Reviews for Hide and Seek
fading ink chapter 1 . 5/28/2012
Ohhh, I loved this. The storyline line was simple, but the way it was written was amazing. The only gripe I have regarding this would be... hm, that Allen was portrayed as a bit, idk, too naive? His politeness is just a cover, so- idk. Given his canon backstory, impressionable formative years with Cross, and the fake mask of Mana he's inclined to wearing, I'd think the clubbing scene would be a bit more familiar to Allen. Or, well, at least he'd know how to deal with it with his usual impeccable politeness, in a way that was wholly sneaky and manipulative and Allen. Other than that, this was really, really well-done. SO MUCH INNUENDO between Lavi and Kanda (and the bedroom scene! the implications! I think I love you for that!) was great. Allen and Lenalee were great. It's like they were just meant to be, you know? Their interactions were so natural and awkwardly endearing and everything. They just click like lock and key. By the end, I too was feeling Allen's frustration/despair, so when he finally found her (or, uh, /she/ found /him/), I was ecstatic. You did and awesome job with this. Reminded me of just /why/ I love Allena so damned much. :D
Hellocloser chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
I seriously think you should add another chapter to this, or make it into a full fic. Really, really well done, so the songfic bit is acceptable ;) But really, you have an awesome style, and your works are making me start to like AU's, which I don't usually go for.
sapphirehimitsu chapter 1 . 4/6/2009
Love this one-shot! Very sensual with a touch of humour with the contribution of Lavi and Kanda! I am so happy they found each other in the end! D
Tossino chapter 1 . 4/6/2009
So... Deme linked me to this. Lets hope the stupid site doesn't eat this review.


That's basically the best word I can use to describe this. The enviroments were so real, the characterizations so natural and just... right for the situation. Lenalee and Allen were so sweet. They clicked so naturally, like two puzzle pieces, and it was cute how awkward things got. It really fit them.

And Lavi and Kanda and the innuendos... Gotta love them! It was so epic. And Kanda in leather pants... HOT! I understand Lavi wants to get him to put on a pair of those. And the little bed talk scene... Kanda hogged the blanket, eh? That must mean they shared the bed... *Giggles madly* I see what you did thar!

Epic. It was perfect.
yuki chapter 1 . 3/29/2009
haha this is so cute!

allen's personality's slightly off but i love it!

i love the ending too! how he said "for you? never." that was pure.. MOE
Kattebutt chapter 1 . 3/27/2009
Oh I like this a lot. I usually tend to avoid AUs, but I thought I'd give this a shot, and it was worth it. :) Very realistic and in character. Not too much happenening, like a lot of drama, sort of fresh, if it wasn't for the harsh atmosphere portrayed in the story (which is also very well portrayed, you can almost feel you're there), just a story about Allen falling in love and having a really bad night running around with a faint hope that she might feel the same. That's very cute. I'm also glad it didn't turn all sappy in the end. It stayed nice and simple, natural so to say, cute but not overdone. That's very nice. The small minidramas Allen encounters also spikes the story up a bit, but the fact that it doesn't evolve into something more unpleasant was good, too, you feel just a little bit more sorry for Allen and hope just a little more that he'll find Lenalee soon. So yes, all in all, very well done. I'm looking forwar to seeing more from you. :)

Banu Thebes chapter 1 . 3/25/2009
Interesting concept. :P

However...I couldn't help but feel like Allen got the short end of the stick in terms of AU!characterization. He may not drink alcohol, and I'd understand why he wouldn't want substance abuse, but the think about Allen is that he comes across naive and straight-laced when he sort of isn't. At least, that's how I see him. I understand that there wasn't much room to show it, but it could have been there. Also, given Allen's travellings with Cross, he probably has had exposure to these kind of boozy, dark, demented club joints many many times before, making him more familiar with it than what you've shown (Allen feels the need to find a balance in the way he lives his life, if not for his own personal beliefs, he wants to at least make up for the crummy state of his childhood...which is important as to why he'd act this way in your fic). I understand that it would have been incredibly difficult given the setting for the story, but I'm just expressing my opinion.

Now, beyond that, I think the story was very much relevent to what we see today in society and in the media(and fanfiction) as well. I have found myself many times in these sort of clubs without knowing what to do, mainly because I don't buy into sex/drugs/rocknroll either. So it was fun seeing someone else have to go through the same thing as well and still get what he came for. Also, the way you wrote cameo appearances into the story was very plausible. Seeing the twins were a pile of fun, though perhaps it would have been interesting to see someone like Miranda also having a hard time fitting in. The club's popular for a reason, right? All in all, the whole fic was very endearing. Even Allen trying to dress up to fit the crowd was cute. It would have cuter (ok, totally a crack point, please don't take this seriously) if somehow Lenalee tried making the effort to dress more like him somehow, because that would show that they both are eager to make this work. XP

Anyway, interesting concept, good characterization (Lavi and Kanda fit in seamlessly, it was scary!), and a really lovely, plotless, slice-of-life oneshot! A nice sub-critique on the usage of clubbing in AU fanfiction as well. ;)
Glon Morski chapter 1 . 3/22/2009
I really liked it.

Poor Allen, looking for Lenalee the whole night. i wonder if Lenalee did the same thing though.
KyuuinShinkei chapter 1 . 3/22/2009
Nice one digi! I liked the way you related it with the song though I never heard it before. It's hard to write AUs _ But, yay, they met! :D

A few minor errors though:

“N…” He shook his head, attempting to regain some dignity. “I wouldn’t usually ask someone to STAY.”

The thought struck Allen as he was slumped in place, feet shuffling towards the open door with young, tired partygoers bustling at his shoulders. He nearly stopped in place, only pushed along by the mindless movements of the people behind him. What if Lenalee was in line right now, following everyone outside? What if he saw HER there?
seiyuurabu chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
Enjoyed a lot! For both pairings.
Im-a-tiger chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
Awesome story, now we just need an omake involving Lavi, Kanda and leather pants.
Morphine Dementia chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
Here I am, reviewing your story : D (hope it doesn't get eaten)

And of course, first thing what I say is, I FUCKING LOVE YOU, OMG LAVI AND KANDA WITH SO MUCH INNUENDO! :wtf

And now...

Like always, love your style and descriptions (I suck at details, lol.) The whole scene just came alive, I could practically sense it, the music, the blinking lights, the rhythm, the SEX IN THE AIR, everything. Marvelous.

Loved drunk!Kanda in the beginning - as well as Allen's reaction to them; also the repeated leather pants joke (so Kanda did get screwed in them by Lavi after Jasdevi as druggies was creepy and hilarious at the same time, it so fit to AU. And I just LOVE big brother Kanda. XD Also, Allen's thoughts at the empty club along with the two-sentences bed scene really made me think that Lavi and Kanda indeed left for X (Kanda becoming drunk enough to allow that) even if it wasn't your intention. XD Not to mention that their interactions in the bar, both with Allen and especially with each other, seemed so very natural, I couldn't help but enjoy it.

Now, onto AllenLenalee. I loved their first meeting's description. ORANGE JUICE! No wonder Lenalee's got surprised, she's older after all XD It was so sweet, they really are alike and two of the kind. Love them both. Allen looking for her during the whole night, putting up with everything he despises only for the sake of seeing Lenalee - AWESOME. It gave that vibe of that true feeling. And in the end, their meeting, their slightly awkward but loving interaction, so natural and sweet.

Great work. *favs*
HikamiTZ chapter 1 . 3/21/2009
I don't remember what I said last time this was up. XD Oh well. Allen encounters sex! Mm. 8D You know what I'd say about Britney Spears so we'll just leave that be (but I shall snicker remembering when you found out what the song was really saying hehee). I'm still not sure about the tone of the fic. Maybe I look for angst in all the wrong places or something. XD I'm such an angst-whore. It's coming back to me lol. Anyways, it was a fun read, especially the "Fuck me, like you said" line. That was my favorite. ;D