Reviews for Free Life
HarryPotterFangirl85 chapter 1 . 10/3
This was a great first chapter and I wish this story was completed so I’m not left hanging. I’m not going to attempt to read the remaining chapters though because it’s sure to end in a cliffhanger.
lol kiwi chapter 6 . 9/29
Noooooooo! How can this be the end?
Lucysam chapter 1 . 9/4
Heyyy...when are u writing this again...pls doooo continueee...
nicole.howe.737 chapter 6 . 9/3
Please come back! I really need to know what happens next. Please Please Please Please Please Please (I'll keep begging if it would help)
Cosmyk Angel chapter 6 . 8/19
I sincerely hope you plan to finish this story sometime down the road and I will wait with bated breath for when you do. This is one of the best written fics bar none. I am especially impressed with how you developed Harry and Ginny's relationship slowly and realistically. I am also glad this isn't a standard 'if Harry is with Ginny, Ron has to be with Hermione' thing. while I am a Harry/Ginny fan I am certainly NOT a Ron/Hermione fan.

jakeyb99 chapter 6 . 8/11
wow i loved reading this and the first story, if you ever decide to come back just know you still have fans
Guest chapter 6 . 8/6
I know it's not likely after all this time, but I dearly hope you find the desire to continue and finish this story. It's too good to remain unfinished.
jmw03u chapter 6 . 7/24
Thank you so much for writing this story Matt. I’m sorry that it doesn’t capture your interest the way it used to, but I have really enjoyed reading it. Your story is one of those in which super!Harry actually works. Even though he has all of these abilities, he still has problems he has to deal with that his amazing abilities can’t just brush aside. I love his relationship with Ginny too and I’m glad Ron finally came around. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
fantasyinmymind chapter 6 . 7/21
I enjoyed the first story and this one - hope you are able sometime to come back and finish it.
Erimenthe chapter 6 . 7/20
It's been almost 7 years since the last update so I'm wondering if this has been abandoned even though you said it wouldn't be. I'm sorry you're having trouble keeping your passion for this story. It is a great one and so much still is left to do for it (unless you short list it and jump to the final battle with a paragraph or two about them all training for a while).

Ginny and Harry need to figure out how them together will be able to beat Voldie (cause the fact that she touches him and the link is blocked seems very important), will the others be trained up enough to survive everything going on, and there's the fact that hints were given about Snape doing something for Draco to maybe change the outcome for him (but was that for the good side or bad side and is Snape really Dumbledore's spy or just playing him?)

Will Harry try to teach anyone else wandless magic? Will he let Dumbledore in on everything he has learned or keep some things to himself?

I'm going to follow this story with the hopes that you will come back and update it sometime soon.
Liedjeej chapter 6 . 7/16
Thank you for writing this story. I know it's been ten years, but I hope these reviews still reach you. I am sorry to think that you will never finish this epos. If you ever read this, will you at least think about a summary of your plans with this series? For now I will use my fantasy and imagination, which you have nicely started up.
weasley-freckles chapter 6 . 6/29
So I know it’s been years since you posted, but I ended up doing a reread of your stories and remembered how much I loved them. In case you’re still seeing reviews, just wanted to send a bit of encouragement and love your way!
GeekyMeanie chapter 6 . 6/15
To say I loved this story would be the biggest understatement in the universe! I really hope at some point you get your muse back and manage to get back into this story. But as you so eloquently wrote in your last author's note, these things can't be forced.
I rarely find stories that I get truly sucked into and this one just had me from the start. Thank you for writing such beautiful characters that felt so close to JKR's vision! You are an amazingly gifted writer. Thank you
Miss Millie chapter 6 . 6/12
I just want you to know I hope you do finish the story,
this is the second or third I've read it. Good luck with everything you do. thanks for the ride.
emily4498 chapter 6 . 4/24
I really enjoy this story. I hope you find the motivation to continue it. I'm fascinated by the way you approach the thoughts of the characters and manage to effectively convey their thoughts without needing to explicitly state the thoughts.
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