Reviews for Expect the unexpected
yorkaster chapter 28 . 12/19/2016
Me encantó!
EvreHavva chapter 28 . 10/12/2015
EvreHavva chapter 27 . 10/12/2015
ha sido una historia maravillosa
me encantan que adrian y rose tengan su final feliz
gracias y felicidades
me chapter 12 . 9/30/2013
ya I like chris changing sides to team walker hes fuckin perfect for rose I can tell...lets do this thing
kuro.nyaan chapter 28 . 8/13/2013
I started reading your fic in the spanish version, but I loved it so much that I could not stand and I came to read the original version _
You write great! congratulations!
FictionisMyReality12 chapter 28 . 1/4/2013
Fantastic story!
Guest chapter 23 . 1/4/2013
Yeah? That's seriously what rose said?! Yeah If you really want?! What the hell?! That's so ooc
ivashkovadrienne-b chapter 30 . 12/29/2012
Amazing story! I'm so glad Adrian and Rose got their happy ending and that Rose finally saw what her relationship w/ Dimitri was really like, the hot and cold situation. And the power behind Adrian when he chose to fight for their love to stand up against Tatianna. Epic! Esp w/ the morning sickness joke. Great story and I love your writing ;)
poispois chapter 1 . 11/17/2012
Hello, I have not finished reading Vampire Academy yet. Still, I loved your story. It made me feel happy and sad taking me along with the adventure the way a good story should. You brought life to all the characters and each and every event was well thought out, I was taken by surprise at times, and waited eagerly in expectations in others.

Adrian was beyond lovable, he was perfect, and I felt my heart throb every time he was hurt. I don't know his character that well in the novel, as I only know him to the extent that a summary from wiki could allow, but I do sincerely wish from the bottom of my heart that this story be true for him, even only in our imaginations. Adrian is beautiful and the life you gave him was only what he deserved.

Your writing was a little confusing at times, but I didn't notice it after flowing with your story. It was simply remarkable, and you are an amazing writer.

Don't ever stop writing!
jpitt chapter 28 . 9/16/2012
This story was incredible, creative, and well written. After avidly reading the VA series, I despised the ending, and was left a bit angry. Started to read fanfic because I was dreaming of better ways it could have gone and you really hit it. I know you finished this about 7 months ago, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. After stumbling onto this wonderful story, I saw you have a number of others that I will check out.
Lesya17 chapter 13 . 6/25/2012
Really good story, but I'm more the Dimitri & Rose type, so i will just cut it here, but still: pretty good :)
mademoisellesnow chapter 28 . 3/9/2012
Fab story! Love it!
ashleyr2468 chapter 30 . 2/19/2012
i voted nice trailer!
mesun chapter 28 . 2/1/2012
Steffy! I loooooooooooooooooooooooove this story! I started reading it a few days ago and I couldn't stop! (Even though my english is not that good haha) It was really challenging but your story worth it! It's sooo sweet! I fell for Adrian since the very begining! He's such a sweet sweetheart :D I'd love to meet a guy like him. He's one of my fave characters of VA and I was really sad with his fate at the end of Last Sacrifice! I'd rather he ending up with Rose than Dimitri. (Though I like Dimitri too :D)

You did a great job! I loved the way you describe every character, Rose's temper, Adrian's lovely way be, even Christian was one of my faves!

Your story is the first VA story I read... And I don't regret at all :D

I'll check out your others stories :D

Thanks for sharing :D

Kisses from Argentina!

KrystalRose92 chapter 28 . 10/16/2011
I love this, even though I am a Dimitri and Rose fan all the way this is amazing! :)
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