Reviews for But a Breath
Yaken chapter 1 . 9/18/2012
beautiful, is the only i can say; i don't know why you left fanfiction but it's a shame, i read some of your fanfics and they are just amazing, so i hope you come back, if you don't so, good luck
Tranquil Girl chapter 1 . 12/4/2010
Ah. That was beautiful, Manna : )

I've read one of the reviews here. And I agree that you could try writing your own fictions if you want to.

You've had practising a lot here. And you know, I loved your fics a lot. They make my day.

Love you : )

No matter what you choose, there is your name in my memories.

I'm glad for finding a talented author like you.

And of course how this fan of rov has been indulged with sweet memories of the great manga and great fics of yours ; )
loulou.k chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
My dear Manna!

What had happened to made you take this decision to leave us? I hope it'll be just for a while….and you'll come back to us, not matter how long it would be.

It's good to take a break for a while and do other things, no one will hold this against you….but please don't say that you're not coming back! You've started two important 'fics, and you've done a lot of efforts in them, don't let all that goes in a waste.

But you know what? I'm actually encouraging you to leave writing fiction for some time, you've become so talent in writing…Drama, august, romance…your words are so touching, they warmed the heart even if they were crying the eyes, so you have to start you own story, your own characters, away from the fiction world, you're going to be a famous author in the near future, I'm sure you'll….staying with fics had helped you in developing your talent, but now I'm encouraging you to write away from it….away from us, even if that will broke our hearts, but…..I could see the day when I'll see your name on a book have been written by you- I'll have a free copy, right?-

This 'fic was so great, I haven't read anything like this before, as if it was a small describe for Oscar and Andre's life, suffer, love and death….. I won't say a farewell fic to them both cause I know they're going to live in our hearts for ever, even if all our hairs turns to white _.

I have to thank you Manna, for two things I owe you them….you have made my last year by your fictions, they were the reason of make me still have some sane during the darken days, you've made me cry, dream, think, sleepless ….but I was happy because of them, and you were the reason of let me met with Kasia who became my best friend and the other one who's keeping me alive, my supporting moonlight.

….why does this review looks like a farewell message? it's not, we are friends, aren't we? We still could meet through the messenger!

Thank YOU Manna for your writing,

I love,

Big hug and kisses,


P.S. if one day something hit me in my head and I wrote another 'fic, I'm still going to have a review from you, right? _;
WhiteTigerLilly chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
I was so happy to see your name in my email and I rushed to read this! Our God is a God of second chances, sometimes third and fourth and fifths and so on. I'm glad I know he exists.

It was so nice to read something so sweet. I'm going to miss your ROV fanfictions. I knew this was coming, I could smell a burnout and it saddens me. I hope soon though that you find inspiration. Where ever it is, I'll try to follow like I did with ROV.

Thank you once again for introducing me to the world of Oscar and Andre. You never know how much I appreciated it in my loss of hope for good animes.

I'll keep an eye out!
Xirysa chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
I liked this. It was different from your usual style, but was still really good. So kudos.