Reviews for Waiting For Dr Right
SanguineTaurean chapter 17 . 10h
Two years isn't long enough for that scumbag.
SanguineTaurean chapter 16 . 15h
Dangit. I know Edward had a lot on his mind while he was a the precinct but he should have filed an EPO, and Jenks should have thought of that, too. With James having the record he does and a previous EPO why in the world is that nasty little sh*t Cauis acting the way he does, unless he and James are in cahoots together.
SanguineTaurean chapter 15 . 15h
Officer Caius is an ss! I hope James rots. He's a piece of sh*t! Either he doesn't make it or someone makes him their beotch in prison. But if he was faking it and escapes from the hospital I hope Bella files an EPO right away, which she should have mentioned to Officer Marcus.
SanguineTaurean chapter 14 . 16h
Of course James was worming his way into Bella's life again. He will never change, just as everyone keeps trying to tell her. He's nasty, bad news, psycho, and will continue to be so. I'm not one for violence but he got what she gave him. Too bad Edward showed up and pulled her off him so she could continue beating and kicking, but he would have gotten up and beat her to death, most likely.
SanguineTaurean chapter 11 . 7/29
Oh, no...James!
SanguineTaurean chapter 10 . 7/28
Aww, poor Lexi and her awful owie. I keep laughing at her monster growl and claws, then scaring Emmett with it. She is just too cute!

Between this chapter and the previous one...nice, nice lemons! Yummy! And to think the first time they had sex was hot make up sex. *smirk*
SanguineTaurean chapter 7 . 7/28
Edward is scared, plus he has his daughter to consider. First and foremost Lexi really is his first concern.
SanguineTaurean chapter 1 . 7/28
Aww, bless her little heart. Alexis is so cute. I remember the first day I dropped my son off at daycare and it was horrible for both of us. I hated it and all I wanted to do was take him back home, but I had to work so there wasn't much choice.
Prettysqueaky chapter 13 . 7/5
I rarely comment and I know I'm reading this story almost six years after it was first published. But hot damn this is great!
Lillywhite1 chapter 25 . 6/24
Thanks for writing this wonderfull story!
CenorinaISChachie chapter 14 . 5/14
gawd bell is a fucking whiny idiotic bitch in this story
LAB1 chapter 25 . 9/12/2015
I really enjoyed your story! Unless she had her first late, he was concieved on the honeymoon. I had my first on January 5. I remember telling my husband to shut up when I was pushing. None of that counting nonsense! Good times! She is like 31 by the end here right? How is that old? I had twins at 35 and didn't feel old! Now my body didn't like the pg and I'm glad that I planned them as my last, but six kids is more then enough!
Eli42 chapter 25 . 8/22/2015
Loved this!
boopgirl chapter 25 . 5/14/2015
Great Job
myimagination2012 chapter 13 . 4/17/2015
I totally agree with Edward here. Once a bad guy, always a bad guy -thats what I believe. Bella's being too naive. *sigh* this girl doesn't have any self preservative bone.
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