Reviews for 3 Slytherin Marauders
N J Dryad chapter 117 . 7/21
In my previous review, I wasn't suggesting you'd ripped off Lovecraft, just that there was an interesting similarity between what he'd written and what you'd written.

I'm glad everyone behaved bravely but sensibly during the fight. I'm also glad Yvane realizes that sometimes you have to fight, if only to protect innocent parties.
N J Dryad chapter 116 . 7/21
I figured Draco was overhearing bird conversations, since the references to mice, trees, and air currents sound like birds of prey. If you ever want to write a sequel to this, you've got one built in, with all the dragon-related careers the boys are picking.

I recently read "The Dreams in the Witch House," by H P Lovecraft. Your description of Harry's dream involving Peter, a stranger, and a malevolent little man sounds very much like the dreams the main character in that book had about a long-dead witch and her familiar, a creature with a mouse's body, but human hands, feet, and an old man's face.

Ah, it's so good to see Sirius screwing up, and even better to see Harry putting him in his place. That Gryffindor "go for broke" attitude really trips people up sometimes.
N J Dryad chapter 115 . 7/21
I wish you'd let us see the entirety of the letter Severus wrote. The beginning was hilarious. The only thing funnier would be Sirius's reaction to it.

It's amazing how sane and decent Harry is with decent treatment. So much of his brattiness in canon was because he went from being treated like garbage to fawned over, which resulted in child-rearing whiplash. In this story, he's loved and cared for, but he still has limits. Severus has turned out to be a great father.
N J Dryad chapter 114 . 7/21
I guess you have to have resident git Sirius to show how much more mature and manly Severus is by contrast. I'm glad Harry is perceptive enough to notice how screwed up the letter is, and how much worse the others must have been if this messed up missive got through.
N J Dryad chapter 113 . 7/20
Somebody needs to to some fan art for this story. I would love to see the picture of Hazelette and the Patronus chasing and killing the Dementors. The other parts of the chapter were good, too, but that was the best.

Charles Schulz once said Snoopy was the kind of character who could take over a comic strip, whether his creator liked it or not. Hazelette is that kind of character, also.
N J Dryad chapter 112 . 7/20
Lots of excitement in this chapter, with multiple runaways and rundowns, all involving cats.

I think you've hit on why many people don't like cats: Cats are too much like people. They're not obviously black or white, but gray. Unlike people, cats feel no need to defend their grayness, or pretend they're really white.
N J Dryad chapter 111 . 7/20
Very nice expansion of the HP universe with Hermione's formal apology ceremony. That's the kind of small detail that really makes a series fell lifelike-and that Rowling rarely supplied.

I'm eager to see what kind of magical abilities the new cats have.
N J Dryad chapter 110 . 7/20
Go, Hazelette! Now, if we could just find a reason for her to incinerate all the annoying characters...

It occurred to me that it would be really exciting if Voldemort were to use each Horcrux to take over a different body-at the same time! They could all act like their normal selves, so no one would suspect anything. Meanwhile, he'd be taking everything over. Sirius and Neville are so bitter and annoying already, nobody'd notice if they were possessed by Voldy.
N J Dryad chapter 109 . 7/20
It's too bad Hermione is underage. I'd love to see her and Lucius in a duel. At least the adorable and charming Hazelette is there to counterbalance Hermione's annoyingness.
N J Dryad chapter 108 . 7/20
Yay, Hazelette's back! Too bad she can't toast that annoying Hermione.

Re Buckbeak, Severus's reactions were so true to him: glad his kid won't be hurt, but disappointed he won't be able to make new and exciting potions with hippogriff ingredients.

I'd be interested to know what Dobby did to get sentenced to elf servitude. Considering how annoying he is, it must have been something really bad. I liked the kids betting as to whether Lucius would be able to hex Hermione without Albus seeing.
N J Dryad chapter 107 . 7/18
Dudley must be rubbing off on Draco, since Draco's now acting like a daring Gryffindor. Very convenient that it just happened to occur the day before the Hogsmeade weekend, so Harry had a companion. I liked the descriptions of the painted hallways. If magicals had anthropologists, they'd no doubt want to study those paintings.
N J Dryad chapter 106 . 7/18
I'm glad Dudley got his Patronus before the other boys, since he's not an animagus. That evens things out some. A bear is very appropriate for him. I loved Draco's jeer about Harry fainting because of screaming harpies. I LOL'd and applauded at that.
N J Dryad chapter 105 . 7/18
I forgot to mention this in the last review, but your reference to "Dobby, an airhorn, and a platter of blueberry muffins" sounds like a lost Sherlock Holmes story, kind of like "the politician, the lighthouse, and the trained cormorant."

Since Petunia is apparently still fertile, there could be even more Malfoys in the future. Yikes! I liked Severus's dismay at the cute photo and the thought he'd no longer be able to scare students into submission. That's the price of having a normal life, unfortunately. : (
N J Dryad chapter 104 . 7/18
I'm glad to see Yvane isn't always so zen. Everybody's entitled to be unreasonable sometimes. I loved Harry's story about the evil wizard and brave dragon. He'll have to get Lizzy a copy of the Hazelette book and toy.

What a great idea for Tom to start a magical orphanage. He's right that many magical parents probably want more kids but can't have them. This allows homeless kids to find homes without increasing the already too large human population.
N J Dryad chapter 103 . 7/18
Wow, what a great chapter! It's nonstop action, from animagus transformations, to visits with nutty relatives, to exciting fights with maniacs, to Tom coming up with a practical way to help Harry. Well done!
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