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Thorny Hedge chapter 3 . 3/25/2009
Wow. Dark ending. Not what I expected. Nice. :)
Von chapter 3 . 3/25/2009
Whoo hoo!

Great chapter. Amazing how you managed to save the best angst for last!

'He tried to think about his father asking him what he wanted, the couch or the bed, and tried not to think about how maybe he didn’t want either after all.' The best line in it, I think. Very prophetic.
Madebyme chapter 2 . 3/23/2009
Lovely chapter guys! Great description of the Jack here with his creepy moustache not to mention his distinctive personality and unhealthy motivations. Great baddie, I was almost sad to see him go!

The tracheotomy was expertly written. Not too gory but gruesome enough! And the fact the John had to do the procedure on his own son was a wonderful plot development, as was the fact that poor Dean had to watch.

As always your character POV's were skilfully written as they each picked apart their actions mentally. I find it hard to read some of John's feelings about Sam - he shouldn't have to earn his place his own family, it's sad to read.

I’m guessing that things aren’t about to get any better any time soon. Looking forward to more - I’m greedy like that! Take care, Madebyme.x
skag trendy chapter 2 . 3/22/2009
Sam's in a right state eh? Poor kid. Hope he survives surgery, and I suspect, knowing you like I do, that you won't make it easy on him.

John and Dean are pretty hard on Sam in this story, in fact it's rather interesting even when Sam's fighting for his life that John is still being hard on him. The notion that Sam still has to prove his worth, to earn his place as a Winchester is really so sad. That kind of acceptance should be given readily and unconditionally. I have the feeling Sam's going to be feeling pretty depressed when he eventually wakes up, and not just because of a crushed throat. I fear that any ideas John has about training him harder and longer are going to fly out the window when faced with his youngest sons's emotional state.

Wow! I really rambled on there eh? Sorry!

Love this chapter; it catered to all my Limp Sam needs and the angst was superb.

Kind regards,

ST x
Floralia chapter 2 . 3/22/2009
Every time I thing you aren’t going to be able to come up with a new and interesting (and gross) way of taking Sam down, you always manage to prove me wrong. But having John perform the trach and Dean have to watch adds an extra dimension to the whole thing. I love how you get into each character’s head and really make them question their choices. Their thought processes are always believable and in character, even if they don’t take the healthiest approach.
calcium77 chapter 2 . 3/22/2009 can John blame Sam for not being prepared since he did not train enough. he should feel like a failure as a father for putting him in danger in the first place.

Great story! I am really enjoying reading it!

IritIlan chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
This story hooked right from the start I couldn't leave it since I started. I'll be waiting eagrly for updates!

Poor Sam, seems like the main thing he's going to leanr is that always CAN get worst.

And John, if he only could understand he's just achiving the opposite than he intended by the way he treats Sam. If he only try some listening and acceptance of Sam instead of orderin him around and try focing him to be like Dean, which is impossible and it should be impossible since if they force him to become something else, than, in a way, Sam won't exist anymore.

I do understand his motives, but can't he see that Sam isn't doint so well because of all the pressure they put him, on not despite of it? If he'd just let Sam be himself and he'l probably do better, even on the hunt.

And Dean... As much as I love him, he doesn't appear at his best here. He, at least, should give Sam the benefit of a doubt, but even Dean seems determine to believe the worse of him and want to change everything that is diffent about him, instead of accepting it.

And the fact that they both really do love Sam, just makes it harder knowing they'll just chased him away in the end,

Ok I just meant to leave short and instead I'v been rambling way to much so I'll stop now.
vonnie836 chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
I really have to try and put my thoughts together here. They are pretty much scrambled right now. Sam showed a lot of bravery here by standing up to the Jack and not letting it have the pleasure of feasting on his fear. It's interesting to see how the Jack evolved and didn't fit the pattern of it's species. By being brave Sam sealed his fate because in the end the Jack needed to find some satisfaction and decided he would find it by killing Sam.

Dean and John in the meantime found that it was only because of Sam's observations that they would be able to follow the Jack and with it Sam. At the same time the figured out that this Jack was different and it's amazing because its the same thing Sam figured out, showing how much alike they are in a way. The insight into John's thoughts was amazing. It showed a little of what drives him but also that after sixteen years of hunting he has become a little too sure of himself. To think of Sam's opinion as that of an outsider shows he doesn't feel Sam is really part of the team, even though he tells him again and again he needs to be. I liked that he felt like he and Sam needed to talk to understand one another and make it through this whole thing. I still feel that he isn't quite realistic because he wants to talk to Sam like a man. While that's great, he forgets that Sam isn't a man yet. He doesn't want to be treated like a little kid but he doesn't have the capacity to think like a grown man yet. And through all this it doesn't dawn on John that he might not get Sam back, that just maybe he got outwitted this time. I think that's why reality hits him so hard when he sees that Sam is close to dying. A parent should never have to treat his own child and I have to say I admire John to get it back together and let training take over, training that's twenty years old nonetheless. And he does it, he saves his son, at least for now. Dean is in such a terrible position because he understands his dad and he understands Sam but somehow the string isn't long enough for him to bring the two of them together and make them understand each other. So he is always in the midle, loving both of them, wanting to please both of them but knowing it's impossible to do so. Still he never gives up. He is so much like his father, yet his connection with his brother in so strong, nothing seems to be able to break it. He is the older, the protector and he can't fail. That's what drives him. He doesn't always understand why Sam acts the way he does but he also doesn't understand why his dad never seems to give Sam a break or a praise. Even now it seems like John doesn't understand Sam. Or is it that he doesn't want to understand him? One of the problems Sam has is that he is a typical strong willed child, at least in my eyes. He wants to bend things his way, make them work the way he wants them to and can't accept when they don't. John is in many ways the same. Strong willed children need clear rules but they also need understanding, something John wasn't able to give his youngest. He feels that his mistake was not to let Sam grow up like Dean, that that would have solved all his problems. Well, Sam isn't Dean or the other way around, they are two different people. Although Sam understands the need for finding whatever killed their mom and misses her, to him she is a stranger. He misses the love of a mother, he is angry it was taken away from him but it can't be as real to him as it is for Dean and John because he doesn't know her, never did. John thinking Sam feels the same way as he and Dean do is plain nuts, it's impossible and he doesn't understand that. So hunting can never be the same to him as it is to his father and brother, at least not until Jessica, that's the moment it connects and becomes just as personal for him.

I can't believe I just rambled on like this and bored you to death with my forever lasting review. But it's your own fault, you made me think and all this stuff popped into my head. Anyway, I love you guys, you write the perfect stories together. Can't wait for the next chapter. Hugs, Vonnie
Visionairy chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
This is an excellent story, one of my favorites! You really make me feel Sam's need to prove himself - he was so much more afraid to fail his family than he was of the Jack. You still present John and Dean sympathetically, just trying to figure it all out as well. I also really like the lore you've presented regarding the Jack, you describe it so well, and it sounds fascinating. I can't wait for the next chapter! (Hopefully there are several more.)
pinkphoenix1985 chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
wow! you guys! this is just brilliant! I'm loving the all the limp! chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
If only they had listened to Sam and believed what he said about the Jack, then they probably wouldn't be in a hospital now with Sam having to have surgery immediately.

At least Dean and John took on board what Sam said, a little too late, and managed to find the youngest Winchester and destroy the jack. And thank goodness John had got some medical training in the marines so he was able to perform the trach, however badly it was done, as it certainly saved Sam's life.

Sounds like Sam is nowhere near out of the woods yet as knowing his luck, infection is bound to get worse as they have to operate, probably spreading it a little.
SamDeanLover28 chapter 2 . 3/21/2009
carocali chapter 2 . 3/20/2009
Dude! you guys did a trach! What an inventive way for intubation! Only you!

Like how John is able to call on his skills from the military to save his son. Some really nice introspection here as well from both John and Dean.

What will the surgery provide? Will Sam make it out alright?

More please!


carocali chapter 1 . 3/20/2009
Oh, this is torturous. First, you hit those years where Sam is trying to figure out who he is. Then, add his gangly limbs and awkwardness to the mix and you have a disaster in the making. Throw in Dean's lack of confidence and you rip my heart to shreds:

"Voices drifted through the open window, disturbing Arthur and Hester's conversation.

"He's not ready, Dad. You saw him out there this morning. He's a disaster."

Dean's words wounded him to the core; his brother thought he was a disaster.

"I know he is. We're going to have to stick close to him but he's sixteen now and it’s time he was a full participant in hunting. At his age, you had several successful jobs under your belt already.”

As usual, Sam can't measure up to his older brother. And it burned like acid in his stomach, rising up his throat.

Throwing down his book, he stretched out on the bed, covering his eyes with a folded arm. The voices receded but their words had marked Sam indelibly.

He was a total fuck-up and his family didn't have any faith in him."

You're killing me!

Then, you take them on the hunt and Sam's actually right about the liar, only to be ridiculed by his father. But the Jack shows up and disappears without a trace, taking the youngest Winchester along with it. Yikes!

Great chapter!


shesamonster chapter 2 . 3/20/2009
Holy cow, I can't believe what a hard left turn Sam made. D: I hope he gets better! Thanks for updating soon. :)
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