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Kichigai17 chapter 24 . 7/23
Oh noooo! I REALLY loved this story right up until the epilogue! You should have just left it how it ended last chapter, with him saying that he loved her! It really rubs me the wrong way to read about him casually abusing her, like it cheapens their relationship. I don't mind when they got into the huge fight and threw each other around, or when he carved the diamonds into her, etc. but casually backslapping her because she stepped on his foot?! I thought her putting on the costume and becoming Harlequinn and breaking him out of Arkham was her stepping up to his level, and growing a backbone, and making herself more his equal; I can't get behind that he would still just abuse her...I don't know why but in fics it doesn't bother me with him killing people, etc, as long as he doesn't hurt the girl he's with. SO I'm just gonna try and forget I read this last chap because I seriously loved the story until then!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/16
I am utterly giddy at how much I am in love with this story right now. Your writing is fantastic, the plot is fantastic, the whole thing is so well done. Its so rare for me to find a fanfic as perfect as this one. You obviously put so much effort and care into this and it truly shows. You get 1000/1000 stars from this reader!
Lyra Endless chapter 24 . 7/16
You said I could leave feedback even years after completion, so here I go -:
First off, I am a huuuge Joker fan and getting him in an even vaguely romantic setting is really difficult. But I gotta tell you: you freakin' nailed it! One of the absolute best characterizations ever*-*! I adore just about everything about this story o.O! Possibly one of the best things I've ever read on the internet. No, seriously, I cannot praise it enough. Now, I hope you don't mind long reviews, because I am going to go a bit into detail here'
First off, as a person who has never really read the comics I didn't know very much about Harely, but I did see her depicted in many different ways. And of all of them, your characterization doesn't only seem the most believable, but also the most likeable. What I loved the most about her though, is her slow decent into madness*-*! From a young therapist struggling to be taken seriously to the absolute epic stunt she pulled to bust the Joker out of prison at the end (loved that part especially btw). You made me completely fall in love with her and believe me, that really doesn't happen often with the main character.
Of course, her dear best friend Pam also needs to get adressed. Again, have not read the comics, first time meeting this character (way more so than with Harely). What I'm really wondering here is what exactly happened with Woodrue, this construction site and Pam in general. I am really hoping this gets clarified in the sequel/-thingys, because otherwise I'm gonna be quite upset ;). Also: Crane. A character I was kinda surprised you fit in there. Arrogant badstard as always, again, spot-on, and even though he felt a bit forced at the beginning, like you just kinda squeezed him in there, he was incorporated really well over time. Liked him a lot-!
The only thing I actually have an issue with is the way you gave us little insights into the Joker's head in third person throughout the story. I feel like you should have either commited to it more and used it more often, or left it out completely, because personally I felt like it kind of ruined the flow of the story while I was reading it. Don't know if anyone adressed this before, just my personal impression-.
Only thing left to say now is really: amazing story, really absolutely amazing\**/! You have a great writing style, vocabulary AND grammar (which can't be said about everyone on here') and I just wanna say thank you for writing this (because I really don't think nearly enough reviewers say that). Loved every second of it. And now excuse me, I gonna go read the sequel XD! Bye~!
(Sorry that it got so long, just really needed to get this out of my system ~)
Guest chapter 21 . 6/24
Wait so what i want to know it's was the toxin actually in random places or were those the safe houses?
Koyuri chapter 5 . 6/21
Re liberty - as a person of color who likes serial killers (though i don't fantasize about marrying them), i can tell you that it's not because they're white. Rly it's just if they're hot. Though w/ social context or whatevr mybe people are less likely to fall for black serial killers because they're stereotypically "thugs" so white serial killers are supposed to be rare enough that they stand out? Idk. Maybe someone should look into that lol why people r not as likely to like black serial killers than white
socio chapter 5 . 6/21
I really like your joko, but i loooove your Pam. Can i marry her? Like actually?
Joker is cute in the weirdest way XD I'm deeply impressed by how much power he has as a prisoner. Which probably makes me a bad person, but whatever. If i were ever being counseled or psychoanalyzed, I wish I could be half as good.
socio chapter 4 . 6/21
S/o to Lucy because her comment on how humans were made to be ruled makes me inordinately happy. (It's obvious at this point how my strange interest in supervillains began)
socio chapter 4 . 6/21
Wants to add that your Harley is smart - did you ever study psych? Or is it just the personality analysis you do from writing, since you've clearly put a lot of thought into J? Her analysis isn't genius or anything, but it IS good. Given that she's a fanfic character, though, that is pretty brilliant.
socio chapter 4 . 6/21
Never answeredthis. Probably oughta.
Can't tonight cuz on mobile, but can say some brief stuff, mainly because in the next chapter you say you are actually interested. I have either a more optimistic or even more cynical perspective on human nature than J-J (can I call him jayjay? For some bizarre reason it seems to suit him), depending on how you look. I think almost everyone aspires to be good because theyre raised to value morality, among other things (also biological - it's evolutionarily beneficial). Proponents of Machivelli argue that even so, peopleare pretty willing to bend their morals when push comes to shove, and even if they want to be a variation of moral and admire that, they can't always succeed; they make sacrifices, take shortcuts, cut corners. The people who say their actual decisions, remorselessly and with justification, are being honest but in a dangerous way - they're ripping aside a veil ythat protects us from the worst of unbridled selfishness, because as long as people think perfect morality is attainable, they will hesitate to screw people over.
Inherently, though? This is the part where I'm more or less cynical, depending. People are inherently selfish, but they aren't evil. Theyre lazy. Evil requires effort, and people inherently don't go through effort to screw people over; they do it if it's convenient. Some do, but it isn't natural; they make it happen, driving themselves against their own nature. For the most part, people just blunder about harmlessly until it's both convenient and extremely beneficial to backstab.. May/may not lead to slippery slope.
Then again, I'm from an extremely safe neighborhood and go to a safe campus for school, so i mightlack the raw data to draw satisfactory conclusions.
JIM chapter 24 . 6/6
WOW, this fanfic is the best fanfic's I have read (EVER) I loved what you did with the harley and joker so great that I couldn't stop reading
Lucy chapter 4 . 4/28
At this point you probably don't care-it's been awhile since this was posted, but to answer your question, I think people are inherently evil beings. This is coming from someone who believes in a God too. I believe that the only way for society to function and have world peace would be for everyone to be brainwashed into mindlessly following the government. Basically 1984.

On that note, I'd rather have complete anarchy and total chaos then an all powerful government. Unfortunately, the human race would quite literally obliterate itself, and begin constructing governments whether they meant to or not. Humans are made to be ruled; we crave direction, a purpose. Everyone believes in something, and we hang onto that ideology to justify our actions.

Even if the world did fall into complete anarchy, gangs would form, people would group up-we are social beings, we are pack mentality at its finest, and some subconscious, instinctual part of us understands this. We'd have another government ruling is before long-otherwise one never would have been formed in the first place.
CharlieFarleyGirl chapter 24 . 4/12
Wow wow WOW. I have three words for you. Absolutely. Fucking. Brilliant. I just think that in this story you've captured the Joker's and Harley's characters PERFECTLY. And their relationship makes sense. I've read so many fictions where I've thought, hang on a minute, Harley would never fall in love with this guy. But in this story, you've managed to make it make sense! (if that makes any sense) *claps* Thank you very much for this story, I look forward to reading your other fan fictions! :D
imabandit chapter 24 . 4/1
I am so sad that this story has come to an end! I literally could not stop reading it for days straight! It was so realistic and the way you intertwined the two characters was magical!
no ordinary movie maker chapter 5 . 3/24
I realize that I'm not really going to help now with any reviews as I see that you are done with this story but I really do want to say that I am really intrigued by your writing. It's really amazing. So all I really wanted to say for this chapter was that great job with the introduction of Ivy, cant wait to see if she makes an appearance later on. You have made my day with this story. Harley is my favorite DC character.
no ordinary movie maker chapter 4 . 3/24
haha hey thats MISTER J! speaking of I really enjoyed the way that you introduced the nicknames for them. The way that the Joker fihured out the nickname in the last chapter and then used it was great. I am really loking forward to keep reading. Let me say you certainly have a great way with words.
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