Reviews for Start Swimming: Existance
FallenAngelWings chapter 1 . 9/2/2013
this is amazing, I love it!
Griselda Banks chapter 1 . 3/25/2009
Oh my. You've really outdone yourself with this one, Twilight. The first section was filled with such a sense of being utterly alone, cold to the core. I felt as though I was the one slowly sinking. And it was a very "Al" kind of scenario, if you know what I mean. Due to the circumstances of his existence, he so often wonders if he's alive or dead or even real. And then the second section, where he wakes up to his brother, was such a contrast - warm and alive and real and vibrant. And you knew that I would love a touching scene like this; I mean, isn't that all I write myself? XP

Speaking of which, I'm very flattered that you think so much of my writing that you even dedicated this great bit of writing to me. I feel very special now _ I can definitely see the similarities to "S.O.S." and "One of Those Nights", but you made this all your own. Awesome job.

(And I hadn't heard of Delain before, but I just might have to check them out now. I love Within Temptation to DEATH.)
RoyalKnightX chapter 1 . 3/24/2009
Wow bro, that was great! You're right, you don't have to have seen the show. Nothing was lost on me... and I could really tell you put your all in that. It was touching :)

I plan on going back and re-reading these once I find time to watch the whole show, and I get the feeling that once I have this'll be on my favorites list. In fact it already is, whaddya know. :P
NewMoonFlicker chapter 1 . 3/24/2009
I love figurative dreaming like this. All of human weakness and fear and looking back... it's thought-provoking and touching, even dark and full of despair though it may be. It's interesting how in this realm, Al starts to doubt and reject almost everything he has ever been or known... and then in the end, regains it all in that comforting assurance.

Let's hear it for happy endings. I'm certainly waiting for one in the manga! You know it's going to be absolutely EPIC.

Keep up your writing! I'm looking forward to more from you!