Reviews for Mean Time to Failure
Kimmae chapter 1 . 6/14/2011
Oooh... I'm so sad now. I never had the privilege of playing Alter Code F, but I was able to make inferences to what and who was being referred to throughout. I think (oddly enough) that more content would have added more of a tear-jerking punch for your readers, whether they know the context of the story or not. I'm gonna clutch at my heart for the next little while and try not to sniffle when I think about permanently off-line Rudy.
FlareKnight chapter 1 . 3/22/2009
Though it had the sad component I did enjoy reading this one. Probably since Jack was my favourite character it's great to see stories told from his perspective. Poor guy always figures out these things way after everyone else. Three months before he realized something was wrong...

Thank you for making a point of how crazy it was to bury someone on a narrow precipice. Sure the old guy must have liked the spot but there has to be a better place for it.

Kind of felt for him being back to travelling with just Hanpan. Not that he's bad company or anything :). At least Jack figured out what he wanted to say to Cecilia before he had walked too far away. It really is just like him to barge into her chambers and point blank ask the question. Of course wouldn't be Cecilia if she didn't have a retort for him.

In the end the two of them ended up in a similar place. Wonder what he would do after this. Guess he could go with the plan of rebuilding Arctica. Or maybe stick around in Adlehyde and hope they would one day remember who he was :).

Thanks for writing this. Always nice to read a Wild Arms fic with this original group.