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melinda08 chapter 104 . 4/10
aw very sweet, you've managed to make Erin seem so real, and not the typical kind of kid most people write (which is why I don't try to write for children myself!) this just shows families come in all kinds, and I hope your work continues to open minds.
melinda08 chapter 103 . 4/9
OMG I was not expecting this at all! I've always been in awe of your writing, I have always considered you the best on this board...but to do this little piece based on what I shared...for so many reasons this is so inspiring and means a lot. I learned things, and I do believe my son would love this story too, I can't wait to share it with him. The little touches (I admit I learned a lot about Sir Elton and his partner Mr. Furnish thanks to him)...but this story hits home, and is a very perfect tribute to the power of acceptance and how important it is to stick with your convictions.

I couldn't have done any better, and this was just so, so lovely. I really liked how you have portrayed Erin here- strong, proud and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. In this little tale she's very much her fathers' daughter!
UseTheForce3434 chapter 103 . 4/8
And he just got married!
ReKoJ chapter 104 . 4/7
You write so beautifully.
ReKoJ chapter 103 . 4/7
Very good chapter.
melinda08 chapter 102 . 3/26
aw beautiful but simple, and somehow you always make this couple ring true. When I did a sequel to one of your stories, at first he questioned my writing Hawk and Beej as a couple. I tried to explain, but your stories were the perfect answer. One of your "slash" stories was the first Mash story I came across, and it really opened my mind to how I view this classic tv show, and honestly, it helped me become more open minded and not afraid to teach my kids tolerance. thank you.
melinda08 chapter 101 . 3/26
wow this was full of depth and insight, and answered many "what if" questions I've had about this non-canon but totally plausible pairing (thanks to your AMAZING writing. Real life gets in the way, but I hope you're not such a stranger on this board. Some of the most amazing tales, no matter how short or silly (some of your Klinger writing has really put a smile on my face!) or the testiments to the power of friendships and love in any kind of form really are among the finest writing I've come across on this site. I think I might actually die of joy reading another full length story from you in any shape or form. Brilliant, and thanks for keeping this going, no matter how long the wait. Trust me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way- your writings are always worth the wait.
ReKoJ chapter 102 . 3/17
This chapter reminded me of a quote.

"There's two rules of war. Rule nimber one is young men must die, and rule number two is doctor's cant change rule number one."

Good chapter.
ReKoJ chapter 101 . 3/17
Great chapter. Poor B.J...
melinda08 chapter 99 . 1/8
I swore I reviewed this...but these are so good, of course. You always paint such a great picture even without spelling every thing out...well done, looking forward to more!
orfan chapter 100 . 1/4
Glad to hear you're still continuing this story - I'll look forward to the occasional updates. This one was a good uplift from #99.
cmee57 chapter 100 . 12/30/2013
So very happy you've decided to continue these wonderful ficlets! Looking forward to more.
cmee57 chapter 99 . 12/30/2013
In this short chapter, Hawkeye's longing is evident. May 1954 bring him his heart's desire!
Kim chapter 100 . 12/24/2013
Thanks Todash for the little stocking stuffers. A pleasure, as always. Happy to hear you are not calling it quits as planned.
Rekoj chapter 100 . 12/22/2013
Too cute.
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