Reviews for Nightmares and New Beginnings
Guest chapter 23 . 4/22/2014
I love this story! Thanks for telling it!

(Gawd I wish Jubilee wasn't Marvel's poster child for wasted potential...)
Cylor chapter 20 . 10/8/2013
There were some people I used to know about 20 years ago, and I'm not sure why, but they've been on my mind again lately. In particular, there was this girl who was, to use an extremely well-worn cliche, a real firecracker, and also this short, hairy guy she always hung around with. And while I can't presume to call them friends, it's also no exaggeration to say that they once were two of my very favorite people in the world.

But I lost track of them over the years. I tried to catch up with them again a while back, but it just wasn't the same. They've changed so much, they're really just not the same people I used to know, anymore. And that makes me sad. Even though I still have my memories of the times we shared so long ago...those times are gone, now. And I thought I would just have to resign myself to that.

But then, I realized that there were other people who still remember them the way I do. People like yourself. Because here, in the pages of your work, I've finally found them again. And for that, I cannot thank you enough.

Also, I have to specifically commend you on your dialogue and POV narrative. In particular, the line where Logan congratulated Jubes for "calling [Cyclops] out on some of his bullshit" was one of the single most satisfying sentences I've ever read on this entire site, especially as relating to the Mr. Summers in question.
Nobody's Princess chapter 4 . 4/24/2013
It's been years since I got so excited about a fanfic, that I couldn't wait to get off work and come home to read it. This was that fanfic. Your took a huge risk writing this fic in first person. Huge. But it paid off in gold. You got into her head, you became her and you molded her into the strong, charismatic, straightforward woman that Jubilee fans know she is. You are right in that she is very overlooked in the comics,shows, etc. but her relationship with Logan always did intrigue me. Yet still when I started reading this I was quite hesitant about the pairing, and then you sold it. You somehow convinced me that Jubilee and Wolverine are perfect together. That their attitudes fit so well it's seamless. You sold this to me, and I bought every word of it. THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the time to take my hand and walk me down this pairing you love so much. You took such time and effort and I loved every moment of it. You made me see Wolverine through her eyes and he became that much more endearing for it. All I can say is that I hope you write more because I'm hooked on your writing. Best of luck to you always :)
Yoshida Megumi chapter 22 . 2/19/2013
Amazing! I was a little worried when you introduced an original character, but I shouldn't have been. This is completely the way this relationship should work in the comics. If only! I wish you'd write more (I know it's been a long time, but a girl can hope), maybe a little one shot about the trip to the cabin. Or hell, anything. You have an amazing grasp of both the characters individually and their relationship together. I can't say enough good things about this story!
Katya Jade chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
Another great story. I'll agree with Trance about the small grammatical mistakes but, overall, I really have nothing bad to say at all about your writing. You are incredibly talented and I hope you continue your Wolverine/Jubilee stories. You've inspired me to get back on the horn and write some more of my own. Nicely done!
TranceGemini613 chapter 16 . 8/31/2010
I'm really digging this story! Between the action and the characterization, I think it's fantastic. If you don't have a beta, you might want to consider looking for one-I'm seeing a lot of small spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes that, while not killer, are a bit distracting and take away from the overall work.

Also, the X-Men's mansion is in New York, not Massachusetts. (Yeah, we have a place called Salem in NY, too! :P)

I don't think I'll have time for beta-ing this semester, but if you ever want to throw me a line or ask for a once-over, I'm really big into X-Men and especially into Jubilee (hee), so feel free to send a message my way.

Otherwise, I really look forward to reading the rest of this story (I'm only on chapter...16?) and finding out what happens. :D Good job!
HeartBreakerWithAHeartofGold chapter 23 . 3/15/2010
So this is the second time I've read this story, and I still love it to pieces. Wonderful character development, plot, drama and of course that lovely humour.

I only wish there were more fics that were as well written as this (and preferably starring Jubes and her Wolvie).

summonfire chapter 5 . 11/5/2009
I love your story. Really impressive with the Jubilee POV writing style. I don't see many of those kind. I have to ask though, which X-Men comic did you write this from? I have the Essential X-Men compilation volumes but this sounds like one of the more recent series.
Twylyte chapter 23 . 10/28/2009
Yay! Thats good.

I wonder why Logan/Jubes doesn't rear it's head in canon when fics like this show well it can be done... Admittedly canon focuses on far more things, and is mainly action based but hey; I mean that as a compliment.

Good work, and I'm wondering about a sequel? Or maybe a companion piece showing how others really think... Or a little ficcie showing what happened to Rogue and Remy whilst this story took place. Now that I think about it that last one could be pretty good. Extend YOUR version of X-men... work on character, see how Logan and Jubilee's relationship affects others... I'd read it!

Anyway, I liked this fic a lot. Keep it up!
nileena chapter 23 . 9/22/2009
haha! the ending is hilarious! and just right.

i loved how you wrote about the nearly engagement ring but was actually a key box scene! hahaa..funny!

this was a great story.

Good Job!
deathgeonous chapter 23 . 9/15/2009
Wow, this was really good. I missed a whole bunch of updates on this story, and then I noticed it was done, so I reread the whole thing. Well, not immediately, cause this site was acting screwing and kept taking down your last chapters, but now I've read the whole thing, and I like. So, thanks for writing this, bye for now.
hobbitsdoitbetter chapter 23 . 9/13/2009
hey there, just read this all in one go and really liked it. thought you got jubes' and logan's interactions down pat, liked the way you handled the darker subject matter and really enjoyed the plot. really cool, thanks for this

hobbits away, ho!
yulian chapter 23 . 9/13/2009
This is such an awesome story. O love the way you wrote wolvie and jubes together , so perfect. I look forward to reading loads more of your stories!
yulian chapter 1 . 9/13/2009
LOVE IT! Just foun it while hunting for a story and loving it already. Gonna read the rest now!:P
wolverette chapter 23 . 9/12/2009
I have enjoyed reading this story and I am so sorry it is finished. I am a firm fan of the Logan and Jubilee pairing - I write it myself - and it is wonderful to see the two of them being portrayed in such a thoughtful and sensitive way. Poor Jubes got the short end of the stick in the comics - she was treated very badly - and it's nice to see her get the recognition she deserves in such a wonderful story.

I hope you have more ideas up your sleeve, 'cause I'll definitely be around to read 'em!
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