Reviews for The Stone Gryphon, Part 1: Oxfordshire 1942
tsaurn chapter 6 . 6/13/2017
Oh boy. I keep running into your series here and I've been meaning to read it for years now (Narnia has a special place in my heart) and I finally sat down to read it today. Now, normally I don't favorite a story until I'm caught up to the latest published chapter, to ensure the quality remains at the desirable level throughout, but I had to stop mid-chapter to leave a comment because this chapter so reasonated with me, of Richard's exposition of the museum and his studying of Peter... One line of Richard's brought me to a complete halt, because I understood his sentiment so completely and the feeling is one that motivates me to read and discover curiosities in the world around me.

"He fought the urge to hang Peter upside down and shake him until more interesting bits came out." the feeling I get from the best stories. How did you write this? What was your inspiration? What other interesting tidbits do you have tucked away in your brain about the characters, the setting, the lessons. What else have you written? What will you write? What have you read? What do you find interesting in the world around you, what makes up your daydreams and takes your fancy. What is youe opinion on the many fascinating things this world has to offer? Your character's? I want to shake your story and see what falls out. I want to shake my brain and see what comes out after reading it. I want to track down other writers inspired by this and shake them down and hoard away all the fascinating eclectic bits and maybe some day combine it all into something I too can share.

There are so many other things about this chapter I could praise, Richard's whole narrative about teaching and students and student-led learning and unraveling the mystery of Peter putting me in the right mindset for this eureka moment, and about the story as a whole so far (I'm finding it an absolute joy). But I felt the need to interrupt this enjoyment to pass along this message because it made such an impression. Finding stories that make me feel the way Richard does, and having a story that identifies and puts words to the very feeling just as I'm experiencing it along side the characters is simply...!
UniquelyMi chapter 1 . 5/7/2017
I'm typing this review in this chapter because I was originally skeptical of your story. Any story containing such an alternate world with a very different plot and many OCs is always going to take me a moment to trust, and by the time I paused for breath I was already on the third part. All this is to say that you have written a wonderful, incredibly well researched story, so much that I am coming here to favorite this part to make sure I don't get caught up and then forget. It was a shock to me at first to realize all your details were accurate-the French, Chinese, biology, and other assorted references I recognized-but soon I accepted you knew everything (though I feel you are mistaken about Washington DC's springs-I don't think you can call something a season if it only lasts two days before heat settles in). All of this is so well intertwined with Narnia and built with care. Thank you for writing a lovely story.
CV12Hornet chapter 14 . 5/2/2017
As a student of WWII, Asim's thoughts on the war are... interesting. And overly pessimistic, but then, that was the prevailing mood at the time, and we only know otherwise through hindsight.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 2 . 9/8/2016
There is just so much richness in this chapter that I know I can reread it and find things I haven't quite noticed before. Creation myths! I love creation myths and the way Mary tries to analyse the details on the Wardrobe to determine which one it came from. Also, Mary really is a one-woman hurricane, isn't she? I'd be just as overwhelmed as Peter if I happened to bump into her (or more probable, if she happened to run over me).

Also I like the way you write Peter! He's true to all his Selves. The one most dominant now is of course Peter the Student, but never far from the surface is Peter the High King. Excellent method of introduction Asim bin Kalil too, by the way. Peter-the-King-and-warrior came to the fore and I like how he and Asim understands each other _perfectly_, even if no one else in the room gets what they were doing. I like how it reflects the fact that both had lived in cultures and places where it makes perfect sense to go to most places armed with blades.

The tale of all fossils in plaster casts resting in Mary and Richard's dwelling is very intriguing indeed. As was the story of all those poor books Mary had chucked all over the place around the world (the bibliophile in me is cringing about all those leather binding left to the mercies of the weather). I love how Richard and Mary knew that Digory had A Secret, even if they don't really know what it was about.
Orange et Blue Morality chapter 1 . 9/8/2016
I can't tell you how excited I am that you're trying to write the Pevensies as they grow up. Narnia is great and all, and death is the next great adventure after life, but one can't really say that the Pevensies are done living if they died as teenagers. Growing up is an adventure of its own! So, allow be to begin by raising a toast to your valiant efforts, the characterisations that held true and detail that are immersive.

"Professor Digory Kirke, distinguished holder of the Barnett Chair in High Medieval Theology" _of course_ he'd be in high medieval theology. That makes so much sense.

I'm already drawn in by the letter and even the sketch of these new dramatis personae that Professor Diggory had just made up on the spot.

"I believe the reason Richard is not still curator here with his own endowed chair is because it is widely reported that he has an African common law wife." That piece of academic gossip felt so real, that I could feel myself grinning as I hear that. I like how the scandal attached to the man is certainly reflective of the era. I'm more in Peter's camp, though, and consider it as a marker that there's an interesting story and an interesting man behind all that. Also, I love mentions of All. The Digs. And Expeditions.

All of them. The environment is not mere backdrop for the characters but also affect and influence them (and are affected and influenced by them).

"I suppose to do such a things a woman would have to be forceful. In England, anyway," Too true, but I'm glad that Peter is actually able to see and acknowledge that.

On an unrelated note, I don't suppose you have an AO3 account?
Prince Pondincherry chapter 6 . 8/15/2016
I see you've had a lot of fun with more modern scientific discoveries. It is a shame that Peter couldn't have advanced the field of biology. I wonder what he was actually planning on doing with his life at this point? Surely he didn't know he'd be called to Aslan's land so soon?
HannahKathleen chapter 4 . 2/13/2016
Stumbled onto this fanfic quite by accident when looking for some good Narnian fics to read, so far, I'm really enjoying it. :) Good job! Not often do I find well thought out and written OCs, especially in Narnian fics, for some reason... :P
IntrovertedBookworm98 chapter 16 . 12/20/2015
This was an absolutely jaw-dropping read, sir!

The grammar was astounding - picky punctuation and syntax freak that I am could find no flaws or mistakes whatsoever, and that is (sadly) a significant rarity on this site.

Your historical accuracy in terms of speech etc is lovely and the attention to detail makes me want to jump through your computer screen, give you a heart attack and leave a digestive biscuit on your desk or whatever flat surface is closest to you...and no, not the floor! Eugh!

I adore how accurately you write each and every character. I am in love with your writing style! It's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! ;)
Monsters of NY chapter 16 . 10/24/2015
As mentioned, I have now reread the story, and all the repetition has done is reassure me that this is some fantastic-magnificent, even-work.

While there's a lot to appreciate about a work like this-the research, the characterization, the cleverness-I think my very favorite aspect of "Oxfordshire 1942" is the complete lack of manufactured drama. You have rare confidence in your / Lewis' characters and your writing; where another writer would be tempted to have the characters work at cross-purposes-either intentionally or out of well-intentioned stupidity-in an attempt to bring some conflict into the story you believe, correctly, that their everyday jobs and interactions are enough to carry the book. Not only is it refreshing, it also has the effect of making the characters feel as smart as they're supposed to be, which is something that is far rarer than it should be.
Monsters of NY chapter 7 . 10/22/2015
As always, your work rewards re-reading and attention to detail; I don't at all recall what impression this particular chapter left on me when I initially read it, but I assume it must not have been much of one, not having the barest clue who Dinan was supposed to be or how she fit into the rest of the generally sparkling narrative of "Oxforshire 1942". How, with "who the heck is Dinan?" answered by "Harold and Morgan" and "Rejection of the Terms", this chapter can now shine, and shine it does.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/26/2015
I love the deep knowledge each of these characters imparts to Peter
Guest chapter 4 . 4/26/2015
I love how you have matured the Pevensies into well-rounded, wise, interesting monarchs and that these traits translate so beautifully into the modern English society.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/26/2015
Is it coincidence that you chose the name Mary Russell? You might like the Mary Russell series by Laurie R. King.
Julia chapter 2 . 2/11/2015
Only two chapters in and I'm speechless (well, not really or this would be a lot shorter). This is just so damn good! The writing seems (to my admittedly inexperienced eye) period appropriate and it reads like a dream. But the characters, oh my! They are just so vivid, I swear they leap off the page and they feel so real already, like real people with lives and stories. I can't wait to see where this goes! I'll review again at the end but I just wanted to let you know that I'm already hooked!
Saoirse7 chapter 10 . 8/28/2014
It's very interesting, going back and rereading after having read the others, such as H&M. But it just means that I enjoy these side stories even more. Well, enjoy in a relative sense that I appreciate them, but am sad at remembering Merle and Morgan and everyone else. Still a great story, though! :)
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