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Threya Midnight chapter 14 . 5/2/2015
And due to stupidity I accidentally pressed the post the review button.

As I was saying, I think it would've been better if this occured in the main series because most futile deaths would've been avoided. So many people died in the last arc (Goodness Neji-niisan I could never) and it completely pains my heart that there could've been another ending to the story of Naruto. As of now that I am writing this, the series has finally concluded and it was somewhat (?) of an expected shounen ending. But honestly, thus ending would've been better. Yes, as Nartuo was hinting, it wasn't the shounen friendship yaaaaaay ending that you might see from THE Naruto, but I think THAT's why this fanfic (and all your other fanfics actually) are so beautiful because they defy cliché.

Oh and because of what Sakura here painfully pointed out, the manga's ending was completely UNFAIR to her side. Sasuke never treated her like a teammate, more of like a burden. And then suddenly, what the heck, they're married and Sakura's just going to accept this as if all the shitty things he did to her never occured. Sakura deserved someone better, preferrably Itachi.

But oh wait, that reminds me.

He died.

Along with the other characters that I completely fell head over heels for. Damn it Kishimoto Masashi-sensei.

And now that I've mentioned Sasuke, I just realized how much of a horrible person I am. You know, the whole time I was reading his Oh-so-happy moments with Karin, I was thinking 'This bitch doesn't deserve this'. I'm so bitter with Sasuke to the point I don't even understand why. Maybe it's because I used to love him so much, but after all his done which I seriously cannot believe whole cast of Naruto can just blindly turn their eyes away, I lost my faith in him.

That's why I think Naruto the series itself seemed so unreal while a fanfiction, created by a fellow fan, maanged to convey what the characters are feeling spot on. Thank you, for giving justice to Sakura's feelings. Thank you.

Oh I've read your other works too, my first read was Perception, I think? I NEVER thought it was humanely possible to feel THAT depressed after reading something. It amazes me up until now how you're capable of controlling our emotions to the point of making me wonder if you have Sharingan or something like that. And don't get me started with Silver Lining. The first chapter was such an information dump, it was all too much to take for my heart but nevertheless I read it until the end. I do believe it's one of the sexiest things I've ever read, you made me love DeidaSaku even if I never even thought of possibly liking that pairing before.

Once again, thank you. Thank you for writing this and thank you for giving us your time. Judging from how skilled you are in writing, you've probably debuted as a published writer now. If so, I would definitely read your book no matter what cost. You've inspired me (and I think all the other writers who read your works) that it's possibly to create something beautiful through fanfiction. You've helped me regain my spirit as a writer. Once again thank you.

This might sound really creepy because we're practically stangers and all but thank you for being born and thank you for sharing your talents with us. You might not believe it but you've touched my life in such a deep level, I truly do idolize you.

That was long, lol. Have a pleasant daaay
Threya Midnight chapter 15 . 5/2/2015
Hello. I'm fully aware that I'm five years too late for this party and as you stated at your profile, you've most-definitely moved on from fanfiction writing. However, this will not stop me from typing this review. Even though the chances of you possibly even reading this review is close to zero, I would still like to to thank you with all my heart for creating this and as well as all your other works that you've graced us.

This was utterly beautiful. You're one of the few authors that I've ever encountered that created fanfiction, this piece of literature that majority of modern society frown upon on because most of the time it's nothing more than fan delusion, into something much serious and a work of goddamn art. This one of the fics that made me want to curse the orignal writer and ask them 'WHY CAN'T THIS HAPPEN IN THE SERIES?!' Oh my gosh, seriously, I was literally banging my head against my pillow and was screaming that line. I th
BabyyCarc chapter 14 . 3/18/2015
As a die hard fan of two different couples, one of them being Narusaku, the way you wrote Itachi and Sakura has converted me into a ItaSaku lover! The way they interacted towards each other made it seem so realistic to me and the best thing of all is that they were still in-character! This story was a masterpiece. In-character, well paced, the raw emotions, not to mention the hot scenes! ;) After I finished reading a full chapter, I kept craving for more. Even in the last chapter I wanted me more! lol Off to read your other stories! :) again nicely done!
CarlitaM chapter 15 . 3/3/2015
Oh my god, this was amazing! So well written. I have no words to describe how utterly incredible your story is. Just... wow. Speechless.

Seriously, I wish I could leave a more comprehensive review, but this just blew my mind.


KalistaBanshee chapter 15 . 12/7/2014
Hi. Sorry, I was the guest who said hi because I tried logging in to post a review after I typed hi and it totally glitched on me and only posted hi. So...anyways. Listen. Your story is incredible. I loved it from start to finish and the way you wrote the characters made me love it even more. I never once felt like they were out of character. On a more emotional note, I am an avid fan of Itachi because of his true sacrifice to Konoha and I honestly want to just thank you for giving Itachi his own happy ending in this story. Sakura has been my role model since I was young and first started following the series. But, to finish off and not ramble on, like I said. Thank you for this story. I know it sounds weird but with Naruto ended now, and my journey to adulthood is now reaching a finality of sorts, your story was just what I needed right now. As weird as it sounds. I'm rambling now. Sorry. Again, thank you for Itachi's alternate happy ending. My two favorite characters were perfectly painted into a happy ending I always pictured. And you portrayed it flawlessly.
Guest chapter 15 . 12/7/2014
YuukoAzmasaki chapter 15 . 10/11/2014
You know, this was my very first fanfic that I read on this site and this particular work was the reason why I loved fanfiction and how it inspired me to write. I first read this when I was 12 and everytime I rushed home to read this because it the way you wrote was magical and it was enjoyable. No words could describe how I felt exactly about this but really, I really enjoyed this and I found it sad that you didn't want to continue writing because really, this was the best thing I've ever read on this site. Anyway, this is a great story and really, reading it back after 4 years ertainly made me appreciate this gem more :
Eletha Landon chapter 15 . 9/5/2014
This was so powerfully and beautifully written. I spent the last three days reading it, which seems absurd for something of fifteen chapters. But it was really filled with enough content of a story double its size.

In the real deal, compared to this, it just seems such a depressing tragedy that Itachi and Sakura only met once. And even then it was brief and the two of them weren't truly facing off with each other. I feel that if the manga had gone a completely different route, they would have truly enjoyed each other's company.

For now, though, this story has sedated me with all the desires that will never be fulfilled by Kishimoto. It's so well paced, reasonable, elaborate with exquisite detail, easy to follow without having to swallow something completely ludicrous that is found in most fanfiction, and a truly emotional journey. Itachi and Sakura have been my favorite characters, even before Sakura proved herself and the truth of Itachi was revealed. And though I still appreciate the story that Kishimoto has given us, I still can't help but feel as if these two characters have been shitted on the most.

I sincerely appreciate you sticking to Sakura's natural talents, keeping true to how strong and raw she is despite what the majority of the fandom believes. Out of all of them, she's grown the most, getting to where she is all on her own and you kept to that so nicely in this story. Also, I actually really liked the way you had Sakura realize that her initial feelings towards Sasuke were nothing more than superficial. With where the manga is heading now, it still irks me how desperately she holds on to her love for him and it's holding her back. Do I want them to be together in the future and have Sasuke realize what she truly is to him and have Sakura's infatuation grow into something deeper and more caring? Yes, but that's because that's where I think the story is heading and it's the only thing relatively reasonable that I'll grudgingly swallow. However, if I really had it my way, things would have gone way differently and Sakura would be better met by either Itachi or Kakashi.

That's why I loved this piece you've written here so much. Because for those of us that love her character and are frustrated by the injustice her creator has dropped on her over and over, you give readers like me something to hold close, a 'second chance' when we're obviously not going to be all that fond of the real outcome. If that makes any sense at all.

I noticed very few errors that I'll critic because I like to give fair and honest reviews. Also, judging by your message on your profile, you're aspiring for bigger things than writing fanfiction, so I'm sure you'd appreciate constructive criticism more than most. Mostly just forgotten spaces between two words that were obviously minor typos. That and maybe space out your chapters more? Though, it could just be your style of writing and, if I had been a reader way back when you originally wrote this, than I'm sure I would have been thrilled with the enormity of the updates. I just mean that there was a lot to take in per chapter when they could have separated out, maybe even making this something around thirty chapters.

Is that an necessary fix? No. Just my own opinion. :)

I do hope you still read reviews that you receive despite being done with fanfiction. I just want to thank you for taking me through this journey with such a wonderful story, and for making it easy with your talented writing skills. If you do in fact publish something- or have already- I'd pick it up off the self in an instant. Good luck if you do have those aspirations, and thanks again.

becauseambatman1 chapter 15 . 7/30/2014
sawww that was lovely -
becauseambatman1 chapter 14 . 7/22/2014
love semi happy endings TT-TT
becauseambatman1 chapter 10 . 7/22/2014
omg your mind is amazing!
becauseambatman1 chapter 8 . 7/22/2014
dawwwwwww so cute and HOT! lol
becauseambatman1 chapter 5 . 7/21/2014
this is how it should have been!
becauseambatman1 chapter 4 . 7/21/2014
i am absolutely loving this
Marya chapter 3 . 7/2/2014
I love this story so far, its plot is pretty different and the characters are very likeable! Just one critique: you write Sakura as if she's around 30 year old, instead of 17. She started training with Tsunade when she was 14. She doesn't have years of experience. Unless you deviate from canon, it's hard to picture her as a veteran. Even if she'd spent those three years with her head stuck inside medicine books memorizing information, she'd be falling short (especially considering that Itachi's problem resembles an autoimmune disease, which is not something one sees every day even in a ninja village ). I understand we're talking about a different kind of medicine here though, so I will try to think of Sakura as a 17 yo doctor prodigy.
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