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Daisy1966 chapter 1 . 7/19/2013
Wow...! This is intense! I never tried to imagine what a powerful message the writing style of a first person would carry and this is the very story I felt its amazing effect. :) I can feel Stella's emotions directly from the sentences as if they were about to dash out out of the story. It was very touching that Stella thought so many things in such a brief moment. As I read this, I felt like I myself was Stella.

When I found out that Mac was alive, I heaved a deep sigh of relief! :D

Your writing style is incredibly beautiful as always. It took my breath away! :)
Thank you so much for sharing this! I loved this. LOVE! LOVE!
Advazzz chapter 1 . 4/26/2013
Wow Lily... It's was beautiful, you used all the right words...
AllOverTheWorld chapter 1 . 3/1/2011

This may be really creepy but I was just looking at your profile and saw that this won/was runner up for something back in '09. So, having absolutly no time at all to spend on I decided to read it. I loved it. Seriously, it had the character's down and was amusing at some points, angsty when it needed to be. Def one of my favorite Mac/Stella one-shots, my favorite line by far is:

"And I tell him I'd prefer plain old Mac Taylor, just him, over a hero any day, because heroes are not my style."

Loved the one-shot.

Please write more angst.



I did that DocX Connection's thing so I could send you the first chapter of 'Perfect', now dubbed "The Best Things in Life." It says that you have to create a connection with me in order for me to be able to send it. Just an FYI.

smut1956 chapter 1 . 4/19/2010
I kept thinking as I read this, "That's what we do, we're there for each other" even taking it to extremes. They would die for each other, nice that in case they don't have to do that.

Thanks for sharing.

Wildweasel chapter 1 . 10/30/2009

It teases me enough to want to know what's gonna happen after that... loved it!

Thanks for sharing!
shortcake2 chapter 1 . 8/30/2009
oh wow, very intese and good. I'm glad thier both alive.
Melpomene Lee chapter 1 . 8/18/2009
I think I've said it all in previous reviews, but I know you never get tired of hearing it. You're an amazing author, this was fantastic, and I can't get enough!
minimorgan chapter 1 . 7/1/2009
Wonderfully constructed and executed! You can smell the alleyway, the cordite, her fear... Stella's perspective as the action within the barrel, the trajectory of the bullet and it's bone chilling destany all come through with accuracy to her character. It's very easy to put yourself alongside her as the tidal wave of tense frustration almost overwhelms her. I enjoyed the line 'It's not okay for you to die on me.' Very Stella trying to hide her panic.
Max and Dakota chapter 1 . 6/21/2009
Beautifully written. Loved Stella's POV and her reaction to the suspect and her thoughts about Mac.
DNAisUnique chapter 1 . 6/4/2009
'little projectile with my epitaph' Strange reaction, but it made me laugh.

I really enjoy reading first person. :)

I've got this *wonderful* image-Matrix-esque-of a super-slow bullet flying through the air and Mac all but tackling Stella to keep her from getting struck. Hero.

'Couldn't even get the afterlife right.' Hehe, dark humor.

Dang it! I know you like to do this, and yet, I still gasp and cry, 'No!' everytime.

'I won't accept that he's given up his life for mine.' You've got a great understanding of all the characters, but I especially like the way you write Stella. This is *exactly* something she'd say.

:) The hospital bed. 'And I tell him I’d prefer plain old Mac Taylor, just him, over a hero any day, because heroes are not my style.' This is my favorite part. I wouldn't mind plain old Mac Taylor, either.

So sweet. This is why I love your fics. Moments like the ending of this always make me smile.

Thanks for sharing.

SMacked Hard chapter 1 . 5/28/2009
Aww, that was a great story. That made me cry, it's like what you see in movies, I could picture that happening and Mac pulling through. What a great story. Terrific job, Lily!
Hazmatt chapter 1 . 5/19/2009
Amazing story! Absolutely perfect! I really enjoyed it! Brilliant! I love it!
JustCallMeMarly chapter 1 . 5/15/2009
Wow. This was great, too. Very vivid! Very gripping... I just love your style of writing and I love your Mac and Stella. I can't wait to read more of your stuff!
Charmed225 chapter 1 . 5/10/2009
OMG how have I not read this before? This is AMAZING! I love how you've written Stella here. Her inner dialogue is brilliant, and I love how you've shown the scene unfolding as she tries to piece together her confused thoughts. LOVE IT! :D
chrysalis escapist chapter 1 . 4/25/2009
Ack! I'm so embarrassed that I'm so late reviewing! Thank you so so much for the dedication :)! I feel so flattered :).

Also thanks for deciding to finally put it up ;), yeah, I know, hypocritical much, but I'm really glad that you published this and I get to read it again and with the changes, which I really like, especially the title, I have to say I like the meaning hidden in that much more than the one you had before and I also think it works better (and I have the funny feeling this doesn't really make sense, oh well :)).

Okay, right, so, I love the title, and I love the first sentence (again :)), the 'Me, him,' mainly. Somehow there was a feeling of intimacy in that (despite being on the street, yeah). I loved that you didn't give names at first, that heightened the feeling, and also it was so clear without giving names who was talking/thinking as it sounded so much like Stella, and also it was clear who she was refering to.

I loved the pace of this, I thought it was perfectly judged with the way we perceive things in such a situation, somehow speeding up and slowing down at the same time. I loved Stella wanting to make her last breath a good one! I believe that.

And also the sound, loved that you pointed out she had heard it too many times also from herself (and also the repetition of 'me, him', I'm sure she doesn't like having to make that choice! Loved the bit about it never being a game, and the use of the italics there, I wholeheartedly agree! And I was amazed by the matter-of-fact description, very fitting for them as scientists.

I loved the thoughts about the funeral and that she doesn't want Mac to cry, I'm sure that's true, and who does want him to cry? And this line was perfect 'I don’t even want him to be there, because I don’t want to be there either.'

Loved the sense of exasperation because that stupid bullet won't budge at her thoughts, and I thought it is very likely that amongst all the others she would also blame herself. Loved this line 'for however many dollars more than I’ll never earn again', so clever! And also this one 'So long life, nice knowing you, wish we’d had more time together.' excellent irony! Also loved the repeated use of the breath, here and then again with Mac pushing it back out of her. I'm very glad that Mac realised it too and maybe a split second before her, and I loved the use of the italics in this bit. It's so amazing what you can do with pronouns! Also loved that he realises and then she realises. And the COLD sidewalk (I think that was one of the things you changed?), such a little word creating such an atmosphere, that worked really well. Leading on perfectly to the next paragraph (as I must admit I have come to expect from you :) (but please don't feel pressured now!)). Very dark irony here but again something I think very Stella. I smiled at this 'Couldn’t even get the afterlife right.'

I liked that she repeated that motion, not that she had to make that choice but that in essence it is the same, whoever does fire the bullet, and also I guess she didn't really have a choice anymore (while the guy had had the choice and had chosen fight ... so it seems like a logical consequence of his choice).

And again, such wonderful use of pronoun, name and italics. And I loved her thoughts about what is right and what is wrong, in a somehow different context.

Loved this 'My own weapon drops and I almost follow it.' Very clever how this reflects the falling of the guy, but also of course of Mac, and how it shows the effect this has on her, almost falling because he has. (I do wish we could use italics in reviews too :)) I loved how she doesn't know and yet knows, perfectly captures that moment of disbelief of such a situation.

Another line I loved 'He belongs at my side, so I make that right and drop down beside him' (sorry for all the quoting but it just sounds better in your words than mine :)), that is just such a beautiful thought!

I loved how Stella refuses to admit that she might be crying, it was kind of like that would mean to admit that there is no hope, and I loved the protective circle. I was really impressed by how you wrote her here 'And tears and blood and furious saliva mingle all around him and he can’t do anything else but smile.', what an avalanche of emotions!

Really loved the repeated that it's not okay and his eyes closing and telling him and wanting him to hear. On the whole wonderful use of sounds, also with the echo in her head of the gunshot.

I loved that she used her badge! It seemed so much like her to not be able to stand the waiting room any longer than absolutely necessary, 'they're sadly mistaken' :). Wow, I loved this 'Any other time, and I’d be happy to see the man who gave the word insomnia a whole new meaning sleeping.' :), what a great thought! And again the knowing, and the repeated 'not' and 'never', a fantastic effect and I loved how you moved it on to her not letting go of him. I love how you showed here how much he means to her.

Very clever, and lovely how you turned not just the not and never around, but also his smile now meaning something else (and his touch, so beautiful), and possibly there really are tears though maybe not because there's no need (or they're not called tears when they are those of relief ;)). And of course that now it is okay, and that he is at her side!

So, what else can I say, I really loved this, and I'm very happy that I got to read it again, and I will read it yet again (and I'm sure discover more good things when I do).

Sorry if this is a bit messed up, there's a party going on outside my window with rather distracting music :). Have a great day!
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