED Harry's accomplishments. I didn't know that you could make Harry even more average and boring.
Leytradvorstrelundar chapter 90 . 9/18
Triganic Pu, Krikkit? Someones been reading Hitchhikers... :P
Bearmauls chapter 90 . 9/18
Yay Oswin. I think you pretty well captured her quirkyness. I'm confused about her... Physicality I suppose? You have her appearing human, and seemingly able to eat cake, but she has a Dalek sucker arm? I was originally thinking there was some sort of perception filter in her office, but she was still doing human physical things like eating, which Dalek don't do. I suppose you were trying to leave it deliberately vague, but it made the chapter difficult for me to visualize, which I think detracted a bit from my enjoyment of it.
neogoki chapter 90 . 9/18
maybe Harry should invest into a fez or maybe a pointy hat, just for the image of "Time-traveling Madman"
so many Aliens would freak out thinging he is a version of the doctor XD
dnck chapter 66 . 8/27
nooooo why did you bring her back
dnck chapter 59 . 8/26
all right that was a good ending for her I am impressed
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