Reviews for Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Duck
I-Is-Not-Lone-Pervert chapter 10 . 9/22/2015
Fucking amazing bru! Amazing! The fucking tingles and feels! ~(~0~)~
Marithlizard chapter 10 . 6/23/2014
This was really lovely, thank you!
hypatheticallyspeaking chapter 10 . 8/8/2013
I love this. It's a shame I only found Princess Tutu this summer. You keep all the characters... well, in character, and the plot is wonderful. I've read several of the Princess Tutu multi-chaptered fics, and by far, this is my favorite.
Your choices of music were wonderful, and I wish that people would take this and make it into a season three!
It's a shame that there are so few comments on this story; this is by far the best I've read since I've joined fanfiction. (including other categories as well!) Thank you for having a spell-checked, grammatically correct, and wonderfully-written story!
Plus the use of The Firebird was absolutely wonderful- it's one of my favorite musical suites (I have tried and failed at learning a version on piano)- and I'm starting to ramble now, aren't I?
Seriously though, this deserves more reviews. So many more reviews.
AlleluiaElizabeth chapter 3 . 4/11/2010
This story should have way more than 19 reviews! D: Its excellently written and has a lot of detail. You have clearly extensively thought out the mechanics of the setting and the plot. This is really really good so far. :)
Anime-is-mi-life chapter 3 . 3/29/2010

this story is awesome
Anime-is-mi-life chapter 2 . 3/28/2010


"just as hard as i could"


that's hilarious

i like this story!
hragaman chapter 10 . 3/28/2010
Just HOW does this story have so few reviews? THAT's a tragedy!

What a lovely story you've woven, from keeping everyone in character to the details and descriptions. It was wonderful to read, and definitely something I'll be coming back to again. I didn't look up the etudes, just reading straight through; I'll play them on my second read _~

Now wandering off to read your other stories...
Tripleguess chapter 10 . 1/24/2010
Thank you for a pleasant, readable, spellchecked fanfic. I'm happy to have stumbled on this.

It occurred to me, too, that Ahiru couldn't be "just" a duck... there was too much to her, somehow. I'm glad I'm not the only one. ) Keep writing friend!
BlueForestAngelCat chapter 10 . 1/1/2010
I looked at your profile, saw this and THEN I realized I'd never reviewed this! *cries* I'm really sorry! I love this story! This is one of my top favorites of all the future PT fictions on here! I have to wonder if I forgot to review some of my other favorites...*runs to check*
Ruthlesslycold chapter 4 . 10/2/2009
omg great story !
LunaSphere chapter 10 . 5/15/2009
I am glad I sent this plotbunny your way! This is a lovely little piece on the firebird. I liked the hints in the bird's memories of the "swan and raven and duck, and another, who bore a phoenix's quill" and how it manifests itself in dance for her.

But my favorite part was the way you describe the relationship between the firebird and the sun. These lines are simply lovely: "The young bird faced it, gathering all of the light she could reach into herself. It was food and drink, it was strength and energy and warmth and growth. It was sight and, in its way, sound; splendid music, that a Firebird could only attempt to approach in song, and would spend a lifetime trying to express."

Much enjoyed.
paladin313 chapter 9 . 4/19/2009
Just now completed the story. It is interesting that Tutu herself never returned. However, the way you spun the story, her presence actually would have ruined it. Instead, as I had in my story, you had her realize that she was who she was, no matter what her outer appearance was, and though Tutu was a heart shard, as you wrote here, there was Tutu's signature left behind, (it definitely emerged from her in the last episode, allowing the prince to save the day.) Thus, that was well done by doing it in that way. She may not be Tutu, but her spirit definitely resides in her. I also liked how you were not in a hurry to make her a girl, I admired Fakir's reluctance at changing her, lest he abuse his powers, and the logical way of restoring her, (out of necessity, and not out of obsession.) The truth is, you left this open ended enough to where a sequel could work, and be warranted. I would not desire it because I am obessed with the character, but that I know that you would write it well. You definitely would not jump the shark on it. Bottom line: well written, well thought out, logical progression on the story line, kept in character, and in the spirit of the original, well worded to keep reader interest, (I could not break away from it!) Also, your use of vocabulary is excellent. You show a versatility in words to where it does not become dull reading. You used words that were comprehendable, but not simple, and forced you to use your head, keeping the reader alert and interested. All that is very useful to any story. Again, I applaud you, well done.
paladin313 chapter 1 . 4/18/2009
I got the first chapter in, and, when I can get more, I'll review as well. I can say, very well thought out and written. It is definitely within the spirit of the original, as the original had much of the Swan Lake story in it. Going with the Firebird is a great idea, and I love the music for the ballet. You keep the characters well, and keep it believable in the sense that what is happening could happen given the happenings in the original, and they keep in character. I cannot wait for the chance to read the rest of it. You are also a decent wordsmith, in that, the way the words flow together catch your eyes and keep you reading-very important for any story. What I also love is that you don't even hint at Duck's future, as if Duck staying a duck is what is intended, and now one has to read on to find out. It keeps it interesting. You don't even do as some, in that, you try to fix the "problem" right away in some hokey fashion, which sets this story above others-her becoming human again has to make sense to the story, and it has to be in such a fashion that it is a role that must be played, whether she wants it or not. Again, sir, well done.
OshWithTheMoustache chapter 1 . 4/12/2009
Really, really good. I liked the molting thing very, very much.

9.8 out of 10. Really good!
LunaSphere chapter 9 . 3/24/2009
Sorry, I tend to be a little review-happy when I enjoy a fic, so feel free to ignore my rather lengthy ramblings here.

That was deft move with Clara, but I can't imagine her as anything but Duck so I'm glad that's how the others see her as well. I meant to say this in my last review, but "were-duck" actually made me lol!

I know the idea is that Duck can grow out of her clumsiness, but I sort of liked the disruption of The Ugly Ducking trope-that really beauty and grace are just a step away-that PT offered and the suggestion that there's nothing wrong with being clumsy and awkward and a litle average. What you've done with this of course, fits very well with your fic and my rambling is partially just that.

Ah, that conversation between Fakir and Mythos was so wonderful-that same blend of levity and seriousness that you've mastered (I love the little touches in your writing, like Fakir's reflection that his mental image of Rue or at least "the whiny part" was not quite accurate anymore). I particularly liked the reflections on fiction and reality and what it means to be a character as opposed to a person (and that in fact it's not really an opposition). I love how this fic offers a complex interpretation of so many of the intricate themes of PT. And I loved this ending that Fakir comes up with, because it is the sort of ending which is not: 'And if you cross their paths, they might tell you what has happened since,'

And that unnerving scene with Drosselmeyer in the dream! So perfect! Creeped me out, and then the way Myhtos dismantled it, ah, I know I keep saying this over and over but I love how you write all of the characters.

Somehow, I feel like the entire project of your fic has been working towards is this: "I had to persuade her that going back to being a duck was what she should do, and she did it. It was just as heartrending as Drosselmeyer wanted, for everyone. Wherever he is I hope he chokes on all this. I'd have stayed with her no matter what, and I will as long as she'll have me, and it's been nice to be around her, even as a duck. But... I was selfish, and cowardly. I wanted to see her grow up, as a girl, the way she wanted, but I never dared let her know that. I never trusted either of us enough. I wonder if I should tell her now. No, I don't wonder. She deserves the truth, even if I'll never put it into the right words." This might just be because of my own obsession with that scene in PT where Fakir convinces her that she is truly a duck and what's she's clinging to is everyone's natural desire (and fear) that a story not end. As I think I ranted to you in a previous review, that's one of the few points that I think the anime does not adequately explore and your fic comes in and fills that gap so seamlessly that it seems to me made of the same cloth.

Sort of going back on my rambling in the last review, again, I love how you interpret Princess Tutu and her function. It's like you've reimagined narcissism as something positive and good and just wonderful. Self-love in the best sort of way, a sort of altruism that can be inwardly-directed and still be called altruism. I also liked this formulation of Tutu: "I think that's Tutu, as well. The part that will talk instead of fight."

Haha, I can just imagine this: "I wonder if Fakir hasn't been sneaking her into practice with him; it's as if she's been in lessons all year."

And lastly, the only other error I've caught in your fic (a missing "to"): "The company had wanted the Prince and Princess begin the festivities"

The only thing I can't help wondering about is what happens to the new Firebird-does she find others of her kind to take her? (Well, that, and I sort of want a fluffy little oneshot set a little bit in near future, but I won't be greedy). This has been truly a delightful fic and perhaps my favorite postseries multichapter PT fic. I've truly enjoyed it beginning to end, thank you for such a delightful fic.
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