Reviews for The Never Fading
TheQueen'sknight chapter 5 . 6/18
Quetzalcoatls chapter 5 . 6/5
i really like this! update soon!
Ie-maru chapter 5 . 5/16
I love this so, so much. Can't wait until Amarant and Sephy meet in person!
Looking forward to the next update!
Ajanta chapter 5 . 5/2
Love the chocobos! :-D They are pretty adorable! 3 And the saving the people without realising it is very comical! XDD I love your writing style very much! And the part where chocobos bring items out of nowhere I guess its something they would do! I look forward to the next chapter! As well as the interaction between the characters and the oc! Should be funny to read going by this chapter! :-)
1sunfun chapter 5 . 4/19
Wol1f3 chapter 5 . 4/12
I'm really enjoying your story so far. I like the first person POV, the accidental meetings of major characters, etc. And I agree, things like that does happen to 'main protagonist' characters in games/books/movies/etc.
So now poor Amarant has a large flock of Chocobo (with babies on the way! Which I think would totally help the experiments move on and get help) plus a small 'flock' of escaped experiments. I can't wait to see what he/she's gonna do now.
Update soon! Please don't give up or forget your story. It's really good!
Wolffox101 chapter 5 . 4/11
Is this story interesting? Yes. Did I read the whole thing straight? Yes. Am I oh so taken by the subtle comedy? Hell yes!
Purple Pallbearer chapter 5 . 4/9
Please write more. I really enjoy this story.
Ms Lilly chapter 5 . 4/7
I like this story so much.
tillysil chapter 5 . 4/6
I love how domestic (really ironic) the main character is with all the chocobos and little kids he has to take care of! It's like a congo-line w
Saoirse chapter 5 . 4/6
I know that people like Jade Celandine, have a right to state their opinions, but I find her comment terribly harsh. This is FANFICTION. If we wanted canon, we'd stick to the games and movies.

I really love this story and I'm glad that the protagonist is changing things for the better.
Sephora chapter 5 . 4/6
This is such a great story! Very creative :)
Aya chapter 5 . 4/6
Hahah, loving it! I thought it might be Nero and the gang, but wasn't too sure. I look forward to what is going to happen next, and Ammy and Seph meeting at last. Or Vinny and Ammy meeting, what ever happens first. :3
Choco chapter 5 . 4/5
omg this is amazing hahaha I can't wait for the next chapter!
Eggbert 3000 chapter 5 . 4/5
Thanks for the update! Just one thing.. you use the word "copulating" but i really think you mean "capitulating"?
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