Reviews for Dark and Light
DarrkRabbit chapter 13 . 3/28
I wasn't so sure how I felt about this before, but it is slowly getting much better. Good job on the writing! :)
thecatloveroflpsworldweirdness chapter 31 . 3/19
I just loved how Blaise and Hermione understand Harry so well, despite him being different. There probably my favorite partnership relationship out of the whole story.
thecatloveroflpsworldweirdness chapter 27 . 3/19
( Me, grinning stupidly at the screen.)

(Gay friend blushes madly.)

"Ahh, young love!"

(Gay friend high-fived me,)
thecatloveroflpsworldweirdness chapter 26 . 3/19
OMG! I LOVE IT! YAY! Harry was still innocent to that world before, but now, I can proudly state that he has reached the final level of matureness. (is that even a thing? Whatever.)
thecatloveroflpsworldweirdness chapter 13 . 3/19
Yay! Improvement on emotion!
Kate chapter 1 . 3/11
This is amazing Lily!
Lovethefanfix chapter 53 . 3/8
Best Harry Potter story EVER!
So glad you finished it! I was worried to read it at first... Cause the last update was years ago, I didn't know it was finished. Woohoo!
Carina Nox chapter 53 . 3/6
I'm deducing from the sudden use of Japanese names and the seven deadly sins and other stuffs (and you also made the mistake of writing Naruto somewhere) from the half? (I'm not sure where) of the story, that you started reading manga/watching anime or you had been doing that for a while but you got really into it then. You really let it affect your story, but not in a bad way, and I don't really care anyways since I'm a fan of manga and anime, but others might be very confused. You had lots of spelling and a few grammar mistakes and I think this will be a true masterpiece if someone betas this but overall it's great and I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for this amazing story! Oh and I also loved Theodore 'Nox' Lupin, because as you can see, Nox is my 'account last name'. Thanks again! ~Nox
Guest chapter 1 . 3/5
This was one of the best stories I ever read.
Lilac Demetrius chapter 40 . 3/4
Lol. I know it's a typo but are u aware u put Narutos name instead of Harry's in this chapter?
Fangthehedgewolf chapter 12 . 2/24
...why does Lockhart actually seem like he would be a perve and/or pedophlle?
sodasoda chapter 53 . 2/15
With how many things going on and all the mixtures of creatures and abilities, I kept expecting this story to derail at some point, but dang nope! It was a fantastic read and now one of my new favourite fics! You're an amazing writer, and I think that trumps whatever grammatical/spelling issues you think you have! Srsly, this is an amazing work of art, I loved it! Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us! x
R. A Cross chapter 53 . 2/2
Absolutely brilliant! I just can't get enough even after rereading this again!
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 1/20
Awesome chapter and plot and amazing idea
MMMoore chapter 45 . 1/15
OML this is legitly the best Dark harry story I've ever read!
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