Reviews for All That Lies Between
Demoness Drakon chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
Oh, this is the first KentXLyn fic I've read, and I loved this.

Drakon out!
Qieru chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
F, you have been hemorrhaging amazing as of late, you know that? ;0; Yer ETotR fics, now this one, oh *swoon* it's all so wonderful~ 3

Thisthisthis, I loved it~ As depressingly sad as it was in places, it was so god.

[Hector was having a great time, most likely because he was not under the watchful eye of Sir Oswin.] However he managed to ditch him, the world will never know. D

[He hadn’t been planned on going, but Lyndis had overheard the invitation, and…] Small note here; since it's /technically/ Kent's thoughts, wouldn't he be thinking 'Lady Lyndis' instead of just Lyndis? :P

[Kent was almost aghast at the idea of his lady liege drinking in a-a tavern! Somewhere, in a parallel universe...

[ No, Lady Lyndis shouldn’t ever let something like ale touch her lips. It would be a disaster, he thought to himself as he sipped at his drink.] *coughs surreptitiously* :B

[Kent nodded in agreement and fumbled his way from the bar toward the exit. He was almost there, almost free when a loud voice boomed in his ear.] So close, and yet... OUCH. Poor Kent. D:

[Suddenly, his eyes widened as if coming to some sort of realization, and he clumsily spun out of her arms and took both of her hands in his. He looked anxious, nervous, even scared, in a sense.] Awr, Kent~ What's wrong? :c

[He kissed the backs of her hands slowly before clutching them to his face; she ignored the fact that he had never been so messy about kissing her hands before.] Aw, the fact that they were 'messy' kisses just adds to it, to him and what he's going through.

[The one man in the group that she desperately wanted to get to know was not used to confiding in anyone. Just her luck.] Aw

[He lowered his gaze, “’Tis no excuse m’lady.”] ;0; Kent~ The poor, poor man.

[A part of her was the smallest bit worried about his rather drastic—well, it seemed drastic—change in behavior, but the rest of her was absolutely delighted that he wasn’t blushing and stuttering, saying how improper it was for them to be alone together.] You weave her dual feelings of anxiety and joy together so well; it's amazing and makes the scenes feel that much deeper.

[He murmured her name as his lips pressed against hers, gentle, but absolutely unyielding.] The addition of 'absolutely' makes the line so much more powerful and effective. Gentle, and yet fully committed and in no way hesitating. It's... I just like the line a lot. x3

[She tried to say his name to get his attention, but it was lost in his mouth, snapping her jaw closed before he could think to deepen the kiss. ] A wise move, I think.

[But she hadn’t known—hadn’t realized—how much he cared about her.] Awr; and the fact that it took something like this to help her realize it... ;o;

[But the entire time she had known him, he had only shown grief in his eyes. It was always his eyes.

She loved his eyes.] I like the focus here~ It's very strong and conveys the emotion oh so well...

[ “Oh,” she said coyly, pulling the collar of his shirt down before laying a kiss where his shoulder met his neck. “There wasn’t anything wrong with the kiss.”] Awr, hehe. She had to get /soemthing/ in there. X3

[“Holy Saint Elimine’s rocking chair!”] Again, I reiterate: BEST. EXCLAMATION. EVER. 8D

[So,” the green-armored cavalier said, sauntering up to them. “If you two wanted some alone time, you should have just—”] 'saunter' is such a perfect word for Sain x3

Hahahahehehe, kicked in the shin! You deserved that though, Sain. I'm sorry, no sympathy. x3

Gaw, f. You captured the emotion and their actions and thoughts so perfectly. I was totally drawn in and ohIlovedit. ;0; And you did a fantastic job getting Kent drunk in a convincing manner; I know it must've been so hard to do that.

Xirysa chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
So, I've been waiting almost obsessively for this. THANK YOU, MANNA.

[“What are you doing, m’boy?” The great big man patted the chair at the table next to him. “Come on, sit down an’ have a drink with ol’ Wallace!”]HA. AHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA. Oh my, Wallace! I think I died of the epic.

[“I could drink you under the table anytime, you blasted oaf!” she shouted back, annoyed, though not angry.] Kekekeke. We need to write some drinking contests or something, now.

[A part of her was the smallest bit worried about his rather drastic—well, it seemed drastic—change in behavior, but the rest of her was absolutely delighted that he wasn’t blushing and stuttering, saying how improper it was for them to be alone together.] Seriously? Anyone would.

[Hector, in all his alcohol headache-induced glory, stepped out of his tent as the sun shone over the encampment the little rag-tag army had made the morning before. He stomped around in an absolutely terrible mood, considering his head was pounding and he had thrown up once. Finally, he found Eliwood—looking perfectly fine, of course—and took a seat next to him.] Cool beans. Hector's so epic, too.

[Florina’s demonic winged monster] I'm dead.

[“She left with Kent. Of course. You know. Red hair…kind of stalks her around all of the—”] And I'm dead again.

[“I think I heard Sir Sain mumbling about not having seen him today.] You missed a quotation mark.

[“Holy Saint Elimine’s rocking chair!”] Dude. I'm seriously going to start saying this like, all the time. SO EPIC.

So basically, this was made of epic win and I loved it. MOAR DRUNK 'FIC, PLEASE.

Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
Umm, it's a shame that this is ridiculously long. Because I'm probably going to comment on every little thing and run out of space. Blast, blast, blast.

No, Kent. Thank YOU very much-[brick'd]

[“You’re leaving already?” Eliwood asked, probably still on his first drink, judging by the way he spoke.] The fact that KENT, of all people, has already had three (or is it four now?) drinks and Eliwood is still on his first is pretty funny...and I'm also really loving Kent's stream of thoughts. It's all just so like him, even though one can see the natural progression of HOW he's getting're doing an excellently believable job with that.

[The great big man patted the chair at the table next to him. “Come on, sit down an’ have a drink with ol’ Wallace!”] That is, without a doubt, the most hilariously TERRIFYING mental image I have ever encountered.

[How many men had died, had sufferent at the hands of the enemy] "Suffered", not "sufferent", right?

[What he was ashamed to admit, even to himself, was that he had allowed his emotions to leak into that decision to take Lady Lyndis and leave Lord Hausen behind.] EPIC.

[And then, randomly, the stress would cause him to explode in what Sain liked to call a panic attack.] Ex-flippin'-actly.

[Or, she wondered absently, is he always this hard on himself and he simply chooses to keep it to himself?] Ohh, that's SO SAD!

[And then he covered his face in his hands, bending forward as far as he could while still on his knees as a moan of what could only be described as despair escaped his throat.] ACK, you were right! This is NOT FUNNY AT ALL! D:

There were probably a billion epic things about this. I really love the imagery, the progression of events...the way you got into all of their heads was very profound...and, actually, I noticed something else. I don't know if you did this consciously or not, but you always elaborated on what Kent and Lyn were doing PHYSICALLY, what shapes their bodies were in. That made it ridiculously emotional, like watching body language in real life-like how Kent fell over Lyndis, or how she forced his hands away from his face when he was hunched over in grief. Like...I could probably do a literary analysis on that-[shot]

Okay, so I actually can't keep picking out lines any more. There's too much that I like. Like Kent being just like her for crying, and how he's awed at her forgiveness when he wakes back up, and Hector calling Eliwood "giddy and chipper" (I snorted. For legit.), and Kent being a stalker, and Elimine's rocking chair, and Lyn kicking Sain in the shin, and and and-!

I have to go now, and I'm not really coherent, but I loved this. Insanely. And everybody else's. Thank you, my terrible influence.

NewPaladin chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
Ah more Kent and Lyn. Great! Poor Kent is going through hell. All his worries and stuff. But it makes him so adorable. And I like the ending very, very much. Its awesome.