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Erzazel chapter 7 . 1/25/2010
Can you please update?This story is great,but it's taking you ages to update...
Kitsura E chapter 1 . 8/18/2009
Great story! Was one of some stories that I actually read without pressing the - button right after reading the first sentence
Zack1996 chapter 7 . 4/30/2009
Great :D

1. Dunno, maybe the ability to "Copy" or "Regenerate" Anti-Akuma weapons temporarily :0

2. I never really loved battle-scenes, they never were exciting in words :S But this one was okay :)

3. Stupid Police
addenza chapter 7 . 4/29/2009
I think Zene's innocence is.. metamorphasis? It can take the shape of any innocence weapon that was created. The battle scene was interesting and very exciting!
Glon Morski chapter 7 . 4/29/2009
OK, I’m leaving out the first question and I think you know why. As for the battle scene, it was pretty good. I was surprised how well you handled the weapon-card switching. Simply amazing. I just kept on reading and wondered “what kind of Innocence will he pull out next?” You really did that part good.

For the third question: yeah, there’s a lot I’d like to say about Alan. Well, I’ll come straight to the point: is he Allen’s secret twin brother or something? Now, let me guess about the Millennium Earl and the scar thing: he called his parents back (or one parent, no matter) who got mad at him and cursed him, but then his Innocence activated and destroyed it. Or maybe he fought the Earl himself? But seriously, he’s way too much like Allen! I can leave out the name, since things like that happen, but all the rest, like looking almost the same and having almost the same scar... Heck, even their past is similar! Give me a break! Oh, and one more thing: if they both fell down the roof and Alan was OK then why didn’t he just run away? I mean, he didn’t want to be taken in by the police did he? So why stay and chat with the exorcists? Even if they’re not from the police, true inspectors will come soon as well. He should know that and make a run for it.

And about the ending of the battle: well, I could have thought of that, but it isn’t usual for the Innocence to deactivate by itself, except if the body of the host can’t take it. Besides, how would Allen’s sword become his arm again without him wanting it to? Would it simply dash towards his shoulder? I can’t picture that, sorry. And the explanation about why he was afraid of using his sword... Well, Allen MAY be a bit of an idiot, but I guess he would have figured out that if his exorcising sword affected him, it was because of the 14th inside him. At least, that’s my opinion on him figuring that out, as well as on what actually happened there. Besides, when he fought Lavi in the Arc (you know when Lavi was possessed by Rhode), then he stabbed Lavi more than once and he didn’t hurt him one bit.

Well, that should be about it. Sheesh, why are my reviews for your stories always so damn long? XD But anyways, update, OK?
MitarashiiDango chapter 7 . 4/28/2009 many weapons

yes the question...was a little easy for -man ultra fans..

like ME!

question 3.

can't be stuffed to answer question 2 anyway YEA I LOVE THIS STORY although you don't update enough *sniff* and the plot is moving a little slowly...but that might just be u update slow! *whine*

ShiroSakuraTenshi chapter 7 . 4/28/2009
his innocence problary allow him to use any jind of weapons and/or innocence.
Zack1996 chapter 6 . 4/21/2009
Erm, it is Yeegars' Innocence?

Anyway, great story :)
addenza chapter 6 . 4/21/2009
Can't guess whose innocence that is, and I'm too lazy to do much thinking so I just wanted to say good job for your new chapter(:
TianTai chapter 6 . 4/20/2009
Great Fic! I bet that Innocence belonged to Dasiya! Charity Bell! an! He was such a great character! It's just a guess but I hope it's right!

CrossyCross chapter 6 . 4/20/2009
Cross: 'thinks' it Suman's?

Gabriel: 'bonks Cross's head' idiot. Suman's innocence is still in the order. Maybe it's from Daisya?

Cross: Umm...maybe? it CAN'T be from the fortune teller guy since this is from the manga.

Gabriel: Right. Unless...IS IT GENERAL YEEGAR'S?

cross: YEAH! That shuriken splitting apart reminds me of it!

Gabriel: yeah..., anyway, I wanna see some ACTUAL blood and gore.

cross: Umm, Gabe? Why are you asking for blood and gore


Cross: 'shivers' Crazy guy...
Hevimankeli chapter 6 . 4/20/2009
I like this story, yes... but it bugs me a bit that their innocence seems so similar to Allen's. I like how you wrote the fighting scenes in this latest chapter and I love Link. (You can just ignore that comment... _)

1. I thought of Suman's innocence, because you mentioned his right hand, but I don't think it's the case... His innocence was a parasitic type. Then I thought of Daisya Barry, but Allen never met him. So, it leaves General Yeeger? That's just a guess.

2. Allen will kick his ass and then he and Link will take their shirts off and start dancing while I'll glomp Timothy and steal Timcanpy. Sounds like a plan, eh? But seriously speaking, I have no idea. The guy will start listening to what Allen has to say?

3. Allen will win. Even if this guy seems to have a ridiculus amount of weapons compared to the other exorcists.

4. As stated before, I like this, but there were times when I nearly stopped reading. Mainly because the new characters seemed too all-powerful at times. It's okay if they're powerful, just not at this point. :D I was torn between liking and disliking this, but I think I'll stick with the 'liking' for now. I'm interested in reading more. _

Sorry, I suck really bad in writing reviews because I can't put my thoughts into words properly. (Especially in English) Please don't hate me?
Glon Morski chapter 6 . 4/20/2009
Yay, the Pierriot appears XD you really managed to hide his "card system" well. I wonder what the others think. OK, now to your questions:

1. I don't know why, but I believe it's General Yeegar's Innocence, the chains. Well, asuming that Allen met Yeegar in your fic and saw his Innocence. But I must say, I can't think of anything else.

2. Either the thief will use his oppourtunity to run (which I highly doubt) or he'll use Allen's moment of letting-his-guard-down-because-he-stares-at-the-thing-that-nearly-hit-him and the fight continues.

3. In my opinion Allen will win. Sure, the Pierriot has a much larger choice of weapons, but firstly Allen is as strong as a general, second: he has more experience in fighting and using Innocence. Third: if Allen lost, the Pierriot won't join the Exorcists, and that's out of the question. It also seems that the Pierriot really is serious about killing Allen, so he can't win. We can't have one of the four Clowns dead now, can we?

4. It's a lot better than it used to be. You made a lot of progress in both the speed of the plot and the descripption of a battle. There's really much progress I'm glad to see. I like this fic more and more now as I continue to read and see the progress XD

Anyway, update soon, ok? I'll be waiting (for a reply as well)XD
CrossyCross chapter 5 . 4/16/2009
Cross: Well...not exactly grade A fighting or comedy but good enough. and I'm happy you're willing to try gore. 'evil laugh'

Gabriel: Devils. Anyway, I agree with Cross. But don't feel bad. you're only just starting. Heck, I was worse off when I started writing.

Cross: but you rock now.

Gabriel: no I don't. Now update quickly and show us pierrot.

Cross: YEAH!
Glon Morski chapter 5 . 4/14/2009
No comme,t on Amulets Innocence, I know I have to come up with something XD

But there's something else I don't like, namely Kanda's battle with a LV 3. 3, for heavens sake! Do you really think Kanda would have this much trouble with just one dirtly little LV3? Sorry, but I can't imagine that. I mean, he has prolems with LV4 alright, but LV3 are no match for him. He can destroy the giant Akumas that are buid from over hundred LV3 in a second, so one single LV3 would be down before it could blinck, no matter what its ability is. Also, if Kanda had this much trouble with a LV3, there's no way he would have destroyed/killed Skin who was a Noah. But he did, didn't he?

Except this, the chapter was OK.

By the way, I hav some sort of idea for an Innocence for Amulet, but I'm not quite sure it will fit. Which one of the clowns is she again? The one who can controll Akuma as he pleases? Well, that's what a "marionnetist" is (or something like that, i don't think i got the right word... if this one even exists in Enlish...), but your chapter names speak of a simply "Marionette". So, what clown is Amulet? Because I have an idea for a weapon for the one tht controlls Akuma, but I doubt it's Amulet.

Waiting for an answer as well as an update!
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