Reviews for Lamia
acetwolf94 chapter 14 . 6/7
Alrye chapter 14 . 4/24
This is freaking hilarious! I am so loving 'touched' Siri! He is all kinds of awesome! X3

Please update soon, looking forward to more!
Natsuki D chapter 14 . 4/19
Can't wait for more /
seldombites chapter 1 . 3/3
I am enjoying this story. I will add it to my watchlist in case you choose to continue.
JacobPhantom chapter 14 . 2/13
Please update your story soon!
GoldenGryphon chapter 14 . 2/12
Loving this story. It's a fun read and gleeful in it's careless tossing about of random kinky bits. Love it! The idea that threesomes. in a magical world, can result in interesting mixes, that people can be morphed into different species with a potion (even one invented by a genius), and that powerful magic can Save The Day just about all the time ... awesomeness.
Yes, everyone seems to be a bit MarySue-ish. So what? It's fun. lighthearted, and enjoyable. Okay, there are a few grammar errors, but who doesn't have those - kinda like pimples or freckles, really.
I really enjoyed what you have written and am finding it hard to not ask - So what happened next? Best compliment I can think of, really.
Best thoughts!
dhamann7878 chapter 14 . 1/23
Great beginning but you're leaving me frustrated! Second story of yours that wasnt completed
crafter43 chapter 14 . 1/21
oh this is so good I truly am hoping that you will be continuing it sometime soon in the meantime I'm off to check on more of your stories love your writing thank you for your wonderful imagination
malita23 chapter 14 . 12/31/2017
plz update when u can i love ur book
Trisha85 chapter 5 . 12/30/2017
Like it more please
kitiku01 chapter 14 . 11/9/2017
I love this story! Will you continue to update this? Please...
kagome higurashi chapter 14 . 10/2/2017
please write some more. it's good.
Nell1994 chapter 14 . 7/28/2017
I can't wait to see what happens next so please update soon.
Empireo chapter 14 . 7/27/2017
Hi, are you going to continue this fic?
Luminescentserpent chapter 14 . 7/23/2017
Lovin it! :) :)
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