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Nyx Nox Night chapter 64 . 9/5/2014
congrats! That's awesome!
Guest chapter 64 . 8/11/2014
Wow congratulations! I thought so from the beginning that this should be a real story, amazing you actually went with it, I feel so proud somehow! Good luck with this publication, I'm so happy just reading this!
Jinsei no Akki chapter 63 . 11/2/2012
...I'm Speechless (With a capital, because it is just that important _)
Honestly and truly, this is an amazing piece of art.
Every chapter was emotional and made me giggle and smile, and the fight made me cry TTTT
In fact I very rarely cry over fanfiction, only a couple have made me do that and I'm proud to say this marvellous little gem has joined the crew!
The fact that this story is so brilliantly crafted, with only a handful of characters you managed to create a beautiful flowing story about two people falling in love.
I didn't even like Hiyoshi/Akaya, but since Akaya is my fandom whore along with Eiji (Hehehe) I gave this pairing a go and I'm bloody pleased I did!

To sum it off, (this story was simply too Good to not review so apologies for the 'lateness') an emotional magnificent piece of work that had me in tears and laughter all the way through. Serious respect too for writing so much (I could never in my life accomplish that, I'm too lazy hahaha -_-)

Only thing that comes remotely close to being an irk for me. The title. Capitalise. (But since this is an outshining story I don't care about the title being not capitalised... much, naa I'm only joking)

Well done for a brilliant read!
Niji95 chapter 63 . 7/27/2012
This was so PERFECT *.*

I really enjoyed the story and have now become a big Wakashi x Akaya fan :D
flyingpardin chapter 63 . 3/3/2012
wow this is really the end.. i can hardly believe it...

you have no idea what this story did to me the last few days _ i fully blame you for not doing any of my school work!

let me say first that i've never been a big fan of this pairing, but since i generally like all akaya pairings and this story had so many reviews i assumed it would be good. and thats what it was even though "good" sounds like such an understatement now.

i fell in love with your writing style, with the dialogues and the sweet/dramatic/hilarious/hot scenes you came up with.

when my assumptions that atobe was sanada's boyfriend came true i jumped in excitement and almost hyperventilated (yes gigantic tango fan here :P) but i seriously wished you had featured them more! oh well i let my imaginations go wild about them while reading the story so its fine~

i think so far no FF this long managed to capture my attention for this long, at first i didnt expect to finish all 63 chapters! but i did. omg xD

i dont know why i'm still here ranting about this when i dont even have anything left to say, but i'm far too emotional about your story to stop writing!

but i think i should.

these are my last words i promise xD

you are an amazing author to make this story interesting until the end with a couple that doesnt even seem interesting at all on first glance. so really you have all my respect!
xSakuraBlossom chapter 63 . 2/7/2012
This. Was. Amazing. I don't care that it's a rather unconventional pairing. It was an amazing read. Somehow, despite them bein so very different, the way you portrayed them made the pairing work perfectly. I loved it so much!

A few comments... Sometimes you do misspell words or put in the wrong word (Ie. Immerged was not the word you were looking for in that chapter when Hiyoshi confronts his parents- the word is "emerged"), but the errors didn't detract from the story itself. This was a great piece with well- planned plot, although it did kind of change to slice-of-life in the middle. Not that I have any complaints- those chapters were fun to read. I loved how you characterized everyone, you managed to make them interact in ways completely outside of the scope of canon, but still had everyone in character, so it wasn't like an original fiction with the names as the only connection.

Sorry for the rather disjointed comments, it's late and I'm rambling and just saying whatever comes to mind xP This was an absolutely wonderful story, though, and I'm sure that I'll return to read it again.

Great job, keep writing~
RikkaiDaiLove chapter 63 . 11/14/2011
Wow. I just spent the last three days doing literally nothing but reading this story. I've never been much of a Akaya/Wakashi fan, but you have officially turned me. I read your story High School Demon Sweetheart first and then Bloody Annoyances. I loved both so I thought I would give this one a try. I got so into it and didn't want it to end. I have fallen in love with your Akaya and Wakashi in all 3 of your stories. I'm still trying to get over the fact that this story is over. You had me crying through their fights and especially like the last 10 chapters. I've actually never commented on a story before, so I had to make an account to tell you all this! I will be following Bloody Annoyances from now on, and I look forward to more writing from you! Thank you so much for a story like this that I could lose myself in!
DuoLoyalar chapter 63 . 4/5/2011
Oh my god, I so love this!

Ugh, I have had awfully much schoolthings to do, and I really hadn't time to read that last chapter not until today P_P But now I got to read it, and waaah, I really loved it! I can't describe it, I just love it, and I am a little hyper whirling now :D

Thank you very much for that fic, it was my favorite from the point I started to read it (which was about when 8th chap was published, I quess..), and I always waited for new chapters.
Miss Sammi Potter chapter 63 . 3/29/2011
oh WOW, I was not expecting this to be the end! I can't believe it! When I scrolled down and saw the 'epiloge' part, i literally gasped. This is such a lovely story. I love it so much! You did a wonderful job with it!
Her Majesty Lady Yumiko chapter 63 . 3/27/2011
No! You have to continue it! You have to at least write the wedding because I imagine Kirihara's mother would make it spectacular! And Sanada all annoyed in a tux! You have to!
yilun chapter 63 . 3/25/2011
Well now..we've come to the end of this story. Those 2 have a long road ahead but it looks as though they can handle it. I'm not surprised that Wakashi got discriminated for his preference in the fraternity but that's the norm when people do not want to understand and accept what they deem is not natural...

Thank you for this story. You have drawn out details in many situations & this has given a lot of depth to this story. I'm preparing to read the whole thing again very soon.
Lahdolphin chapter 63 . 3/25/2011
If you want to end it, end it. If you want to keep writing, keep writing. Personally, this story could go either way. It's up to you. I think stories are a hell of a lot better if the author wants to write.

If this is the end: I loved this story. It hits home and really shows how love can make us act like idiots. But it also shows two characters and a pairing that need way more attention than they're getting.

yilun chapter 62 . 3/18/2011
Wakashi's not taking it too well isn't he? It must be such a shock that he needed to feel physical pain to bring him back to reality. Well, I'm glad Sanada understood & going to Akaya's mum would probably be a wise move. At least he'll be in a safe environment to vent the angst off...

I hope Akaya understands. Good chapter! Thanks for the update.
TinaEck chapter 62 . 3/17/2011
Keep going! Keep going! Keep going! lol I could so see Akaya's mother being all snuggly like that! X3 I bet she really is used to her little baby coming home, covered in bruises haha. Yay Sanada! D
Miss Sammi Potter chapter 62 . 3/17/2011
oh gosh, please update soon!
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