Reviews for Never Again
Vani88 chapter 5 . 8/18/2009
This is a really cute fic... I don't think it quite qualifies for an M-rating... but I sure liked the Hollis-bashing :)
Vani88 chapter 3 . 8/18/2009
Great... I can't wait to see him confront that stupid woman
Vani88 chapter 1 . 8/18/2009
Yay I like that :)
PuckurtPartieLover chapter 5 . 5/8/2009
Loved loved loved this story but was hoping for a little bit more pain towards Hollis. I loved the ending it was bperfect GABBY.
chibi-dono15 chapter 5 . 4/28/2009
Love it! Can't wait for more

Gibbs and Abby stories!

Please and thank you!
Never Leave chapter 5 . 4/27/2009
LOL - Loved McGee's offer of help.
OrbitGum chapter 1 . 4/15/2009
I have a friend named Gabby!
Ashlalee chapter 5 . 4/15/2009
I absolutely love this story! Its freaking awesome! Thanks for writing it!
GAbbyIsLove chapter 5 . 4/12/2009
I am stunned! That was brilliant work!

I love how when Hollis came to Abby's apartment everyone started threatening her! Hehe, even the director joined in!

“I’ve never hit a woman before Hollis but so help me god if you don’t leave right now I will”

I am in love with that line! You are great at making comebacks for characters!

Wow! Definitely going on my favorites list!

Great job! Brilliant work!
GAbbyIsLove chapter 3 . 4/12/2009

I love this story so far!

I love how everyone is against Hollis!

Lol, they all made a big deal out of Abby's outfit to get Mann's attention! I love it!
Sophies-Welt chapter 5 . 3/31/2009
Wow that was an amazing story, hope you write more soon :D
kangaleigh chapter 5 . 3/25/2009
I meant to leave a review after each chapter, but got so swept up in the story, I forgot! It was a great story and I hope you keep writing more!
kangaleigh chapter 1 . 3/25/2009
Goodness, I hate Hollis. The woman drives me crazy. Can't wait to see what the rest of the story is like. Which is good since its already finished! lol.
Berlian chapter 5 . 3/24/2009
great story.. I love Gabby with Hollis as spices ;)

it'll more great if there's Gabby moment after the last scene:)
finlaure chapter 5 . 3/24/2009
I did not find anything bad in any of the five chapters I read. In fact, I did not notice any obvious spelling mistakes. Your grammer and sentence style were very enjoyable to read. You had all of the characters in canon and right for the story line. The only thing I would have added would have been a cat fight, but that would have sunk Abby to Mann's level and That wouldn't have been right. I really liked reading this story and had several good laughs and 'aaw' moments. You did a great job describing the emotions of different characters. I look forward to reading more of your stories and Really liked this one. Please post more of your wonderful works soon.
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