Reviews for NU: The Killing Joke
brockarot chapter 1 . 3/20
Nice story, I like the plot and think that it is great and I love All of the awesome powers. Also, I have a fanfic that I just made Called demon lord of multiverses, and I was wondering if you could check it out and give me a review on how you like it?
Noctus Of The Thousand Blades chapter 7 . 3/11
i DO hope you dont plan on having Naruto and Ino have the same ABUSIVE relationship that the original Joker and Harley had. even if naruto IS the joker now, part of him is STILL naruto, so i very much doubt that he would be the same abusive asshole the first joker was.

otherwise you havent truly merged the two, you have taken the joker, changed his name and plopped him into the narutoverse.

naruto has one defining quality that i dont EVER see changing. he CANNOT and WILL NOT hurt those close to him. those he considers Precious. and who is more precious to the Joker then Harley Quinn?

add Naruto's quirks onto the Joker, and suddenly we see a whole new dynamic between Harley and the Joker. one where the Joker actually CARES for Harley BEYOND her usefulness, and may even love her back. as in actually SHOW that he cares about her as an individual.
Noctus Of The Thousand Blades chapter 2 . 3/11
okay, i SLIGHTLY take back my statement in the first review. there is ONE actor who might do a convincing joker. after all, he voices the best one for the Arkham games. Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, is the joker in the Arkham games. and i have seen him play some TRULY unhinged characters. in some cases he does it so well he scares the ever loving crap out of me.

so Mark could probably do a good job, but thats about the only actor i know who could.
Noctus Of The Thousand Blades chapter 1 . 3/11
honestly, while i admire heath ledger's acting for the most part... i did not like him as the joker. i don't care that people go on and on about how "Amazing" he was in the role. he wasn't "The Joker" he was a sadistic thug with the same name.

read the comics, Joker was NOTHING like he is portrayed. one of the closest versions i have seen thus far is the guy from Suicide Squad. but even HE didn't really live up to the role.

the thing about the joker, is he is so crazy, so unhinged that somehow he has looped back around to being sane. you don't do that and stay coherent, or serious.

the joker views EVERYTHING as a big joke, life, the universe, EVERYTHING. he is an agent of chaos sure, but he does it with a smile and a joke based plan. ALWAYS joke based. they missed that in almost every version thus far.

hell, Jack Nicholson is about the only version of the joker that got that. but he still wasn't the Joker. he played the part, but he was still too serious.

which is why i don't think ANYONE will ever be able to truly play the role. oh many will try, but they will always fall short. to play someone that unhinged, you yourself have to be unhinged. and no one is going to let an unhinged actor play the part.

so i am sorry, Heath as the Joker is thus far the WORST version i have seen. nothing against the man, or his skills. my beef is with the writers, and his choice of portrayal.
Googlemo chapter 1 . 2/1
Great start, really intriguing, Dark Naruto - means EVIL Naruto, and I appreciate that you have common sense to understand that.

Though this phrase is kinda stupid: "I believe, whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you... Stranger..."

I think something like this would be much more appropriate:
"I believe, each time Death spares you, insanity creeps closer..."
Googlemo chapter 11 . 2/1
Well, at first this fic had potential, but then... it became boring fast, mainly because author doesn't have ANY plot in mind, he just tosses characters from batman into the story one after another, and even defeats them without ANY work(seriously the only villain that actually DID anything was Naruto himself, and he got caught IMMEDIATLY after!) And of course reading so much about mindless violence gets boring pretty fast and pretty disturbing too... Cause you cannot really relate to someone so fcked up in the head.

Not to mention I hate batman, its retarded, vigilante that keeps arresting psychopaths that kills dozens of people each time is so stupid it ain't even funny(For fcks sake in US they execute people for MUCH less! and its a freaking democracy kingdom, ponies and rainbows compared to Gotham).
Guest chapter 11 . 12/29/2016
More chapters plz this is amazing
Guest chapter 11 . 7/28/2016
So r u gonna continue your story or have u lost interest in it. Please let us know.
R chapter 4 . 5/14/2016
So disappointing. The first chapter barely qualifies above snuff porn. Then, you rip apart characters at their very core. You made chouji physically weak. You had naruto turn gaara into clayface. The worst one? You made Naruto woefully underpowered. You made TENTEN of all people better than Naruto?

Stupid Asshole.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/26/2016
Great stuff
Guest chapter 9 . 1/16/2016
I think itachi would make a good slade my reason is this he is no longer in akatsi because naruto destroy'd it he and slade have a similar attitude and you said yourself that slade will be more of sasuke's enemy then tenten that and it's gives itachi a reason to be in kahona to protect sasuke in he's own way. well those are my reasons for itachi been slade
ShadowDragonOfDestruction chapter 11 . 12/12/2015
It's a great writing that you have here
And I do hope you update it again
Hope I see more of this great story later on
Till thrn
O ni kai chapter 9 . 11/11/2015
Itachi might be good as Dethstroke/Slade.
Vlad Tempest chapter 11 . 10/23/2015
Shame you didn't finish it. The Joker is my favorite villian. You made a complex and intriguing story. You took an infamous character and made it your own. I can't tell if this is a story on philosophy or a fanfic. I am intrigued. I wish to know if you will finish ,and if so how, my new favorite story.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/9/2015
have you thought about having kankuro be the ventriloquist, and have Temari take over after he dies
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