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Bad Mum chapter 1 . 3/18/2009
Intriguing start. You've made their characters and motivations very credible. Tom already has some of his arrogance and self-sufficiency, but has the insecurities you;d expect from an eleven year old uncertain of his true parentage. Dumbledore is nicely enigmatic, doing the "right" thing, but with just a hint of ulterior motives.
werewolfsfan chapter 2 . 3/18/2009
More and more intriguing! I'm really, really enjoying this so look at two of the most important characters in the HP series. You write very, very well and my only complaint here is that the chapter is too short. It is obviously a prelude to the story really beginning but I'm impatient! I have read some great stories that star Dumbledore, both AD/GG and gen or other pairings. I eagerly read a much-lauded AU story that claimed to be about Albus not splitting from Gellert and what happens when they meet Tom Riddle. Sadly, it was pure p0rn with no redeeming characterization or plot to recommend it.

I’m fascinated with the conundrums surrounding whether Albus Dumbledore is a leader and a hero or an egotistical and manipulative bastard. I believe the best tales leave that to the reader’s mind and I feel that he is all of these things and more. (Actually, I wish that JK Rowling left more things open for the reader to decide instead of saying things that she didn’t think through as carefully as she seemed to plan the initial books.) For instance, everyone assumes that Dumbledore was a Gryffidor and I expect that Rowling will confirm that view when she published her encyclopedia. However, I believe a very credible case can be made for young Albus to have been sorted into Slytherin and I think that would have made the series better on the whole. The majority of memorable or laudable characters come from Gryffidor. How then are kids to understand that many different types of people make up the world and that there are many different qualities that make up our character, most of which can be worthwhile to cultivate?

But, back to your tale, I’m waiting on tender hooks wondering where you are going to take us with this one but I’m in it for the ride!
Rita Arabella Black chapter 2 . 3/17/2009
Excellent. You have whetted the appetite for more. Wonderful story, I cannot wait for you to update.


HogwartsHussy chapter 1 . 3/16/2009
Oh! You have no idea how I've been longing for a great story probing the many aspects possible in this relationship. I have many thoughts about Albus Dumbledore and what might have been "canon" in his relationship with this student. I also wouldn't mind a well written AU. I wonder where your intending to go ...

I really like this chapter. You've given me a great deal to mull over here. Dumbledore's thought's are still somewhat mysterious, which is in keeping with what we saw of him through 6 books. After all, he is both more brilliant than the majority and also morally ambiguous. After all, Dumbledore was still making decisions and manipulating people for what he believed to be "the greater good" nearly a century after parting from Gellert Grindelwald. It is certainly beyond my ken to judge whether it is excusable when it's done for the winning side.

I'm both fascinated with your characterization of young Tom Riddle here and drawn to him. When I'd given thought to him, I'd imagined him as a loner. But reading this, I felt, of course, he would have had personal magnetism as you've shown him. And yet he still isn't close to anyone but they don't realize it.

The picture your drawing of school politics, especially in the house of the experts, is also compelling reading. I clicked out to your profile to see if I can hope for more to this tale. I'll be anxiously awaiting more!
Rita Arabella Black chapter 1 . 3/16/2009
Incredible story. So true to form I thought it was the lost pages, the characters were so true. Thank you!


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