Reviews for Vespertine
Arodain chapter 15 . 8/17
Wow. This is easily one of my favorite itasaku stories I’ve read and I’ve read a lot. The way you wrote Itachi is exactly how I imagine him to be.

The pace of their relationship development is good. The emotions are there, but thank goodness it’s not too heavy on drama because too much just puts me off. I like that though Itachi and Sakura are together, they’re not clingy and they still do their duties as Konoha Shinobis without letting their relationship get in the way.

I came here for some feel good itasaku but my favorite moment was Sakura giving Sasuke a punch before telling him welcome home, and Naruto complaining that she had got there first.

Thank you for posting this. I’m sure I’ll be back to reread it some time in the future.
ShiSued chapter 15 . 7/11
damn. As much as I hate the idea of Karin and Sasuke. I can down a bit of my hate for this. he's happy and that's all that matters. Yay eveeryone is happy although it means there will be no Sarada but oh well. Sakura is with Itachi so we can hope.
ShiSued chapter 3 . 7/11
If Itachi jad no illness... I don't think he would have beaten the guy.
LIQUIDCELL chapter 15 . 7/1
THANK YOU! been binge-reading it... hope you come back to us and write some more.
Guest chapter 15 . 5/17
This is the first review I’ve ever written. I just had to go out of my way to give appreciation to this story because it was LITERALLY PERFECT. It is pretty realistic when it comes to the actual storyline, and I could visually imagine all of it which made it an amazing experience to read each chapter. Huge props to this author, I’m at a loss for words at how much I loved this. Hell, I wouldn’t mind a part 2 ;) (pretty please)
Guest chapter 15 . 4/28
*chef's kiss* Beautiful. This is my second time reading this, and it's becoming a comfort story to me. Good balance of characters, personal growth, fluff and vulnerable moments! I adore this fic. Kudos to you Author-san! Xx
sakurastan chapter 15 . 3/30
love the whole story
Ace1190 chapter 15 . 3/22
Extremely well written and a perfect ending.
Aeryelle chapter 15 . 3/12
Probably the third time I’ve read this fic over the course of many years. Still love it to death after all these years. Hope you never take it down. 3
bichenta chapter 1 . 1/21
Your plot is so interesting! The time set for it too. All the fanfics I have read about Sakura/Itachi as a missing nin occurs before Sasuke and Itachi fight.
Marichatsaviour101 chapter 15 . 12/17/2020
Ok Author-chan. I have been thinking on exactly how I am going to write a review of you story from the time I discovered it. Let's just say I HV to word this carefully. First off I really really really really enjoyed the Itasaku in this and I love the way you developed their relationship. Second... and this is what I was pondering on. Did you have to do sasukarin... When I find stories and it shows that it's in progress by the way this website organises things I tend to go to the last chapter and have a brief overview to make sure the characters get a happy ending so I don't give myself heartbreak. But when I did that for this book the first thing I see is Sasuke has a child with Karin. You have no idea how I had to think about not reading this just because of Sasukarin. So I had it on my homescreen for a while but forgot it existed,but when I came back to it I realized it was this book and I don't know. I read it. In all honesty the Sasukarin wasn't really all the apparent in the book, you gave little hints here and there, and if I didn't spoil myself I probably would've enjoyed this much better. But all I could think throughout the book is Sasukarin. I must say nevertheless I overcame my petty bitchy self and got the balls to read this and even though Sasukarin is canon in this I very much enjoyed it. Now I'm off to drown in some Sasusaku fics just to erase the Sasukarin taste in my mouth. Keep up your good work and do not allow my distaste for a ship to bring down your pride in your book. because Like I said it really was amazing.
RoseAnne21 chapter 10 . 10/17/2020
This is the second time I read this story. This is a great plot beautifully executed, with lots of character development and great action sequences to keep the reader hooked up. Thanks for sharing!
RoseAnne21 chapter 2 . 9/27/2020
This is the second time I'm reading your story and the first time I didn't fully realise how emotionally loaded it is. How shocking is the image of Itachi smeared in his own blood, how tense every exchange and movement between the two. Made me even hold my breath a bit. Beautiful story and amazing writing skills.
sparkleflip chapter 1 . 8/19/2020
Amazing! Your writing style was so refreshing and I was hooked! Your character development and the dialogue was everything. I can't wait to read more of your works!
WatashiNoTenshi07 chapter 15 . 7/23/2020
I enjoyed this a lot. So much so that I’ve refused to review for my exams until i have finished binge-reading it. I’m a big fan, Cynchick!
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