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WeAreJorus chapter 1 . 11/10/2014
This is some amazing work. I'm hooked.
Renee Aubin chapter 39 . 11/4/2014
Hmm, not only did it take me a while to realize it was Rosalie speaking, but we’ve also jumped back in time a week or so, when E&B were in Florida.

As before, I enjoyed hearing about Rosalie’s connection with the wolves. Such interesting observations about her life, too, such as ‘Emmett changed everything; Emmett changed nothing.’
Maybe the understatement of the year: ‘I know I am no good at diplomacy.’ Snort.

Really intriguing that in Carlisle’s (and the others’) absence, Rosalie decided to call in Carmen and Eleazar.
‘"Do I take it to understand that you have not yet consulted your sire concerning your fears?"
I thought of a number of witty comments to retort, but decided to play nice. "No," I said quite simply.’
It’s fun to speculate about exactly why that is.

Refreshing, from Eleazar: “Certainly, these are contemplations that will be greatly aided by so many thoughtful minds.”

Oh, good point: ‘Eleazar wondered how it was Alice could see the vision with the twins, with wolves present, but no one had that answer…’ How’d I miss that one?

Funny watching Jacob trying to backpedal after saying too much about Leah’s imprint without knowing what details the Cullens wanted the Denalis to have. But that’s OK, he gets his own surprise, although it's only the tiniest slice of the truth.

Yikes, Rosalie’s resentments of Edward, decades in the making: ‘Edward falls in love with a human. Edward gets to be a father. Of twins. He gets to have a son who will look just like him, and a daughter who will be the apple of his eye. … Of course Edward gets to have his cake and eat it, too. He's Edward.’
london spam chapter 43 . 10/31/2014
Charlie is really coming along, but I have to know... he must have lost the bet, right? Arg...
Stelle's Pen chapter 43 . 10/29/2014
I'm so loving the idea of Charlie becoming a vampire! Looking forward to an update ;)
Renee Aubin chapter 38 . 10/28/2014
I enjoyed that Bella is quietly excited by the idea of a nightclub in Rio. Hard to imagine many people who wouldn’t at least be intrigued. Especially if they got to go there with Edward Cullen.

The whole recounting of Condom Testing Night was good, but this was my favorite line: ‘Bella looked from Alice, to me, back to Alice, and then back to me again. "I'm the squirrel?" she asked in a very small voice.’

Aww, the family “did it because they love me, and they were willing to love you."

Good one:
‘"Did you choose this outfit?"
Bella gave me a look that indicated I'd clearly lost my mind.’

Hmm, I wonder if vampires have an easier time sliding on leather pants (commando, yet) than humans. No skin moisture, at least, so no need for talcum powder. I like that he has to tell her “Breathe, Bella”. Mmm, Edward with five buttons left undone! And the rolled-up shirt sleeves, damn it!

Interesting, you made Leah’s height increase as much as the boy-wolves. Good job!

Love Leah’s dialog. After Edward argues that there’s no such thing as rancid honey,
"Yeah. And yet, here's the smell," she said. "Still, you look good. Here's to hoping that's a gene that car[r]ies through the generations."

I was a little … uncomfortable about Leah being so intimately involved in Edward and Bella’s dancing, until she explained "I mean, I'm safe, you know? I can dance and have fun and he's not going to take it the wrong way, he's not going to fuck me over and break my heart!"

Snicker: ‘I plied [Bella] with water, acceptable to her on the condition that she could sit on my lap all the while.’ Yeah.

And this was great: ‘When Leah announced that she still wanted to dance, Carlisle and Jasper simultaneously offered their hands. Instead of choosing, she took both of them.’ Go, Leah! Funny that Jasper uses her as sort of a gas mask to let him breathe around all the humans.

And this, as they walk back to their hotel: ‘Five minutes into walking I was carrying Bella, whose feet hurt, and we were all trying to keep Leah from tearing off her boots and dress and transforming.’

Well said, Bella to Charlie re Edward: “He's got his issues, but abusing the power he has in our relationship isn't one of them.”

And good for Charlie: “…I'd be failing as a father if, knowing what I know, I didn't ask, if I didn't give you an opportunity to say something that you maybe needed to say.”

Interesting, re providing the blood they expect pregnant Bella to require: ‘That was going to be interesting. I would have to hunt and not kill - or at least, not eat. … this was something that I'd be damned if anyone did but me.’

Excellent conversation re whether to go forward with having children, particularly: “It would break me, Bella, to do this and later find out that you only went along with it because I wanted it.”

Sweet, Bella’s thought re the day they met: ‘That was a good day. I had breakfast for dinner, decent classes, no gym and my first date ever, and with the most beautiful perpetual seventeen year old in the known Universe, to whom I am now married.’

Aww, Bella’s musings re their future family: ‘She wasn't Alice. This wasn't what the future would look like, of course, but it was even better than that. … knowing Bella's deepest hopes was a precious gift...’

Uh oh. ‘Though I didn't feel the thirst, I was hungry and if I had bothered to leave Bella's head, I might have felt it. As it was, my temper was... short.’ So of course Security picks on him! Good instance of Bella being able to talk him through a difficult situation.
Dang, the picture in my head of Security conducting a thorough search of Edward’s person is entirely too vivid!
Stelle's Pen chapter 30 . 10/28/2014
I bow down to you! Damn hilarious! I must say I have the exact same thought regarding the nomad situation! Why not eliminate them on the baseball field site indeed ;)
Stelle's Pen chapter 10 . 10/27/2014
Best version of the Cullen ever! Taking a definition of helpful to the extreme! xoxo
sdgouso chapter 43 . 10/25/2014
So here I am, my second reading of this fab story, and yes I am still hooked. I could do with milder on the lemons, but that is my problem not yours. I am sure the more the merrier is the going feeling of the average reader. I am fascinated with some of your plot ideas, like Charlie and Renee picking up that Edward isn't normal. I mean, duh. I love Rosalie mothering the wolves, Em and Eddie cooking and Jacob not being interested in Bella. And thank you, thank you, thank you for not naming an innocent baby girl Renesmee! I like it that Edward doesn't want to kill Bella and drink her blood all the time either. I am still dangling over what is going to happen between Charlie and Tanya.. and how has he resisted her this long? He is a man after all. I hope they don't just disappear into never land. Charlie is too good a character to lose. I can't wait to find out how the second wedding goes, what the kids at school do...think. And then there are the babies and the birth... scary sounding. How does Edward handle twins? How does Bella get turns and exactly what are her gifts. You seem to have hinted that he may already be pregnant? Late, short light period and craving for steak and bacon? So many questions so few answers. When will the Volturi descend? You keep bringing them up.
Well enough, I should just say that I am following this story and putting it on my favorite list. You are a great author and I hope you keep writing and sharing your time and talent with us. I am an old disabled lady who spends a lot of time reading and I love Twilight fan fic. It keeps me from going nuts I think. I admit to having a raging crush on Rob who is young enough to be my youngest child or even my oldest grandchild...sigh. It doesn't matter, he is just too cute and pretty and funny and so easily available in movies and on you tube. I can get my fix. My wonderful husband and soul mate went on ahead 12 years ago and I am really looking forward to being with him again, the next best thing is drooling over Rob... poor boy! So many women want him.
Thanks again and I hope RL is treating you well.
immortalwizard chapter 43 . 10/18/2014
I just read through the entire story thus far over again for the 5th time... PLEASE UPDATE!
Renee Aubin chapter 37 . 10/12/2014
‘Twelve steps for every one of Bella's resting heartbeats’ – good illustration of how fast they're moving!

Good observation: ‘I would need to monitor not only Nahuel and his companion, but Jasper as well to get a full picture of the situation.’ He’d normally monitor Alice too, but she’s got the Nahuel migraine.

Ooh, creepy: ‘Nahuel's father, with whom he was somewhat acquainted, fancied himself a doctor with a specialty in research. … That Carlisle had at some point self-identified as a doctor did not help his case with Nahuel.’ Not surprising that Nahuel’s emotions were “utterly chaotic”.

Boy, Edward must be looking for some brain bleach after those images of Nahuel’s “birth”.

I’m still loving that your Edward doesn’t feel entitled to make unilateral decisions: ‘Bella and I would sit down and have a very difficult conversation in which we would decide - together - whether or not having children together was possibly the worst thought we'd ever come up with.’

Good one: Nahuel’s ‘thoughts of Bella - some strange, vacuous, seduced girl with stars in her eyes’. Understandable. He’d no doubt seen his father pull that off with his own eyes.

Yaay that Bella steps forward to introduce herself! Nothing else could have had quite that effect. And then she’s smart enough to offer to answer HIS questions, rather than simply demanding a brain dump of everything he and Huilen know!

Hmm, is hanging packs in the trees a good strategy with monkeys around?
Nice detail: ‘Carlisle was also reading, sitting on a tree branch above Leah.’

Quite believable from Bella: ‘Don't leave me. Seriously, don't leave me for an instant out here. What I said before about that being okay? Like, if you needed to catch up with Alice or something? I changed my mind.’
And then ‘you'd have to pry my cold, dead fingers off you to get away from me.’ Edward probably didn’t find that as amusing as I do.

Aw, sad: ‘Normally thoughts of getting Bella pregnant were happy ones, slightly sensual ones if I was being totally honest, but now it only left a dreadful feeling inside.’

Finally, someplace where his cold skin is actually an advantage.

I like that Bella’s the logical one in dealing with Huilen’s horrific memories. Good point: ‘we're sort of asking Huilen to relive a bunch of memories that can't be wonderful for her’.

‘Isn't that strange? A half-vampire can make a full vampire?’ Definitely a peculiar idea.

Another good detail: after eating the monkey ‘For one irrational moment I wondered what color my eyes were.’ Maybe not so irrational.

Unexpected, but it makes sense: ‘How long had Nahuel been sitting in the trees, his heartbeat masked by the monkeys, his scent downwind?’ Of course he would want to see what he could for himself. Scary moments while Edward speculates whether Nahuel might be intending to attack them. ‘I didn't like the idea of turning my back on Nahuel [to run back to camp], but neither did I want to spend any time at all with him when I didn't out number him.’

Whoa! ‘When Nahuel and Huilen arrived at dawn, they arrived not running on the ground, but running and jumping through the trees.’ Tough to defend against.

Aww, I love Edward’s answer when Nahuel asks him why he hangs around while Bella sleeps: "Because it calms me to be with her like this. Because this place is unfamiliar and frightening to her. Because I could not be anywhere else." Sniffle.

Also loved Leah’s elaboration for Nahuel on what a shapeshifter is: ‘"I turn into a big fucking wolf." And if you so much as move a inch toward Bella and Edward, you're going to see just how fast I can do that.’

Interesting that Nahuel is essentially rattled by Bella.

Smile: ‘this was the first time I hadn't woken her in some decidedly intimate fashion since she started hunting with me on my birthday. …I wondered if she would be discernibly crankier this morning for the change.’

When Bella screams upon waking up surrounded by people, ‘all hell broke loose’. That scene was well done.

Clever: ‘Huilen was busy disapproving of Nahuel's fascination with Bella and was secretly smiling at the girl for her response to him. It's the response she wished her sister had had to his father.’ Wow, I was surprised she read Nahuel the riot act and was ready to help the Cullens whether he likes it or not.

With all the speculation about her possible role in Bella’s C-section, ‘How did my life get so fucking weird? Leah mused.’ I’m with her! ‘Midwife to my future husband.’ Kind of yecch!
jkp13452 chapter 43 . 10/6/2014
Is there going to be more of this story?
Guest chapter 2 . 10/4/2014
I love how he thinks in terms of music, because I LOVE music that comes from the heart.
KeniKane chapter 43 . 9/29/2014
Love this story! Please update soon, thought I do realize RL has a tendency to get in the way!
Renee Aubin chapter 36 . 9/26/2014
‘Bella had asked me to recite Jane Eyre for her.’ Like her very own Books on Tape. I’m jealous!

Nice, she has never heard Edward sing before Christmas mass: ‘After the first hymn she had extracted my whispered promise to sing to her more often.’ I bet.

The best Christmas morning I’ve ever heard of. Who needs presents?

Well, OK, wonderful presents from both. His surprise is such fun: ‘How had I never noticed her doing this? How had I never even seen this book before? How had I not so much as guessed at its existence?’

But wow: ‘As it turns out, I could only read the first entry, three pages, before I had to close the book and clutch it to my chest.
To say that my ego was bruised was to understate the matter.’
But I love the way he deals with what she had to say, reminding himself of her intentions. Hmm, ‘On the tenth reading of it I was able to finally see how full of hope it truly was. Somehow that hope had eluded me on the first nine readings.’

Great idea giving the school paper “the scoop” on their engagement.

I like that your Edward at least has the common sense / empathy to imagine how the Denali sisters might react to a hybrid child. Duh!

A good indicator of how different your Edward is from canon: ‘Of all the drawings, twenty-three were not sexual. There were one hundred and fifty drawings. Ten spanned two pages.’
A nice idea that Renee ‘never inquired after the contents of either journal.’

Interesting, Bella’s way of preparing for Nahuel’s intransigence: ‘She was unwittingly measuring everyone against everyone else to see who had similarities, who had traits, values, and desires in common.’

This was a wonderful detour when Bella finds out about Jasper’s bite marks: ‘Oh, my god! Does your entirely family know about the fact that you bite me while we're in bed and I'm JUST NOW FINDING OUT?’
And once again we’re reminded that Bella herself has no bite mark from James in your time line.

Snort: “But there are fairies. But that's a story for another time.”
ninny 1 chapter 43 . 9/26/2014
well this about my favourite fic so far thankyou
but its been a long time since you last added a line will there still be more
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