Reviews for In Care Of
Harryliada chapter 16 . 11/14
Ouin ! C’est terminé...c’était vraiment agréable à lire
jj chapter 15 . 10/25
i love this!
jj chapter 13 . 10/25
this fic is... wow. thank you for this reprieve of all that dumbledore bashing and for such a human description of snape, dumbledore and harry. just... wow. im crying.
Solti chapter 16 . 10/24
What?! No this sweet sweetness can not be ended here just like that! this is blasphemy i still didn’t get healed from all those abuse give me some more sweetness will you
ILoveHarryJamesPotter chapter 15 . 10/22
I read this story many years ago and remembered enjoying it at the time. I have never forgotten about this story so I decided to revisit it, following my most recent reread of the books. This is an amazingly well written story. The portrayal of all the characters has been exceptionally well done. It is a difficult feat for writers to have good characterisation throughout their story but you have managed to achieve just this. The plot is very intriguing and captivating from beginning to end. I really enjoyed this upon rereading it. I really hope you will write a sequel one day.
Cursed Sailor chapter 13 . 9/26
I haven’t favourited a fic in a _long_ time, but this fic _definitely_ deserves it. I rarely show emotion in fics, and this one made me tear up.
GhostOfTheMountains chapter 15 . 9/20
My favourite line so far:
"Snape privately thought that Dumbledore angry made the Dark Lord look like a puffskein".
After reading many dark and solemn chapters, that one line almost made me burst into laughter. It's a small burst of happiness among the more serious contents of this story.
But I appreciate the fact that this story covers the serious issues of abuse, malnourishment and so on that were only hinted at in the original books. I feel like most people don't even notice the hints the first time they read the series (especially at a child's age).
paulieandgilbert chapter 15 . 8/31
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 15 . 7/23
Lol. Harry teasing Snape about having to clean the newspapers and saying Snape bit him. Lol.
Leapyearbaby29 chapter 3 . 7/23
Can’t he change back?
Guest chapter 16 . 6/11
What a wonderful story! I laughed and I cried. This is definitely one of the best stories on FF. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully you will write more stories.
Silver Wolf chapter 16 . 6/2
I wish the epilogue had expanded on what happens to the Dursleys, with a good description of Dumbledore enraged beyond control. Well, too bad.
DJArla chapter 16 . 5/25
Loved this! You did such a brilliant job of depicting the slow character development of Snape and Harry. It felt quite realistic and I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing
lady sakura cosmos chapter 16 . 4/3
Good story
Jazzielady76 chapter 16 . 3/29
Thank you for sharing! I loved the story very much!
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