Reviews for Charlie In Real Life
Klarobass chapter 29 . 11h
I think Blair's right that telling Charlie is the only solution. It's better she hear the truth from her parents rather than their adversary Carter who will use the information to his advantage to create a rift between Chuck and Blair. With what he knows, he'll use the information they is the most damaging to hurt Chuck and Blair's relationship with Charlie and her siblings. And now that he has photos of him and Blair, Carter has the upper hand. He'll probably use them as blackmail material to get whatever he wants from the bases and will also use their daughter as a bargaining chip. I think Chuck should tell her, but I have a strong feeling he won't. I think he's too proud and afraid his daughter will hate him than doing the right thing. I think he won't want to say anything about his past until it's too late and the divide is so big that if and when he finally tells her it won't solve anything and it won't fix anything. We shall see what happens though.

Zach still showing his jealous steaks. When is he going to respect Charlie's choice of being with Gabe. He doesn't have to like the guy, just be civil with him for Charlie's sake. And I think things are only going to get worse with the revelation of the tattoo. I'm really enjoying where this story is headed. It's good to see Chuck and Blair come to an understanding, even if it will probably be short-lived. Even their children are starting to pick up on their distance from one another.
Klarobass chapter 28 . 3/13
What is Carter up to? Whatever it is, I have a feeling it'll create more tension between Chuck and Blair. I just hope his endgame won't come to fruition. I think him creating a divide between Chuck and Blair is party of his plan, and he's using their daughter to achieve this. I'm wondering what Carter wants with Blair. Whatever it is, it can't be good and I'm sure it's something that will infuriate Chuck. I feel dad for Charlie thinking her father left because he didn't want her. I don't think him and Charlie will be able to resolve their differences until he comes clean about his past. And I think it would have to gone from Chuck, not a third party. He revealed more about his past, but not everything. I think he's afraid of losing Charlie and his family if he tells her the truth. But I think of he doesn't tell her, they'll be driven forget apart, leaving room for Carter to exploit and create further division. Using Carter to find out the truth can only do more harm than good.
Klarobass chapter 27 . 3/4
Charlie's anger at Chuck is making more and more sense as the chapters go by. She still feels as though Chuck abandoned her and I don't think as time went by she really let that go. I do agree that Chuck and Blair need to tell Charlie the truth about Chuck's past. I think that's the only way they can heal as a family. Right now they're starting to get more and more divided. Though I think Carter getting involved can only end bloodily. He's out for blood and will reveal the most damaging secrets of Charlie's parents to turn her against them I'm sure so Carter's plan to destroy Chuck can come to fruition. I'm so for he getting answers, but I think hearing it from Carter will make things worse not better. He'll use it to destroy Chuck and his family.

I'm glad that Charlie at least stayed with Lily. At least that way Chuck and Blair know that she's safe. I do hope by the end of this fic Chuck, Blair and Charlie will come out of this closer than ever because right now they feel divided.
Klarobass chapter 26 . 2/27
This was a brutal chapter for our favorite upper East side family. I can feel Charlie's pain of losing Gabriel and as a result lashing out at Chuck. And I feel Chuck's pain of feeling like he's failed as a father to Charlie. The last thing he wanted Was to become like Bart, but that's how he's feeling now. Hopefully there's time for Chuck and Charlie to repair their relationship before it's too late and it's unrepairable. I think that's the last thing he wants for their relationship. I think Chuck and Charlie need to come up with a compromise. I don't think your argument was confusing at all. I understood what was happening and who was saying what.
Klarobass chapter 24 . 2/22
I knew Carter was up to no good and somehow I knew destroying Chuck and his family was his end goal. I never bought his whole remorseful father act. When Chuck came back and after remorseful in for Charlie's she it was actually believable because his actions proved it, whereas Carter hasn't done a single thing to prove he's remorseful, he just expects people to take his word for it. I am a bit worried what he has up his sleeve to bring Chuck down and help Allison bring Charlie down. I'm hoping in the end his goal won't be successful. I expect him to create some tension between Chuck, Blair and chairs family, but I hope it's nothing they can't come back from. I'm sure whatever Carter's planning is diabolical. I'm curious as to what Carter went to prison for and how Chuck was responsible for him going to prison.

Of course as soon as Chuck sees Blair getting along with some guy to be civil, he acts all jealous and possessive, rather than being civil, but the reason he gave does make sense. I can see how disappointed he's getting as him and his daughters relationship is starting to drift further apart. I think if Chuck talks to her about his past rather than have her find out from someone else he could repair their relationship and she'd be more understanding of he was honest with her. I do think Chuck and Blair need to come clean before they hear it from someone else like Carter Evo will use it to create a divide in the family. I'm glad Chuck was so honest and open with how he feels to Blair and that they were able to work things out. I think it was a nice gesture of Chuck to get the number of Michael Warner so they can schedule a dinner between Chuck, Blair, Michael and his family. I'm looking forward to seeing their return trip home. If Charlie and Luke don't realize their coming home early they could be in a lot of trouble.

If I were in Gabe's position I wouldn't trust a word that comes out of Carter's mouth. He's clearly got an ulterior motive for wanting to get closer to Gabriel. He clearly is using his son to get to Charlie dvd thus Chuck. I'm glad Charlie was concerned to find him dvd bring him home. I know she's not ready to admit to herself that she loves him, but it does show that she cares deeply about him. And looks like Luke has a returning friend to help him deal with his Sophie woes

Also my apologies for getting the list to chapter reviews mixed up. This one is intended for chapter 25, the previous one for 24
Klarobass chapter 25 . 2/17
I'm thinking Chuck's not going to react to kindly to Michael Weatherly interacting with Blair. I don't think he's trying to cause problems between Chuck and Blair. I think he's just being courteous to Blair and offering her a cup of coffee. Knowing Chuck though, he'll take it the wrong way and his jealousy will spark. I just hope he won't do something that will push Blair away.

Luke and Sophie are facing drama at such a young age. Luke would never admit it, but he feels threatened by this other guy Sophie hangs out with. Maybe even a little bit jealous. But him thinking so erratically is pushing Sophie away and into the other boys arms. I love that Sophie can stand up for herself and won't even let Luke boss her around. How's he going to repair their friendship now. He's going to have to do some major grovelling.

Charlie and Gabe's relationship have some parallels to Charlie's parents. I like Gabe's use of the line "aren't you the least bit worried I'll win" and Charlie's retort of "maybe I'm more worried you won't". And of course they can't contain their resolve in the end. Charlie's who plan almost came to a screeching halt once Chuck phoned her asking for Dorota. It's just lucky she was able to improvise. Though they didn't stop Chuck from worrying something was amiss. I wonder what Carter's up to. Somehow I doubt Carter just wants a friendly chat with his son. I'm thinking he's up to something more sinister
Klarobass chapter 23 . 2/9
I'm definitely in team Gabriel over Zach. Sure he has his shortcomings and usually days things he doesn't been in his jelousy, but deep down you can tell he really cares about Charlie and he always tries to make amends when he knows he's in the win m wrong. Zach lately it's acting kind of snotty. I wish he'd be more supportive of Charlie's choice to date Gabriel. It is her decision after all. I also love they you've expanded this story to include Luke and Chuck and Blair's POV'S. Even if they're parents now, they can still be interesting characters.

Was happy to see Chuck and Blair make up. I don't think Chuck meant what he said to be an insult to Blair, but that is how it came across. Luckily they were both about to express their feelings and make amends. And he even got Blair to agree to accompany him to California. That should be very interesting to read. It seems that Chuck and Blair have only left for mere hours and Charlie and Luke are already breaking their rules. Looking forward to reading more very soon.
Klarobass chapter 22 . 2/5
Luke to the rescue. Charlie sure does owe him now as she just saved her hide. I know Chuck didn't mean to imply what he said, but that was kind of a harsh thing to say knowing how valuable they moment was to her and how much it meant to her. He's going to have to do some grovelling of he wants to make amends with her. I'm guessing it's the Erikson Beamon necklace in the Velvet box?

How will Luke and Sophia manage a week of not seeing each other. I wonder who will crack first or if they both will survive a week of not being able to spend time together. They've become inseperateable. I think it would be interesting if Luke lost the bet and had to be in good very best behavior without any kind of scheming Whatsoever. either one should be interesting though. This was Luke's chapter to shine and I loved it.
Klarobass chapter 21 . 2/1
Carter an ex-wife convict? I wonder what he was in prison for? With questions answered we get even more questions. It seems he and Gabriel have a very distant and hostile relationship. I feel like Carter is using Gabriel to get closer to Charlie, to get close to her parents. I'm looking forward to finding out more about what Carter's up to. I have a feeling once Chuck finds out Carter is Gabriel's father, he's going to try and prohibit Charlie from seeing him.

If it wasn't bad enough for Chuck that one of his children disappeared on him, another one does as well. Though I don't think he'll be in quite as much trouble as Charlie will be. Especially if Chuck and Blair catch her and Gabriel in a compromising position. Hopefully Charlie will be able to think fast before her father catches her with Gabriel. I think you did a great job of writing Charlie's steamy scene with Gabriel. Let's just hope she doesn't get caught our else Chuck and Blair are going to be livid.

I love the way Chuck and Blair tease each other in this story. I don't think Chuck would ever even let about man look at Blair if he had anything to say about it. Much less if she was having an affair, her probably break the man's neck. She certainly knows how to rile him up. And her attempt at distracting Chuck almost worked until Winston showed up looking for Charlie. I love the way Blair assured him off his important Chuck is to Charlie.
Klarobass chapter 20 . 1/31
Carter's Gabriel's biological father. Can't say I was expecting that one, but a good twist all the same. If course once Chuck finds out about this, he is not going to be happy and might try and forbid Charlie from seeing Gabriel. I feel like this is the plot twist that will create a dominos ripple effect of drama still to come, which means the story is about to get exciting I have no doubt. I'm glad Gabriel finally told Charlie the truth. I still don't know how Allison plays into it. Is she Carter's step daughter perhaps?I figured from the start Gabriel was lying to Charlie about what happened between him and Alison and his intentions. He was clearly hurt by Charlie's words about her and Zach and wanted to appear unaffected and hurt her back. I'm curious as to his he found out she was lying about Zach that made him why to make amends with Charlie?

loved the father's day celebration at the bass household. Charlie's gift to Chuck was really thoughtful and sweet. He now has something of Bart's to hold onto. I also loved reading Chuck and Blair teasing each other.
Klarobass chapter 19 . 1/30
things seemed to be improving and looking up between Charlie and Gabriel before this chapter. Whether Gabriel's hiding it just be game changing for him to keep it from Charlie. He's putting his relationship with her on the line by lying to her about it. I think it has something to do with his family and I hope he'll tell Charlie about it soon. I think if he told her the truth she'd be understanding. Him lying about it is making her assume the worst. And ofc Zac would use her conflict with Gabriel as an opportunity to get closer to Charlie and create them to drift further apart.

I love how Chuck used the lessons he learned from Lily and passed it onto his son. I love the way you paralelled what Chuck said to Luke to what Lily said to Chuck all those years ago. And the way it was done flowed really well too. I love the way Chuck talked to Luke in a way that made him understand. Chuck had a way of knowing how Luke was feeling and had him do the right thing with Sophie.
Klarobass chapter 18 . 1/28
For a minute I thought that maybe something had happened between Gabriel and Angie. It turns out the et he framed it was just misleading and was more innocent then it sounded. She is like an aunt to him. It was interesting to see Charlie get jealous over it. If Gabriel wanted to give her reaction to see how she felt, it worked like a charm. Something seems up with Gabriel. Why lie about a phone call with Alison? It's clear he's hiding something from Charlie. Does it have something to dqo with Gabriel's parents? It just be something significant for him to hide it from his girlfriend.

So far I'm liking Like and Sophia. I like how she doesn't fall for his usual tricks, but cares about him deeply. They seem to have quite the banter too. I thought the gift that he gave Sophia through Charlie e was adorable. I liked the text that was inscribed on it. I hope there's more of these two in the future.
Klarobass chapter 17 . 1/25
Chuck is right, who knows what could have happened if he didn't break them apart. Chuck in this case, was thinking about Charlie's safety first. I don't think it was unreasonable to ask for them to keep their distance until he can establish some ground rules with him. Zach and Gabriel, more than anything need to learn to be civil sound each other for Charlie's sake, to prevent what happened in this chapter between that from happening again. I like that Gabriel went to Chuck to apologize and seek Chuck's permission to go out on a date with Charlie officially. Blair's warning to Gabriel was awesome. If he thinks Chuck is bad, just wait until he crosses Blair because both of them against him is deadly. She just wants her daughter to be happy, but is also very protective of her and doesn't want her to be hurt. I look forward to reading what comes next.
Klarobass chapter 16 . 1/23
Things were going so good between Charlie and Gabriel before this chapter. In order for a relationship to work between then them there has to be trust. And part of that is accepting that Zac is a part of her life and be civil with him. Zac also needs to accept that she chose Gabriel to be her boyfriend and be civil with him. They'll probably continue end up getting to kill each other before that happens though. I loved Charlie and Blair's talk. I love that they've become much closer in these last couple of chapters and have really connected with each other to the point Charlie feels like she can confide in Blair for advice on Gabriel. In some ways Gabriel reminds me of Chuck in his high school days. Looking forward to seeing what will unfold between Gabriel and Zac and the upcoming drama that is about to unfold. In really looking forward to learning about Gabriel's secret.
Klarobass chapter 15 . 1/22
It was great to see Charlie's good dude come out again when talking with Blair. I kind of thought Charlie would be able to convince Blair to keep it from Chuck because they both know if he found out the truth he would fly off the handle It was good to see them have a real mother/daughter talk Ave reconnect the way they did in this chapter. They didn't necessarily mean all is good, but it's a step in the right direction. I do have a feeling once Chuck finds out there will be good or for Gabriel, so keeping it from Chuck may be the right course of action for the time being. If course nothing stays hidden forever, so hopefully Blair will be able to calm Chuck down once he does find out.
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