Reviews for The Wizard on the Edge of Forever
paulmoss chapter 20 . 9/7
Love the story so far. Would love to see it finished.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/26
I’ve really enjoyed this story. It’s a wonderful mixture of two great series. I hope there will be another chapter. I’d love to see how Harry bests Voldemort! Thanks got writing.
CarolWim chapter 1 . 4/15
Not bad. For the many years learning magic, they just know 4 spells. Bravo!
kyanoswolf chapter 20 . 4/8
I really hope that this someday continues. Such a cliffhanger! Compelling story. Two of my favorite fandoms and time travel. I can only imagine where this might be heading. Thank you for the enjoyable read, though I must admit to cursing when I realized I'd just finished the last chapter.
Stannis is the one true king chapter 20 . 4/4
We ever gonna get the next chapter back?
GBTtown chapter 20 . 3/19
What a great story, I wish it had a sequel as leaving on a cliffie is a shame.
wolf550e chapter 11 . 3/7
Shouldn't Earth at this time have a post-scarcity economy, without jobs, money, advertising, etc? I am not a fan of the US teen drama tropes, feels very paint by numbers.
pawn6252 chapter 20 . 2/21
I like your story line,I just wish you would update more often.
It moves along well and in logical order
SpockST chapter 20 . 2/19
I came across this story when it was recommended by some members of BobMin and Alyx's group Snorkack. Since it has been over 11 years since it was last updated, I can only hope that you receive this comment. I enjoyed his enough that I would love to see it finished. If you are not so inclined, may I offer my services to complete it for you?

I finished off Bobmin356's third crossover between Harry Potter and the Dragonriders of Pern. I enjoyed it so much that I wrote a fourth book to the series. I am offering to do the same for your story if you will allow it.

Please contact me either here or at spockst at gmail dot com. I will be looking forward to the rest of the story, regardless how it is finished.
Cathy-Ann chapter 20 . 1/26
Chapter 21 the chosen one returns

Harry’s ship returned to two days after he had been taken thru time. The ship was landed and several crew members disembarked.

The space ship declaimed over Gringotts and blasted away the roof and made a lasted tunnel down into the interior with their last blasters. The horcrux in the vault as killed as the cup was melted. Then the space ship cloaked and flew back to Hogwarts.

Albus Dumbledore was putting Voldemort into Hogwarts when Voldemort’s body was vaporized by laser. The diadem was found and melted the same time.

Voldemort’s spirit could no longer stay here as Neville Longbotton swung the griffin fire sword and decapitated the snake Nagini.

Voldemort screamed that he was immortal and Harry yelled back “go collect your immortality then”. As Voldemort’s souls slid downward into the earth.

Dumbledore said Harry had a horcrux in his scar. Harry said plastic surgery removed the horcrux from his scar. Albus Dumbledore was taken back to the future with them to start up Hogwarts all over again.

Mr if you do not update your story after two years you deserve to have someone write another ending chapter.!
Fallow57 chapter 20 . 12/11/2020
Reading the Banner I was then pleasantly suprized this was a x-over... That I liked... But it might be more inviting if those that like these stories could find it easier... : )
Like mentioning that it is a X-over? Being mysterious could be fun but hiding between xpluss other stories brevety makes unremarkable makes overlooked...

For the story sofar: xxXxx Kudos xxXxx : )
Firemane chapter 20 . 12/7/2020
This is a well thought out story that has been progressing nicely. I hope you do not abandon it :-)
scyfly chapter 20 . 11/30/2020
it is a story about harry in the future. that is it. magic is history theit society gone and currently has no relevance to the present.
worst part is that i dont believe your history would have gone like this at all. did you know star trek had magicals? i didnt, but then according to you it doesnt matter because manipulating reality with your mind is to much of a hassle when it can be done with a push of a button.

yeah not really worth reading. grammar and spelling is impacible though
scyfly chapter 4 . 11/30/2020
the probability that harry is an advanced human from the 20th century and the only one of his kind is so small that it isnt even worth mentioning. so why is no ond questioning this? not is sector 31 all over him and they def would be
scyfly chapter 5 . 11/30/2020
the order of the phoenix was created to fight voldemort, if they survived till 2070 that means the war lasted that long, how is this a good thing?
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